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    Space station emergency, and a lucid dream ruined by a phone call

    by , 08-17-2013 at 06:39 AM (610 Views)
    I was on vacation, spending a few nights on a cool futuristic space station. Rather than single rooms for all the visitors, there was one huge communal bed area that was set up like a camp cabin - beds in rows on the left and right side of the room. In between the beds was about six feet of space on both sides to keep your items, and a single nightstand. So when I unpacked, most of my stuff wound up just sitting on the floor since I had packed a crap-ton of stuff. I had clothes and papers scattered on the floor. The room itself was huge, about the size of a small store. but to me I felt really snug and comfy there. As I was sleeping, there was some kind of emergency on the space station, I think there was either spies that had infiltrated the station, or a violent riot involving the station workers. One of the guides came into the communal bed area and woke everyone up and made us follow her as a group out of the area and down below deck, but for some reason nobody was scared and everyone thought it was just a guided tour of the ship. I was super comfortable in my bed and took a while to wake up before heading out with the group, then I realized everyone had packed their bags so I ran back to my bed to pack my luggage up. The group had left without me by then because it was taking me so long. I remember feeling anxious and rushed as I threw wrinkled clothes into my bag and lots of papers and notebooks, then running out after the group. I caught up with them in a big viewing area. We were all standing there looking out this giant window into space that was about 20 feet tall and maybe 50 feet wide. As we looked out the window, two asteroids came flying at us, and crashed right into the window, causing a big hole in the glass before they bounced off back into space. We didn't fly out of the window because there was some kind of Star Trek-esque force field in place keeping the oxygen in. We all totally freaked out and the asteroids started talking to us, mocking us and saying they were going to come back and hit us again if we didn't leave. Our guide scoffed and said they were bluffing because asteroids couldn't change course, so they got angry and kept floating away from the ship. We walked from the hole in the window to an elevator on the opposite end of the room, and I got in it first followed by a few other people in front of me. I felt relieved because I figured if the elevator opened up and there were spies with guns on the other side, they would shoot the people in front of me and I could just fall to the ground and pretend to be dead, and hopefully survive. Nobody shot us but Jonathan eventually joined our group at one point, and people started wondering if I had something to do with the emergency because I had taken so long to catch up with them.

    I had a lucid dream, but I can't remember what it was about. In the dream, I was standing somewhere and realized it was a dream, but then the ground started shaking and I heard my cell phone ringtone vibrating through the sky as loud as a jet engine, and suddenly the whole dream shattered like glass and I woke up. Sure enough, my phone was ringing and had ruined my lucid dream! I answered it and talked on the phone for a while, but by the time I'd hung up, the whole lucid dream had escaped my memory before I had the chance to write it down.
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    1. DarkKiky0's Avatar
      Nice dream, I particularly enjoyed the part about the asteroid mocking you all Annoying phones, hate when they wake me up. Don't worry, you shall lucid dream again in no time
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    2. TheSilverWolf's Avatar
      That's too bad about the phone, but I have to say, that asteroid mocking you is hilarious! It's too bad you weren't lucid in that dream, you could've jumped out the hole and explored the universe
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