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    My brain and I

    The Alien Chase...

    by , 06-21-2012 at 03:33 AM (951 Views)
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    21st of June, 2012

    My recall's been really bad lately, for some reason. This is a tiny almost lucid I had this morning.

    I was with Nooks and some other people in a forested hill area. It was winter and the trees had mostly lost their leaves. I realised that there was a UFO following the people, who began to run away together. I said to Nooks that it would make much more sense if they split up; that way it couldn't follow them both... but it'd be gay as Hell to be the one that it DID follow.

    Somehow it came to pass that Nooks and I were the ones that were being followed so we began running through the trees trying to avoid this thing and its spotlight. It was really quite horrifying. We ran for a while trying to lose it and find cover before coming across a river with huge frozen walls.

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    Like that, but without the glacier on top-just more hill.

    Anyway, we tried to hide in the crevices and hoped that the cold water would lower our body temperatures so they couldn't detect us. Nooks started singing at that point though, so I put my hand over her mouth to shut her up. Too late.

    Aliens began to abseil out of this thing (it was basically a helicopter, apparently) so we bolted while we had the chance, swimming as hard as we could to reach the bank. We ran like that for some time and eventually found ourselves near people in a large...complex of some sort. Kind of like a school/outdoor shopping mall. I looked back to see the 'alien' (read: random dude) chasing us at like 50km/h so we stepped up the pace and were running absurdly quickly. At that point we were on an indoor oval and began jumping really far to try and escape. I turned to Nooks and said "Don't worry Nooks, this is obviously just a dream now!" and kept jumping, wondering what to do next.

    I'd been asleep for a while though so as soon as I realised I was dreaming I woke up.
    Should've stabilised or something. Ah well, still appears my dream recognition is improving.

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    1. Camo's Avatar
      Aliens... it must have been thrilling to run around like that he he
    2. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      Thrilling is exactly the right word! I love alien/UFO dreams; they're always so intense no matter what's actually happening. Scary though. That thing was gonna kill the hell out of us.