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    1. Secret Levels

      by , 04-27-2018 at 04:20 PM
      I am with another person in a deserted building complex behind a locked gate. We have been there a very long time. We appear to be trapped. There is another person within the complex who is hunting us. It becomes evident that we are his prisoners. We run down the staircase and into the parking lot where my car is. I have a folding baby stroller with me that I put in the backseat. It is very windy. The person with me is making a lot of noise; I begin to hope the wind masks the noise enough to keep us from being detected. We get in and start the car but decided not to charge the gate. We have nowhere to go. We exit the car and go back into the building, which is now very dark. The other person is still there, within the building, hunting us. The building has many multi-levels and he could be anywhere. I try to ask "Google" about the layout of the building and the search reveals many secret entrances and new floors. I see this information as a way to buy us some more time to hide. Dreamt 3/13/2017
    2. Young Kasparov and Goodbye to Romance

      by , 04-27-2018 at 04:06 PM
      I am with a group of people, we are listening to the guitar solo from "Goodbye to Romance" being played by Randy Rhoads. It is a beautiful experience. Among those in the group is Garry Kasparov, looking as he did in back the late 80's. He is sitting down and reading something from a laptop or newspaper. Randy Rhoads is also there in the group of people, but it is not clear if he is playing the solo or listening to the recorded version along with everyone else. Ozzy is not there. Dreamt 3/11/2017
    3. Velour Sweater Basketball

      by , 04-27-2018 at 03:57 PM
      I am playing a game of one-on-one basketball with some black guy in a strip mall parking lot. The parking lot had been converted to a court. I am doing jump shots, lay-ups, and hook shots. It is very realistic; I make some of the shots but also miss some - the dream corresponds exactly to my skill level IWL. At one point the ball goes flying over to where a mailman is. He catches the ball and throws it back to us. When I catch the ball I notice it is larger than before and is covered in a velour material, as though someone put a sweater over it. The cover doesn't fit it right on the basketball; it begins to loosen. Eventually a sleeve comes loose and dangles out, revealing that it is indeed a velour sweater. Dreamt 3/10/2017
    4. Flying Viper in Kayak

      by , 04-27-2018 at 03:47 PM
      I bought a submarine at some sporting goods store and I'm looking for a place to launch it. My wife suggests I try the water over by a Lowe's. I tell her the lake is too shallow, and it doesn't go to the sea. I look over to my left and see an ocean of water in the distance my wife is pointing at: "What about that?"she says. In a flash, there is water all around me and I am adrift on a skinny canoe. The water is dirty. Other people are in boats not far from me. I approach the shore, climb out of the canoe and walk through the shallow water. As I do this, the canoe suddenly turns into a thin tube and opens at both ends. I push it under the surface of the water as I continue to walk toward the shore. A snake appears and enters one of the openings. I carry the tube with the snake in it onto the land and drag it to a tree. The snake then crawls out of the tube and coils into a ball beneath the tree. It has a long pointy nose like a viper. It suddenly launches itself at me like an arrow, but misses. It then rematerializes beneath the tree in a coil and prepares to launch at me again. I am paralyzed in the tree and cannot move. It never strikes me to my recollection, and eventually I drift from the scenario. Dreamt 3/9/2017
    5. New York Weather Channel & National Guard at Home Depot (frags)

      by , 03-10-2018 at 03:53 PM
      1. I am in a house watching a TV with a horrible reception. Someone changes the channel to the weather station. It is the forecast for New York. I tell everyone in the room I used to live in New York. I begin to feel nostalgic listening. I wish I were back in New York, but realize if were, I'd probably grow restless and wish I were someplace else.

      2. I am on a trip with a National Guard unit. I have a big duffel bag that gets lost. It was in a Hummer that left and now I have nothing but the clothes on my back and a small transistor radio I am carrying (a dream sign). I try to find another Hummer but all are already occupied. The rest of the unit and I are stranded at a Home Depot. It is uncertain why we are there. It appears we are waiting for a bus to come get us. The store supervisor meanwhile comes and puts us all to work. There are big swinging pendulums and lots of mechanical equipment all around us. I go to the customer service desk to ask the girl if I can rent a locker for my radio. She tells me there are no more lockers, but she could store it in her car for me for five bucks. People behind me in line are now growing impatient. She tells me she has to leave soon, and if the bus doesn't come before she leaves she'll put the radio on a shelf under a clock. I thank her and yell to everyone in line "She's going to make some money!" and give her the five bucks for her offer.

      Everyone from my unit is gone when I return. I search the entire store for them in vain. I think the bus came while I was at customer service. From here, I somehow end up in a hotel room. I am partially naked and without my radio. I decide to wander around the hotel to look for cards or newspapers or anything to tell me what city I'm in. For some reason I'm thinking Waco. I take an elevator down to the spa. I realize I'm holding my clothes in my arms and lost my room key. I press the button to go down but instead the elevator goes up -- all the way up to the top 16th floor. The door opens and there is a person in a wheelchair looking at me. I step around him and go down a short flight of stairs and suddenly realize I am inside a private room. The walls are decorated with violets and roses and ornate designs. I pass a kitchen. A Hispanic lady is inside it speaking to her teenage son and daughter in Spanish. I ask her where the 'public television' is and she points to the back of the room. It is obvious there is no 'public television'; the TV in the back of the room is hers along with everything else in this apartment. I turn on the TV and she comes over and stretches out beside me on a long ottoman. We strike up a conversation. She asks me if I'm a writer. I tell her yes, in a way -- I keep a dream journal, if that counts. She becomes enthusiastic and tells me how much she loves to dream. I ask her if she's ever had a lucid dream. She doesn't know what they are so I explain: "It's when you wake up inside of a dream." As I tell her this I focus on the details of her face and contours of her attractive body on the ottoman. I find her face very average, but her body smooth and fit. I begin to grow aroused and the dream fades. Dreamt 3/8/2017

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. LD#7 DILD (VBIM + Mindfulness)

      by , 04-13-2017 at 04:52 PM
      I am already flying around aimlessly in a non-lucid dream, when suddenly I realize I am dreaming. I look over and notice a female DC, whom I do not recognize from WL. We start exploring the scenery together by flying into a dark office building and wandering amidst the empty corridors. I am giving her instructions on what to do in this LD. The lights abruptly come on and I discover we are in an office break room, with a sink, cabinets and a refrigerator. The female DC is sitting on a shelf near the sink in a dish of what appears to be lemon-scented soap. Because I plan on going down on her, I ask her not to get soap all over her ass. She hops off the shelf and we leave the kitchen. As we leave, I take her arm and pull her into me, saying "This is what I want to do first." We begin to kiss and undress each other. I gently lay her down on the kitchen floor and mount her. But at the moment penetration I suddenly hear the sound of a toilet flushing. I realize this is my wife coming back to bed after using the bathroom. This jolts me and the DC girl fades beneath me. I can't stabilize and soon awaken. Dreamt 3/7/2017

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    7. Matilda Mother: Never Ending Omega-3 Fish Oil

      by , 04-12-2017 at 03:02 PM
      Last night I was reading a book called The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep, and ran across the term "Mother Tantra" before I fell asleep. When I dreamt, I heard the Pink Floyd song Matilda Mother playing over and over again, as though in a loop. In the dream I am opening up a vitamin bottle of Omega-3 Fish Oil and trying to extract its contents. All the capsules have melted together, however, to form a gelatinous stream of goop that comes out of the bottle like a long octopus tentacle. The tentacle is golden-translucent and slightly sweet to the taste. I cannot bite through it. While I am gnawing on it, I continually hear Syd Barrett's voice singing the versus and chorus of the song.

      I soon find myself holding another vitamin bottle. This one has individual red beans covered in a clear slime. The slimy beans taste semi-sweet like the Fish Oil tentacle. I gobble up as many as I can fit in my mouth, trying to finish the bottle. I hope I don't overdose. I soon notice that the quantity of beans are not depleting in the bottle; the more I eat, the more beans seem to materialize. The supply is never ending. Meanwhile, Matilda Mother is still playing endlessly in the background. I hear the crooning chorus over and over again: "Oh, mother. Tell me more! Tell me more..."
      Dreamt 2/25/2017

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    8. State Hospital Basketball

      by , 04-09-2017 at 02:13 PM
      I am playing basketball in this dream, but the ball we are playing with is floppy, gray-colored and partially deflated. There are a several players on the court. It is impossible to tell who is on who's team, as everyone is wearing something different. There are no uniforms. When I get the ball I have to guess who is on my team. I single out a guy running by me and pass the ball to him. Since it is deflated and light, I am not able to aim it properly and it doesn't go far. Running feels good in this dream; I need the exercise. When I go to make a jumpshot I float way, way up above the court and up to the steel rafters in the ceiling. Up here I see a birthday cake, decorated with orange and black frosting. The words State Hospital are written on it. I fly up to this area and see the cake numerous times during the game. I always make an arc over the cake, as I go up to the ceiling and then come back down to the court.

      There are much more people gathered on the court now. They form a semi-circle around the net from back at the 3-point line. Some of the players are in wheelchairs. There is a woman who resembles my wife in one of the wheelchairs surrounded by several young girls who are not in wheelchairs. I throw the ball to one of them to "check", but the ball doesn't fly right as usual. It sails off on a tangent over their heads and I run after it. It takes me out to the woods by a beach where I again I see my wife (though she doesn't see me). It is dark in the woods and she is searching for something. She is shining a flashlight into the shrubs. I creep by her, using the trees as camouflage, trying to avoid her detection. I think my daughter is with her. Dreamt 2/22/2017
    9. LD #6 - (WBTB/DILD) Reptilian Eyeball in Palm of Hand During RC

      by , 03-27-2017 at 03:02 PM
      I am in an old concrete stairwell, resembling a turret in a castle. I am going up and down within the turret, hovering above the stairs. I hear the sound of moaning as I ascend and descend in the stairwell. I am not sure if I am making the moaning sounds, or if they are coming from somewhere else. I float all the way down to the bottom level where the moaning grows louder and I see a small partition in the wall which opens up into another chamber. I try to enter the partition with my floating body, but it does not fit. It is at this point I realize this may be a dream. I look at the palms of my hands to do an RC: they are deformed and mutated. I see a reptilian-looking eyeball in one of them, in the center of my palm, blinking back at me. My hands are black, with an electric, neon-green outline. As I marvel at this, I feel the dream slipping away. I quickly attempt to stabilize, but I lose control and enter back through the hynogogic curtain and into wakefulness. Dreamt 2/20/17

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    10. A Tour of Feldschlossberg Castle Brewery

      by , 03-24-2017 at 03:44 PM
      I am in Germany, deep in the Black Forest. Nearby is an old, famous brewery, named Feldschlossberg. It is located in a lonely, depopulated area, surrounded by thick, green coniferous trees. The sky above is overcast and a dismal gray. The brewery is actually a secluded castle, and it is closed off to the public. The castle is hidden behind a newer, modern facility, which is now the face of the company. In order to see the castle, one must take a guided tour of the premises. I drive up to the front gate of the brewery, which is unlocked, and enter a private drive. The drive goes up a hill. Executive buildings suddenly emerge on the left, partially visible through the trees. I keep going higher and higher up the hill. The Feldschlossberg Castle is at the top of the hill, I think to myself. And I am going to see it! I am the only person in this dream.

      The road suddenly stops at a dead end. Looming in front of me on the road is a high, rocky cliff. Atop the cliff I can see the new facility building of the brewery, with a white commercial van parked in front of it. The van is filled with people about to take a tour of the brewery. I notice that some of the tourists are looking down at me through the windows of the van. This makes me feel very uneasy, and I quickly look for a book or map to pretend to read so they'll think I'm lost. I find a book about a museum, a book which is unrelated to the brewery. My recall fades at this point and the dream is lost. Dreamt 2/21/2017

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    11. 2 Frags: An Upside Down Tree & Gang Member Assault

      by , 03-20-2017 at 03:10 PM
      1. I am climbing a tree which is growing upside down. Either that, or this is a world where reverse-gravity is in effect and I am grasping the limbs for dear life. If I let go, gravity will pull me up and I will "fall" into the sky and into deep space ad infinitum. I am with two other people. They are also holding on to the branches for dear life.

      2. I am driving a vintage old car, like a 1920's Ford. It has a crank-shaft. The cabin only has room for one; it resembles a dragster. Some hot Spanish girls pull up beside me in a modern car. The driver gets out and walks over to a bunch of gang-members. She tells them in Spanish I've been "giving her attention". A gang member grabs a pipe and starts walking towards me. I run back to my vintage car and also pick up a pipe from the front seat and turn to face him. Recall fades.

      Dreamt 2/16/2017

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Don't Stand Near The Windows!

      by , 03-17-2017 at 11:03 PM
      I am at my old childhood home in South Florida. I am there with two other people. The three of us are wearing Army uniforms and it is dark outside. In the dream I hear Bob Dylan's Just Like Tom Thumb Blues start to play. When it gets to the part "...and the cops don't need you, and man, they expect the same..", I feel a foreboding sense of danger in the air. It appears we are barricaded and trapped in this house. Something evil is lurking around outside in the darkness. When I go up to a window to look outside, someone shouts at me, "I wouldn't go near the windows. There's a sniper out there!" I quickly jump back and huddle with the other two soldiers behind a partition by a wall closet. I realize we are in a very dangerous situation, as the light coming from inside the house illuminates the windows, making it very easy for someone outside to peer in at us. The two people with me (a man and woman), tell me they've already been shot at. Now, they say, "It's your turn."

      I suddenly start running around the house. Each time I run past the windows, I expect to get shot at from the sniper outside. I continue to run in circles around the house, faster and faster. Everything's a blur, like how a whirlwind would look through a kaleidoscope. Dreamt 2/16/2017

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    13. Mistaken Vacations

      by , 03-16-2017 at 03:48 PM
      I am hanging out with this blonde middle-aged Dutch lady with whom I had a relationship sometime ago IWL. We are at her place - a small, quaint apartment in a subtropical area like Florida. I look out her window and see a pond with a fountain in the middle, some palm trees and a golf course out in the distance. She is telling me how she needs someone to watch her place when she goes on vacation. She is needing someone to feed her cat, make sure her plants are being watered and mail is being brought in. I look over and notice there is another lady with us. She is pouring kitty food in a small dish in the kitchen. The Dutch lady continues to say that if I decide to housesit for her I can help myself to all the food in the fridge, watch her TV, sleep in her bed - basically I can make myself at home while she's gone. I thank her, but do not commit to staying there. She then leaves with her two blue suitcases, and I am left alone with the woman in the kitchen. I am suddenly transported to a brown-sanded, wasteland desert where my wife and I are cruising on golf carts, going up and down the hot dunes like waves on an ocean. The woman from the Dutch lady's kitchen is with us too, riding behind us in her own golf cart. Large, mystical snow-capped mountains loom in the background. I suggest we drive out the mountains, thinking it would be cool to climb to the peak of one of them. But after further thought, I realize this might be too dangerous. Plus, they were far away!

      Suddenly I am back at the Dutch lady's apartment. She has since returned from vacation, having been gone a week. She is marveling that all the food is still in her fridge. She wants to know what I ate the whole time I stayed there. I told her I was gone too, on a vacation of my own. She freaks out and yells at me. "Who the hell was feeding my cat!" "I thought the lady in your kitchen was going to take care of it," I reply. She puts her hands on her hips and looks at me as though I were crazy. The cat suddenly comes up to me and purrs by my leg. I reach down to pick it up and notice there is a nasty spot on its back where hair is missing. It keeps turning around to lick the spot as I hold it. Dreamt 2/10/2017

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    14. Holding a Schizophrenic at Gunpoint

      by , 03-15-2017 at 03:39 PM
      I am with a person who is eager to show me a house he just inherited. I am there to do some repairs/remodeling so he can turn it around and sell it. When we arrive we see how old and dilapidated it is. It looks like an old abandoned crack house. The front door is ajar and windows are wide open, the curtains fluttering in the breeze. We step cautiously into the house and are met by a homeless-looking man with a long beard and a crazy eyes - he is the schizophrenic brother of the man I am with. He has apparently moved into the house. He walks into the living room, holding a toothbrush. The two brothers begin fighting and screaming at each other: "Get out of this house!" "I ain't goin' nowhere! Mom and dad gave it to me!" "Mom and dad disinherited you!" "Like hell they did! One half of this fucker is mine!" And on and on they go, yelling at each other. The fighting eventually escalates from verbal to physical. The schizophrenic brother picks up a television and hurls it at us. We move out of the way and it smashes against the wall. We decide to leave. I suggest we go back to my place temporarily while we decide what to do.

      The house we go to is my old home in West Islip, NY where I lived from 1984 to 1989. We sit down in the parlor and decide what course of action to take against his crazy brother. I suggest we hold him at gunpoint until the police come. We go down to the basement and I take out a bag of guns. I ask if he has a preference as to what gun we use on his brother: we have a .22 but we also have a lever-action 30/30. He says to use the .22, but I can't find it so we end up using the 30/30. Taking it out of the bag, I accidentally discharge a bullet through the basement ceiling. When I get up closer to inspect the bullet hole, the hole suddenly transforms and widens into an air conditioning vent. As we head back upstairs with the gun, I ask him if his brother will seek revenge on us for holding him at gunpoint. The answer is yes. I turn off the AC before leaving, but then change my mind and turn it back on. My parents will want the house nice and cool when they return from vacationing in Italy. Dreamt 2/9/2017

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    15. Flying an F-16 with Yngwie J. Malmsteen

      by , 03-15-2017 at 02:43 PM
      I am flying somewhere over the United States in an F-16 fighter jet. I am not the one actually flying the jet; it is being flown by a guy with dark sunglasses who looks like Swedish heavy-metal guitarist Yngwie J. Malmsteen. We are flying at night. I am very glad I am not the pilot, as I have no idea how to operate an F-16. I do have a job, however: my job is to control our altitude. I do this by shifting an M-16 assault rifle which is sticking up between us like a gear shaft. Leaning it down makes us go down; pulling it back makes the F-16 go up higher. The position of the barrel determines the direction of our altitude. I look out the window and see the terrain spread out beneath us like tiny twinkling Christmas lights. We are cruising at super-sonic speed, and Yngwie is very cool and relaxed behind his dark shades.

      I point the barrel of the M-16 down and we start to descend. We suddenly hit some turbulence and the jet begins to rock and bounce around in the clouds. This frightens me. Suddenly I am not so sure what I am doing with my M-16 assault rifle altimeter. Should I go back up? Continue on course? I think to myself, one slip up and I'll kill us both! To my great relief, Yngwie grabs the barrel and lifts the entire gun out of its boot and puts it on his side. The jet stabilizes. We are safe. When we eventually land, I notice it I am in a vaguely familiar place - I recall the neighborhood from some prior dream fragment. Dreamt 2/7/2017

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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