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    1. A New Life, a New Beginning and Amnesia - Failed Reality Checks

      by , 01-25-2011 at 12:53 PM
      I was in a living room lying on the floor smoking a cigarette (something I've been quit for over two years now). I turned to my friend who was lying beside me, stumped the cigarette out and gave him the packet of 20 cigarettes because I was dissapointed in my self for smoking. I got up, went to sit on the couch and started to watch the TV. At this point I got wind that I might have been in a dream, but I wasn't entirely sure so I decided to do my most common reality check (looking away and looking back). Since I had turned my attention away to my friend who I gave the packet of cigarettes to I looked back at him and I noticed he had a 10 pack of a different brand, at first I thought it was a good indication of a dream however I thought to my self that he might have simply put the 20 pack I gave him away and the ones I was looking at were his 10 pack, so I turned my attention to the TV.

      One the TV was an advert, it was of a family in a kitchen, advertising what, I don't know. As I watched the TV advert it looked like any TV advert would look in real life, people were speaking coherent sentences (unfortunately I don't remember what words were said), everything made sense and no matter how many times I looked away when I looked back at the TV it continued playing just where it left off. I even looked around the room at the people who were with me, some sitting on chair/couch, some siting at a dining table and again no matter how many times I looked away, when I looked back everything was just how I left it.

      I was confused, really confused, for the first time in my life I was absolutely convinced it was reality. I sat there for a moment and thought to my self; I tried to remember how I got there and I couldn't (this unfortunately didn't act as a reality check as all other checks seemed to override it). My reality was a mess, I had no memory, I was completely lost, the world I once knew was no more and I had no idea what my place in this world was. Eventually I just accepted it and said to my self "this is reality," at which point one of the dream characters looked at me and laughed, as if to say "of course it's reality, stupid!"

      I turned to my cousin who sat beside and asked him if he wanted to leave, to which he replied yes. He got up from the couch and when he stood up I put my hand out to him as if to help me up. He just looked at me, I said to him "help me up please," to which he replied "get up your self you lazy bitch!" This wasn't normal behaviour for him, the confusion set in again and I started to get angry. I shoved him and he shoved me back, so I grabbed ahold of him and pushed him right into the TV which was still playing just as coherently as it was before, untill the screen smashed.

      I turned to the people sat at the dining table and they looked at me like I was crazy, I started to question the people I was with and it became too much for me. As much as I was willing to accept reality, I had to do one final check and try to wake my self up, it was the only way I was going to find out for sure what was reality. I woke my self up...
      memorable , lucid , non-lucid
    2. The Dark Night (2010)

      by , 01-04-2011 at 01:20 AM
      (an excerpt from some day 2010)

      As I open my eyes I find my self kneeling hands down on cold, mossy slate. As I look around the rain is pouring down thunder and lightning and I see my self on a roof top high up in New York City with no reccolection of how I got there or any realisation that I'm dreaming. The sky is dark and the city is worn, the slate is cracked and the buildings are made of brown, chalky brick. As I'm kneeling there I can feel my self slipping with nothing to hold on to, no where to climb to and a long, long way down, to far down to see, to far to survive the fall. I continue to slip further and further down the slate, as I look around in 3rd person space I can see my self lying there. I'm stuck and as I realise my helplessness I bein to scream "HEEELP! HEEEEEELP!" No one answers, no one comes to my rescue. I fall. I wake up.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. The Physics of Dreaming (2009)

      by , 01-04-2011 at 01:05 AM
      (An exerpt from some day mid 2009)

      I was walking down a street at night time; it reminded me of an American suburb, which was glowing orange illuminated by the street lights. As I was casually walking looking around, I noticed a big pile of earth in the middle of one of the gardens part of what seemed to be a small excavation site. For whatever reason I became curious and I decided to go over and investigate. As I aproached, I noticed that there was something written in the pile of earth, as if someone had stuck their finger in the mud and scraped letters out.

      Now, writing is one of my strongest dream triggers at the minute, so it's no surprise, to me anyway, that at this point I became fully lucid. I attempted to read the writing and without waking up (which I normally do), I succesfully found that it said "REFLECTION." I couldn't believe that I actually read an English word instead of staring at some jumbled up mix of letters and numbers. That was it; at this point now I have almost full conciousness and full awareness of my dream state. I instantly decided to go see what a reflection looks like in a dream, so I aproached one of the bay windows of a near by house and in the illumination of the street lights, I could see my self standing there. I waved and even said to my self "I can't believe the laws of physics are the same in a dream as they are in the real world!" That's how realistic this looked.

      As I was standing there staring at my self, I heard music begin to play. So with the state of mind I was in, I decided to now investigate the music and see if the dream could replicate music from the real world correctly. I followed, and it was coming from the garage next door to the house I was standing out side of. As I walked in, I could see a small cassette player on the floor and playing was Future Shock (Blutonium Boy Mix), a track I have been listening to quite a lot lately. The warm up was identical, surprisingly identical, so I continued to listen to the music and as the tune began to kick off, out spurted a whole random mix of beeps, buzzes and other garbled sounds. At that point, the dream became too unstable and I woke up, which was dissapointing, as I would have liked to spend more time listening to the noises (if you could call it music).
      lucid , memorable