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    Assassinating the Hooded Man's people

    by , 07-16-2017 at 07:54 PM (115 Views)
    I was out in some parking lot, it was night-time, when suddenly a girl approaches me, I recognized her, she was in the same high school as me. It's been a while since I've seen her, and we talk for a bit and how we should maybe see each other some time in the near future.
    But I tell her that I'm pretty busy right now and that I have to go somewhere.

    *slight fuzziness*

    It seems that I am now part of the Ereos Secret Service Agency or something, I was told to go to some random suspicious looking concrete building, it seemed abandonned but I ventured further inside the building and there was actually a briefing room of sorts.
    I enter this room and find some people, along with some secret service men, some chairs and a TV. I sat on one of the chairs and watched the briefing for a little bit without paying much attention to it, the briefing in itself lasted probably 15 minutes total.

    *slight fuzziness*

    I am now headed out of that building and I am now training once more a little bit, especially with pistols and stuff.
    I train for possibly what seems like 20 more minutes in the range, just gunning down every target with an M9 Beretta pistol, or at least it's what the pistol itself looks like. I also noticed that I am able to reload a pistol extremely fast, I've got quite the sleight of hand due to all this training and the trainings I've recieved before hand. I also train to unjam pistols in this process.

    *slight fuzziness*

    I am now headed right to the south of the Farlands, going through this snowy clunky land bridge once again, alone, in a government issued black car this time. Fully geared up with just my glock as a weapon.
    I finally get through the land bridge, it starts to get night-time again, and really REALLY freezing cold. It was even starting to snow and the wind was picking up. I only had a vague idea where I was headed.
    But then I felt as if I was getting close as I went deeper into this very mountainous and snowy land.

    And then fairly far away I remembered and saw my target, up-top one of the mountains, there was a huge wood cabin, and in there was one of the Hooded Man's people: Some sort of contemporary wizard that was working for him, and I had to take him down.

    Eventually I got close enough to the mountain with my car, besides there was barely any road anyways, it was pretty broken and most of it was covered with snow by now. The wind was blowing even faster now, it was almost a blizzard, and at night. As I got out of the car I was feeling pretty cold, perhaps even more cold than that time I was in the nuclear reactor when the emergency cooldown system engaged years ago.

    Anyways I progressed towards the mountain, it was getting pretty dark but oddly enough I could still see rather well. I went up this only and very wonky snowy/rocky path up the mountain and leading to the cabin. This is where I thought to myself that I might be dreaming, I didn't quite catch up to that fact, but that made me think that maybe I should just transform into a dragon and fly up there instead of walking up there.
    But then I thought that this wouldn't be a very sneaky way of doing things, this man was a wizard after all, and he would surely sense my presence if I don't keep a sneaky way of doing things, and doing the opposite would just stir unneccesary trouble.

    So I continued walking up here, when right before arriving close to the mountain top and the cabin, I get this really really bad feeling and then I can feel this energy going through me, I'm not really sure what it is all about, but I don't really fight it, curious to see what it might be, and then this "energy" just carries over to my head and I enter this "vision"...


    I am finishing up going towards this wooden cabin and I just enter it, I notice all the way to the end directly in front of me is a man sitting in a chair, typing away on his typewriter, it looked like my target and I just grabbed my glock slowly but as I aim my glock at him I notice that the glock is entirely frozen, I still attempt to fire but it clicks and it is completly jammed, however no way to unjam it right there, unlike an ejection failure or similar.

    The wizard stopped tapping away on his typewriter and looked at me. He 100% looked like that hobo-preacher from the Metro 2033 Live Action trailers, however with quite a creepier look on him.
    He stares me down with this creepy/smug face, and suddenly I notice some sort of dark smoke/mist behind me. And right as turn my head, the wizard is right behind me and grabs me.
    As he grabs me it seems that I am very much weakened for some reason, I almost can't move my limbs anymore and I almost can't talk anymore or exerce any power at all, as I am taken downwards into the cabin, into a basement/torture chamber kinda deal.
    And right before it got ugly and gory, the vision ends.

    *back into the dream*

    Right...I am back right outside the wooden cabin, still out of sight, I guess this wizard is quite powerful. I grab my glock, take a look at it and indeed notice that it is pretty frozen. I attempt to heat it up with my hands and going a rather weak flame, but no dice, it was still pretty frozen, unable to pull the slide.

    I approach the wood cabin in a more stealthy manner this time, and I enter through the window to the left. It seems that I have basically done no noise at all. I could hear the typewriter clicking again, and I knew where he was, so now I just need to be careful.
    I notice a big shelf in front of me, right below the shelf there seems to be a bunch of random supplies, notably medical ones, I take 'em just in case.
    I fiddle and search around a bit more, and I find out all kinds of stuff, magic stuff notably, but no idea how to use it.

    And then upon going deeper into the cabin and approaching the wizard silently by sneaking shelf through shelf, I notice two guns in mint condition but there was a lamp right behind me, thus creating quite an obvious shadow. I still attempt to sneak as best I can to avoid showing my shadow.
    But then right as I am within arms reach of the two guns, my shadow leaks a little bit right into the room where the wizard is. And I notice him gazing in my direction, this is where I act.
    I grab one of the two guns, one was long-barreled glock, the other one was an USP, I grab the USP and pull back the slide.

    As I do that the wizard quickly stands up and go grabs his staff, but right as he grabs it I just shoot at him. First right at his hands. Then a few more bullets into his body. He falls down pretty brutally, kinda like as if he got hit by a boulder right in his chest.
    I calm down for a little bit and then approach him, I notice that he's still alive, in pain, not so sure what kind of weird trick he could pull off, my mission is to kill him, so I just shot a bullet right between his eyes, he was done for, finally.

    Once again I don't feel so good again, but I guess it's just probably the adrenaline of all of this. I am now alone in this big wooden cabin, and just in case this wizard could pull another magic spell or curse on me again, I just go deeper into the wooden cabin to find a back door. And then I just run right outside into the painfully freezing cold and in the direction of my car.

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