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    Nukes launched

    by , 09-04-2017 at 07:27 PM (216 Views)
    I was near my bed, to the right side of it, it was day-time and I was trying to choose the best sleeping mask to sleep with.


    I was in the courtyard of my house and there was basically a good chunk of my family there, just enjoying what's left of the summer.
    I notice my dad's friend trying to train with weapons for self-defense just in case, it was a rather old hunting rifle.

    *slight fuzziness*

    I am now some place else, we were about to order food and in there I order a simple ham sandwich and some cola to go with it.


    I am now in my home in my living room, kinda peeking at the TV from time to time while I was busy doing something with my computer.
    Then at some point when I peek again at my TV I discover that New Russia has been attacked, thousands are dead, the Hooded Man is suspected to be responsible, welp, there it is, this is it.
    I just rush right out of my house, full military gear and at the ready and I take the car and drive to the capital.

    On the way there on the highway, there are plenty of stopped cars and even some police cars doing rounds all around the highway.

    Then when I finally arrive at the capital, I enter this rather big modern building with quite an odd architecture, there are plenty of men in black suits in there, and they just let me pass right through.
    I enter this big control room of sorts, with a few live screens of the current map of the innerworld, strategic command and all that fancy stuff.
    Plenty of world leaders are already in there, the president of the United States, Ereos, and the prime minister of the UK.
    No sign of the president of New Russia, he's probably still over there pretty busy trying to sort this mess out, instead there is a representative of New Russia.

    There are a few others world leaders in there, didn't get a good look at 'em, but now the situation was rather urgent, we can't let the Hooded Man get stronger.
    I now notice that I am dreaming but I keep going for that anyways since that is my plan.
    The nukes are ready since a week or two now, and the representative of New Russia looks definitely pissed off. The nukes were to be launched on my exclusive order since I am from the Secret Service and I know most about the Hooded Man.

    I stood there for a few seconds, just thinking about it, and then... "Fire." I said.
    Everyone proceeds to launch their nukes, and we can see them being launched on this big strategic map screen.
    Some silence ensues at what we've done, but then I had an idea and said: "Don't forget to split your nukes, there will be as much destructive power, but smaller nukes so less fallout. Don't want to irradiate the entirety of the innerworld now."

    Surely enough after some time has passed, just before the warheads hit, they split into 4 pieces each.
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    1. Ic161's Avatar
      I think there are a lot of people who are having this same kind of dreams, including myself.