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    3 Frags: Military Pranks, Charvel Guitar, Beatles

    by , 03-11-2020 at 03:29 PM (110 Views)
    1. Mr. F___ (a man I worked with at the funeral home) is showing me one of his checks on payday. The actual amount is legible in the dream: $1,502.38. As in IRL he is telling me stories non-stop. He is former military and I can see his discharge DD214 paperwork clearly, and in particular the exact date his service ended: 1 NOV 57 and in the dream I calculate the math to twelve years before I was born (IRL it's thirteen years to the day). As I calculate the math, he tells me a story about how he got in trouble when he was in the Air Force by overstuffing toilet paper in the barracks latrine. When someone tried to flush it the thing backfired and everyone had to evacuate. He laughed jollily as he told me this. While he is laughing I'm thinking about how old he looks. His face is bright red.

    2. I am in a pawn shop trying out a red Charvel guitar. The pawn shop employees are all impressed and watching me as I jam out. As it turns out, this pawn shop is on an airplane and we are flying over a gargantuan swimming pool. When we land on the on the other side of the pool I am still holding the guitar and notice the headstock is huge. I consider purchasing it. The pawnshop owner tells me a story of a girl who was thinking of buying a guitar, but in the end decided not to make the purchase. As result she ended up paying even more for the guitar when she later decided to buy it. I listened intently as he tried to persuade me to buy it. In the dream, money was no issue. But, still, I was not 100% sold on getting it.

    3. I was listening to the beginning of the Sgt. Pepper Reprise song, where the drum beat comes in after the 1-2-3-4 count off. I remarked to someone in the dream, "Paul McCartney is a genius.." Dreamt 3/16/17
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