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    dream journal 2: electric boogaloo

    Dream 008 :: More shadows

    by , 04-16-2018 at 12:10 PM (115 Views)
    Iím back with another (kind of/nearly lucid) dream. 002-007 are either fragments or are utterly unremarkable so I wonít post them, but this one was kind of scary.

    I find myself walking past this building near my house thatís under construction but hasnít been worked on in a long time. Itís basically a framework, like an unfinished garage - itís got floors and lights but not much else. Iím about to turn the corner to go home but then I hear a high-pitched feminine shriek coming from the interior of the building.

    I run to the building and jump the fence, leaving my backpack outside. Entering the first floor there isnít much besides a length of rope coiled up on the floor and scratch marks on some of the pipes. I go upstairs to 2F and find a viscous black liquid covering the walls and floor. I forget what it feels like, but it doesnít stick to me at all. Then I run upstairs to 3F...

    I see a young woman with pale skin and smooth brown hair, with odd red eyes and a beige dress. She looks distressed and is tied to a pipe jutting from the ground, and appears unhurt. I try to go over to her to help but suddenly find that weíve switched places - Iím now tied to the pole while sheís standing where I just was. She runs away after seeing something behind me.

    I feel something hit the pole and it rattles. Then 4 of the shadow beings I decribed in dream 001 come around, all unarmed but still terrifying. One of them, a big one with a red tint, crouches down and says something I donít remember. The dream gets hazy for a moment as I feel something wet on the side of my neck, as if something like a dog had just licked me, and then the dream returns to clarity for a second before I wake up.

    What a wild dream. Iím getting close to a real full lucid, I can feel it, and Iím convinced I need to get to the bottom of this. Seems like a persistent thing/story/whatever, so I want to go deeper.
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