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    Stranding on a mountain top, and the siege of the hell hounds

    by , 01-02-2014 at 06:18 PM (406 Views)
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    Cory and I were taking a road trip to visit a girl he used to know. He was driving and I was riding shotgun, and it was pretty uneventful at first. After a while we got lost in a mountainous area, and he took a wrong turn up a curvy and dangerous mountain path. It was a tiny one lane road with nothing but a wooden fence stopping us from going over the edge, but he started driving super fast and I was freaking out thinking we would die. At one point the front wheel of the car goes off the edge but somehow he was able to bring it back up to keep us from falling. At the top of the path was a dead end, so he parked us on the mountain peak with no way down because the road was only one-way. I scanned the area below us and saw highways in the distance, but we had no way to get down to them, so eventually he called 911 and they had to send a helicopter to come get us off the mountain. As the helicopter was flying away with us, I remember being worried because there were groceries in the trunk of the car and I didn't want them to go bad.

    I was visiting somebody with Cory. This might have been linked to the last dream but I can't remember anything happening between the two. Cory and I were in a room with the girl we were visiting, his old roommate. We were all sitting on the couch and she was complaining about her old neighbors. Apparently they were four goth kids who were always loud, and she had them kicked out of the neighborhood. Suddenly I remembered I had to go home to get something, and it was vital that I left right away. There was a railroad that ran right through the girl's living room, that started by her couch and entered a tunnel built into the wall on the right. Our car was still on the mountain, so the only transportation was this small platform with a single chair on it attached to the rails. I knew home was a long way away, and it would take me months to get there but I jumped on the platform and left that way anyway.

    Me and a bunch of people were all sitting in a cafeteria eating, when suddenly one person screamed and was carried off by an invisible force. Soon after, another person was taken. We realized that invisible hell hounds were attacking us so we barricaded ourselves in the cafeteria and this redneck guy that reminded me of the dude from Walking Dead just happened to have a rifle with him, so he put a chair next to the door and guarded the room. I told people that I had lots of swords in my room, so we got a few people to volunteer to leave the cafeteria with me to get the weapons. We left the barricade and headed down the hallway to my bedroom, which was very girly and had pink and dolls everywhere for some odd reason. One of the guys with us, a gangsta dude, was starting to doubt I had any swords at all in all that girly mess, so he flipped us off and left towards the cafeteria on his own. On his way out, one of the hell hounds attacked and dragged him off, so we grabbed all the swords and ran back to the barricade, slicing up all the hounds that tried to grab at us. After when seemed like days, we realized we couldn't stay there forever, and hoped that the threat had left, so we opened up the doors and went outside into the parking lot. But it wasn't safe, we were immediately jumped by a pack of hell hounds but were able to survive using the swords and the redneck guy's gun. We were then stuck in the parking lot because the door to the cafeteria had been opened and we had no idea if there were any hounds in there waiting for us. Someone discovered that the hounds would only attack us if they could see us, so we set out blankets and towels and stuff and huddled together under them so the hounds couldn't see us. I hid in a camping tent with three other people, and I remember feeling claustrophobic and couldn't move. The redneck guy sat near us with his gun to guard us.

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