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    Deeper levels.

    by , 03-25-2014 at 07:08 PM (706 Views)
    I am on my bed. There's a window which is not supposed to be there in real life. A giant white moon stands still there, up in the sky, when I see something flying, like a fridge or whatever, and I realize that it must be a dream. Reality check and confirm it is a dream. I get lucid.

    I don't know what happens here, but I end up in other place, thinking that I need to try to go to the deeper levels of the dream world. It's like the thought has appeared by itself and that I am dreaming that I am lucid dreaming. At first it was not like that but it's just a feeling, so. I just let by body fall and I feel how my body cross the floor, followed by another floor. I keep falling before being 'normal' again and realizing that my parents are yelling at me for making that much noise. I go to bed as fast as I can and turn off the lights.

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