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    Gold Sky

    by , 02-28-2014 at 12:08 PM (425 Views)
    Damn. Best lucid dream by far.

    I don't really remember the beginning of the dream. I was in the old house I used to live years ago. I knew that I was dreaming so after doing a RC I wanted not to waste the precious time. At this point my awareness would be like 60%. I looked outside the window and saw the moon, but it was not the moon we all are used to see at night, but a big pale white moon. My awareness was higher than my other lucids so I took my time to make sure that it was stable and to appreciate the new world. I said: 'Okay, let's flight to the moon', so I started to run and then jumped with the intention of flying like a plane towards the moon, but I doubt just for one second and it make me fail my attempt.

    Okay, let's try something else while it keeps stable, I said to myself. I looked again through the window and the landscape has changed; my old town was not there anymore. Now I was in what I would say a 8th flat. At this point my awareness increased to a 96% so what I was feeling was something totally new to me. I looked at the things in the room; the table, the chairs, the TV... I wanted to touch everything, and the more time I was feeling that reality the more amazed I felt. Went outside to see what was going on in the new city and what I saw was totally unexpected. A lot of buildings, skyscrappers and lights made me close my eyes to adapt to the new scene. I saw no one in the city and only could heard the light sound of the wind. The city was decorated like we were on Christmas, but with ice statues and figures. I took one of the decoration figure and left it thaw on my hand, as the slightly temperature made me shiver.

    'Wait, I haven't looked at the sky'. Holy shit. The sky almost made me cry because of its beauty. I almost couldn't see a piece of dark in the sky because of the amount of planets floating up there. The white pale moon was still there, but a little bit bigger and surrounded by even bigger planets. One of them made me make a weird sound. A big, big, big planet was standing there, while it seemed to release a purple gleam. It was like it was alive. I took a sit and looked 'till the end of the dream. 'There are other realities, now I'm completely sure of it'.

    When I woke up tears started flowing down my cheeks. I was not because of sadness, but of happiness. I suddenly got a feeling of insecurity because of how small we are compared to everything. I felt so vulnerable. But it was not a bad feeling at all.
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