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    dream journal no.2 - bizarre adventure in wonderland

    No.5.DRM - Talking badger friend

    by , 09-17-2020 at 06:22 PM (242 Views)
    I was in a school gym that looked like the gym from Centre Acres back in MA that I think was also a gang hideout and I quickly got spooked and left. I walked outside and met a talking badger who was REALLY cute and fluffy and we talked about something I can't remember for a while before I got a call. A screen appeared in front of me and began transcribing the call in real time - there were two police officers on the other end, asking me what I knew about the gang and its members. I didn't know anything, and eventually the officers began bickering amongst themselves in another language; I briefly heard my brother's voice translating it for me, but it was displaying in English on the screen. A video appeared and it looked like a desert military base or a plateau or something getting overrun with what looked like ants - just a huge sweeping black mass. I hung up.

    The badger began to talk again, expressing fear about his living conditions and loneliness that nobody ever came around to talk to him. I petted his fur and leaned down and gave him a hug and a chaste kiss on the forehead, and awoke shortly after. I recall him saying something very creepy, though he sounded like he was about to cry - "You're about to journey down a path worse than hell. This place is broken."

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