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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Music.

      by , 03-30-2014 at 12:11 AM
      Final exams are already here. I do the designing test and go out to breathe some fresh air. It went just fine, but I forgot to do some things. It's okay. A friend of mine stands still there, just looking at an invisible horizon. He didn't even enter to do the exams. He asks me if I want to take a walk and I say yes, forgetting to do the three remaining exams. We start walking but I can't remember what were we talking about.

      We go under a stone bridge and I start hearing a quite beautiful, calming music. I woke up singing it. It makes me feel so good, like there can't be any problems, that everything's just fine the way it is and that happiness is so easy to reach. We continue walking as the music stays in the background, following us. The day couldn't be any better. We end up in a park, which is full of other people just smiling and having a good time. We take a sit and stare at the light blue sky. Another guy appears and takes a sit just next to him. I know him, he's an asshole from my school. I stare at him, looking at his eyes, thinking that I know what he is thinking and that I know how much hatred he contains within him and that I don't give a fuck about his stupid life. I wake up.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    2. Outer space

      by , 03-25-2014 at 07:14 PM
      Barely remember anything of it now.

      I am in some sort of spaceship just flying around. I'm in some vertical giant tube with what seems to be the bad guys of the movie. There's a girl below me trying to open a gate. I increase my body weight to 1000T and let my body fall, killing her. Okay, normal weight now. Now I'm just playing with other skills, changing the gravity, speed, etc. A friend of mine is in the other side playing hide-and-seek and I go through a conduit to scare her.
    3. Red Eye

      by , 03-13-2014 at 08:58 PM
      I'm with my father in the car, and so is a friend of mine. I'm telling her that in the USA they're building rollercoasters for cars, in which you use your own car. We're driving through some kind of 'secret' company, so we're not supossed to be here. A guy appears and tells us that if we scratch his car there will be consequences. All of sudden the main plot changes and my friend is no longer here. Now I'm out of the car watching that we don't crash with the big window in front of us. I reduce the impact but broke my middle finger.

      Now we are inside the building and I tell another guy that I want to call the God to heal me. He tells me that it's only to see the future, that we can't use it whenever we want. Suddenly he appears and tell us that we will see that we won't be able to see the future anymore. He starts to summon something on a table.

      A baby starts to form, first the bones appears and then the flesh. He's covered in bandages and when the God ends they fall to the floor, making able seeing the new creature. He opens his eyes and stares at us, when I realize that there's something on his forehead; a big red eye that he opens after a few seconds. I wake up.
    4. I'm late!

      by , 03-11-2014 at 07:40 PM
      I wake up after what seemed to be ages sleeping and look at my watch. ''Oh shit this can't be true'' - I think while realizing that it was 19:00. I get up and start doing things. ''Nothing to do now''. I look at the watch again but now it's 16:00. ''Hum, sure I looked it wrong before''. I wake up.
    5. Invisible Skeleton

      by , 03-09-2014 at 02:00 PM
      The beginning is a little confusing. I entered some sort of castle - it was not really a castle, but some sort of ruins of a big, ancient building. The stairs seemed to be made for dwarves, as I could barely go through them. One of them was destroyed so I had to use a rope to go up to the next floor. When I arrived to the top somehow I was in my old house, and a skeleton told me that he had to kill my father. I agreed with that (?) and he touched so I could see him (he was invisible for other people). I could barely see him, only a tiny reflection in the air.

      I went to my father's room and my grandmother was there, making the bed to go to sleep. I helped her as the mattress was too heavy for her. She starting arguing with me about how bad that mattress was, and I told her that that was the most expensive in the store. She went to sleep and I started looking for the skeleton. Not here...neither here... What are you doing behind the curtains? That's fucking creepy you know?

      My parents arrived home and entered their room to go to sleep. I understood that it was not correct what I was doing, so I told my dad to go out of the room for a second, since the skeleton who wanted to kill him was standing there, waiting for the precise moment.

      Okay, come with me and don't ask me anything - I told him as I indicated the main stairs to go outside. My mother went out of the room and I asked her to shut up as I was fearing that the skeleton would come out and kill everybody. I followed my father downstairs and when we were almost out I started to feel anxiety because there were a lot of bugs and leaves in the bottom floor. The thing is that all that was being told to me mentally, like somebody's was narrating an adventure story. We went out of the building.

      I saw my father going upstairs again. The hell are you doing?! - I yelled at him - come the fuck down you dumbass he wants to kill you! He went down again and I told him to go to the boat and to be prepared for us to escape. I went to the top again, but this time climbing with a rope, since I didn't want to meet the creepy bugs and snakes again.

      At this point my father enters into my real life room and I wake up. ''I just dreamed about you''.
    6. Fuck*ng Recall

      by , 03-03-2014 at 12:32 PM
      I can barely remember being in the city with a lot of friends, and somehow we had to kill each other to survive, I guess like The Hunger Games. I survived and woke up into another dream, in which I was in the beach with the same friend who didn't kill me. I said to him: 'I just had a dream and you had to kill me haha'. He was with his cousin and we went into the water.