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    Prehistoric Amphitheater Creatures, Hypnogogic Permutations of Mozart & Frags

    by , 03-01-2017 at 06:44 PM (401 Views)
    I am in a huge underwater amphitheater with my father. The amphitheater is a glass dome under several hundred feet of water. Along with me and my dad there are several groups of people sitting in the bleachers. We are all waiting for a show to begin. Mozart begins to play as prehistoric-looking sea creatures in mid-evolutionary stages begin to walk out from a side door. The Mozart music is original hypnogogic permutations from my subconscious of his German marches from the Opera "Die Entführung aus dem Serail"

    The creatures march to this music in the underwater amphitheater, and pause so we can pet them. Some of them look like gigantic mollusks. Others look like horseshoe crabs the size of dogs and huge, mutated crocodiles. They lumber across the aisles in perfect synch with the music. Among them is a big sawfish with legs. These are all prehistoric creatures. Sitting next to me with her arm around me is a sexy blonde woman. I have no idea who she is. She leans in very close and I can feel her breath against my ear. I am wondering who her boyfriend is, and also worried that my wife might see us. Meanwhile, the prehistoric creatures are crawling all around in front of us. I have to lift my legs to let them pass by. In the dream, I remember this as a strenuous exercise. My father is sleeping next to me. He is sprawled out across two chairs. He is wearing a shirt with back lettering, but the words keep shifting as I try to read what they spell. As I reach out to try to stop the letters from moving, he drowsily awakens and tells me to stop touching him. He actually says, "If you keep touching me, I'm gonna lay you out like I am." After he says this, three men in shorts come over to where we are sitting and try to wake him. They say, "Hello" to him at the same time, intentionally loud and obnoxious. He jolts awake. As they laugh, I assure my dad I had nothing to do with this prank. The Mozart, meanwhile, has gotten more pronounced and my attention is directed toward the gorgeous music. In a brief glimpse of lucidity, I realize this music is not real Mozart, but a figment of my imagination. I marvel at how beautiful and realistic my subconscious rendition of his operatic marches are.

    Miscellaneous fragments from the same night:

    1. I am explaining to my son how vitamin C works in boosting the immune system. I explain that the vitamin builds a wall through which the microbes are unable to pass. In my dream mind, I see a bubble wall collapse on a bunch of marauding bacteria.

    2. I am on vacation in Russia, returning to the bungalow I rented. I am somewhere down by the Black Sea I think, in a coastal resort area. As I enter the door to my place, I notice some people on the road watching me. The walkway from the road to my door is a short wooden bridge, resembling a boardwalk. When I get inside my bungalow I look at myself in a mirror. I look like a pathetic tourist: red hat, white American tennis shoes, preppy shorts and a Hawaiian-themed shirt. No wonder people are looking at me! I am suddenly very conscious I may soon be robbed. Dreamt 1/27/2017
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    1. Serene's Avatar
      Wow this is very creative and exciting! I can actually visualize the creatures, made me laugh. Great recall! Yayyyyyyy on lucid . You seem to dream a lot of Russia.