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    An unstable lucid dream, and strawberry-banana breadsticks

    by , 06-15-2015 at 09:52 PM (378 Views)
    I wound up in a super unstable lucid dream. I knew it was a dream, but when I looked at my hands, my fingers looked normal. So I tried the trick where I put my finger through my palm, which also didn't work. Then I moved to holding my nose and I could still breathe, so... successful reality check. Though I was pretty annoyed about all the instability and my dream not acting "normal". I stood there in the room and tried out some things to see how much control I had. Zero! First I attempted to power up, so I balled my hands into fists and tried going Super Saiyan. There was a slight static feeling, but nothing else happened. So then I tried making a ki ball and shooting off a little energy blast. That didn't work either, even when I tried to visualize the energy flowing up through my hands. Super annoyed at this point, I climbed up onto a staircase and jumped off, bellyflop style. I can ALWAYS fly when I jump off something. But nope, not this time! I just flat out landed on the carpet. So there I was, on the carpet, moving my hands around on the floor to feel the texture of the carpet in an attempt to stabilize the dream somewhat... and then all my annoyance made me lose my lucidity. After that, I wound up in some dream with Seru, but it was so fuzzy I can't remember much other than there was something I wanted to do for him, but I was avoiding it because I was afraid I'd fail. I think it involved writing something? You know, it might have been a poem. Oh my god, would I really be so lame as to write sweet poems for people? Ugh. There was also something involving some really blocky landscape I was flying over. It looked a lot like a 3D landscape version of some of the levels in Super Mario World.

    I went to the grocery store to pick up something yummy, and picked out this breadstick-looking thing. I was driving my car home, and I had this big cup with this beadstick in it next to me in the driver seat, but I think it was more of a... I can't remember what they're called. Those bread rolls with filling in them? They're usually kept in fridges? I don't know, but it was cold and I knew had strawberry-banana filling. But hell, it was a dream, it could've been an actual breadstick with strawberry-banana filling in it. Weird stuff.

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    1. PixCaliTropic's Avatar
      Strawbery banana breadsticks?!?!! What a weird combination! (Even my dreams have these crazy combo type elements sometime...like I remember one time I dreamed I was flying in what looked like half of an egg and there were all these controls in a chair I was sitting in, which was in the egg thing--then I crash-landed.