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    A terrifying book, and working at a grocery store

    by , 09-30-2013 at 10:04 PM (508 Views)
    Cory and I were shopping in the clothes section of a store, when I saw this weird monster hovering to and fro between the clothes racks. It made me think of Lovecraftian monsters, because it had lots of tentacles and a head that looked sort of like an aquatic triceratops. Cory didn't notice it wandering around, so I followed behind it to try to figure out what it was doing here. As it moved around, it dropped a book, and after a while it vanished. I picked up the book, but I couldn't get it to open. The front was covered in a grainy wood texture and it looked very old, and when I showed it to a nearby shopper, he screamed and spoiled his pants. It kinda freaked me out but at the same time was a little funny, that whenever I showed the book to someone, they would all get completely terrified and soil their pants. I figured the book had some kind of monstrous aura but it did not affect me because I was the one holding it. I hid the book in my bag so nobody else would see it and freak out, and then Cory and I left the store and went to a gas station to get some sodas. We were going on a trip that involved a train, so we wanted to bring some drinks with us. We arrived at the train station just in time to board and took a seat near the back. I put my bag with the creepy book in it under my seat and opened my soda, but when I took a drink of it, it was very gross and had a slimy consistency so I threw it out. After the train started moving, Cory fell asleep, as did many of the passengers, but there were still a few of us awake when the train took a very sharp curve and caused the terror book to fall out of my bag and slide across the floor. I tried to grab it but it slid out of my reach. As it slid forward, I could hear random people screaming.

    I had a job as a cashier at a high-end grocery store and, even though it wasn't my first day on the job, I was still pretty new. I got behind the register and two old ladies immediately walked to my line. They didn't have a lot of groceries, just a few cuts of meat and some paper towels, but for some reason my register was acting up and wouldn't let me input my employee number and password. I kept fiddling with the screen, trying to get to the log-in screen, but it was taking forever. Fortunately, the ladies were nice and said they actually forgot something they needed so they left their groceries on the belt and went back into the aisles. I finally got it working, but the ladies were still gone, and an old Asian man came through the line and waited, not sure if he should go forward or wait for whoever the meat and towels belonged to. I ushered him forward and checked him out around the ladies' groceries, and soon they came back. We hit another road block when I tried to scan their paper towels but couldn't find a bar code on them. They told me the towels were 37 cents each, which seemed pretty low, but I'd already made them wait so I just took their word for it. After I finished with them, I went on my lunch break, so I walked over to the deli/butcher area to get a sandwich. I was friends with the girl behind the deli counter, she had two brown ponytails on the sides of her head and one of those little hats butchers always wear. When I got there, she got excited and pointed to a spot in the meat display case near the bottom. There was a cute black and white kitten curled up and sleeping on an empty spot on the case. I suggested she make a sign saying "Cat 3.99/lb" and put it next to the sleeping kitten, and she laughed and agreed but before she could the kitten woke up and walked away. I ordered a sandwich made with bratwurst, and as I started towards the break room I saw Cory walking up to the deli. I ran up behind him and stuck the bratwurst sandwich in his face, but instead of jumping scared he just took a bite of it. I asked him what he was doing here, and he said "I need to buy some spices for dinner tonight." He wheeled a cart up to the deli and started ordering bags of the spices on display on the wall shelves. He piled bags of expensive high-end spices and dried herbs into the cart until it was full, and I was concerned we didn't have the money to buy a cart full of spices. He seemed okay with it though.

    Something involving Monster High or Bratz dolls. There were three sets of three dolls each, and each set had the same three dolls only they were a different size. There was a set of small ones the size of regular action figures, a set of normal sized ones, and then a set of very tall ones about the size of a 60cm BJD. I think I gave them to somebody as a gift?

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