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    A Long Strange Trip... into Ashraen's Twisted Psyche

    Failing at Portals, meeting the Enigmatic Aloysius

    by , 08-06-2011 at 06:20 AM (615 Views)

    This comes in an afternoon nap (failed WILD, but was able to DEILD after an unmemorable non-lucid just a few minutes into the nap). I had 3 lucids the night before, so this puts me on a hot streak

    I am in the living room of my house, and my entire family is there. My sister (who is 8 months preggo in real life) has two newborns laying on a pillow on the floor. My parents' dog Kobe (a black lab) and my sis's dog Murphy (a basset) are playing with the young ones. I reach over to hold one, and then put it back down. Kobe starts to mess with it, so I move Kobe way and try to roll the baby over.. but something is wrong. They are tiny and I seem to have messed up the face of one! My dad tells me that I poked out its eyeball!! but he seems unconcerned and starts 'fixing' it. I feel terrified that I have irreparably harmed my nephew (or niece, can't tell in the dream), but then I think.. surely I didn't actually poke out his eyeball.. surely... I'm dreaming!

    Now lucid, I walk outside and decide to try making a portal- something I have never done. At first, I can't even make a portal of any kind. Finally, I'm able to create a purple swirl in the air. I go through it hoping (but alas, not really expecting) to be transported to a different place. It doesn't work, but *something* DOES happen. As I go through, I begin to feel like I'm moving through clear gel. The air around me is gooey and I find it a little difficult to move. However, I make it through the goo and find myself in the same place (my yard) as before. Meh.

    I decide to try walking on water, so I head over to the pool out back. I can't seem to walk on the water, so I decide to try freezing the water under my feet and at least floating or moving around on the ice. I succeed in creating a block of ice, but it's not thick enough, so when I actually try to put all my weight on it, I still sink down into the water. Meh, again.

    At this point I say 'screw this' and decide to head off to the Dream World Academy again (I finally made it inside the walls last night). I take off in flight (no mount this time, just me) and quickly see the canyon. I head into it and find the Academy. The castle looks the same, but the water that covered the roof seems to be drained out, leaving a big empty pit with the same octagonal platforms scattered throughout. With no water there, I realize that each platform is also a lift. For some reason, there are no DCs there, whereas last night it was swarming with activity (perhaps because this is an afternoon dream).

    As I hop on one of the platforms to take the lift down, DCs suddenly 'phase' into my view. Not as many as before, but some. Some are the same alien-looking beings from before, some appear human. As I ride the lift down, I find myself in a sort of hallway that runs around the perimeter of the castle directly under the walkway that lines the top of the castle walls. I notice a small creature on the lift with me.. a rather owlish looking thing wearing thick black glasses that seem too big for its head. It is very short, almost penguin-like in stature, but with the face and beak of an owl.

    I ask the owlkin what its name is.. it says Aloysius (owl-o-wish-us). The word play with 'owl' doesn't occur to me until after the dream. I ask it what its job is here at the Academy, but it simply cocks its head to the side and says very cryptically- 'Many have come before me.' As I begin to ponder this answer, I wake up.

    Failed at portals and failed at walking on water.. altho the ice thing wasn't a complete bust. Plus, I now have confidence that I can visit the Academy at any time (after spending 2 dreams simply searching for it). Let's hope the hot streak continues! And perhaps next time I will remember to do the TOTM!! The basic one is so easy but I haven't been able to remember to do it yet

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