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    UFOs on a building, and two competitions

    by , 08-30-2013 at 07:15 PM (416 Views)
    (I haven't been online in a while so I'm going to write a few entries today summarizing the dreams from the past few days. I normally write them in fragments on my iPhone's notepad, and then use that note later to bring back details when I write here. Since it's been a few days I'm not sure how much detail I can remember! This one is from August 27.)

    It was early morning and I was getting ready for school. Mom was going to take both me and my brother, but he wouldn't wake up and get ready, so I was afraid I was going to be late because we were waiting on him. I went into the bathroom and saw blood gushing out of my leg, but for some reason I wasn't worried about bleeding as much as I was worried about getting blood on my clothes, so I took some cotton and bandages and wrapped my leg up to stop the bleeding. Then I asked mom to force Jonathan to wake up so I could get to school, because I wanted to get there before my bandage soaked through so nobody could see I was bleeding, and also so I could get thicker ones at the nurse's office to completely stop the blood flow. Mom refused to leave until he was ready to go as well, so I begged dad to take me to school instead and he also refused.

    I was driving down the road to a grocery store. The road went through a big city so I passed by lots of skyscrapers and under bridges and such, and then wound up driving next to a railroad track. As I continued I drove close to a big building that looked like a courthouse or something, and up above it I saw a flying saucer hovering! I stopped in a panic and watched it, and it would just hover up and down. Every so often it would turn sideways and that's when a beam came out and pulled up a random person, so whenever I saw the UFO turn sideways I would duck in my car so it wouldn't see me. I eventually continued on and came to the grocery, which looked a bit like a Whole Foods. I went in, and found myself wandering into the back stockroom because I noticed lots of people going into there who weren't employees. In the stockroom, the huge floor had been completely cleared, and everyone was standing in a big circle around a mat with a boombox and some dancers. It was some kind of dancing competition, and the people in the middle were really good. I stood in the circle and felt really shy, because everyone else was dancing along but I was afraid to. Then I saw Jenny and Nifty, and they came over to stay next to me and I felt less shy and began to dance along too. Nifty saw me dancing and was all "Daaaang, you're not that bad!" and wound up pushing me into the center of the competition, but I didn't freak out and instead felt really happy and had lots of fun. After a while, Jenny and I ducked out and went back into the front store area and bought some drinks and groceries for ourselves. When we got to the cashier, she started bagging our stuff in a weird way like putting heavy things on top of eggs and bread and crushing them. So I asked her not to do that and she glared at me, called me a bitch, and threatened to hit me! I would've had some choice words for her, but Jenny was right there and I didn't want to cuss in front of a little kid, so instead I said that I was going to inform the manager and then the cashier suddenly became nice and sweet. After that, we left and I drove Jenny home. On the way I drove by the flying saucer on the courthouse and told Jenny about it. We were both scared and kept ducking whenever it turned on its side. We watched as it kept abducting people and then we eventually drove off terrified.

    There was a big open grassy field with lots of animals hanging out. I was walking around the field, looking at all the animals. I saw lots of wild dogs, and a bobcat sleeping on a big piece of cotton. All of the animals, even though they were wild, did not object to having me pet them, so I hung out there and just pet animals. It was very calming. As I stood there, this non-wild dog came walking up to me. It had on a weird pink and blue pastel outfit made of silk, and it walked away so I followed it. It led me into a cave where lots of people were standing around watching a competition. In the cave, there was a big stone bridge covered in green slippery stuff going across a pool of murky water. People would take turns trying to cross the bridge without falling in, and the winner would get money. I thought about trying it, but then I saw another guy try it, and halfway through they opened a big circular cage that was filled with huge yellow moths, and the moths flew at the guy and threw him off balance. I decided against it since I'm scared of moths. Then they released a wolf at the guy, but the wolf was actually friendly and was just there to freak the guy out.

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