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    The Blistering Skin, the Suave Douchebag and a Nuclear Emergency...

    by , 06-12-2012 at 02:35 AM (563 Views)
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    12th of June, 2012

    The first thing I recall (though I know there was more beforehand) is floating on a wooden plank in an underground river opening heaps of tubs of margarine to find treasure. Carrying on down stream eventually lead me to my friend R's car (which is an awesome BMW) so Nooks, R, Acka and myself all decided to get in and go driving. While tearing down the road we realised we were being tailgated by some dude on a motorbike without his headlights on so we tried to lose him but he did a wheelie and kept following us. It got a bit anxious-feeling and at one point R mentioned having machine guns in the headlights that he could use if need be. After a lot of driving we ended up in a storm-water drain/skate park place and were doing backflips in the car to get away from this guy who was now on a push bike instead.

    Finally we stopped and got out and I tried to jump up onto a ledge with Nooks but couldn't pull myself up. At that moment the bike guy approached me and started being all... suave yet scary.

    This guy was awesome. He was handsome, sophisticated and eloquent with a strange darkness about him. I told him I was wary of him and all of a sudden Nooks just started kissing him.
    I lost my shit and started freakin' out but Nooks didn't see what the problem was, saying that he was way cooler than me anyway. She kissed him a couple more times and then I totally flipped and started pushing them both around and throwing them against walls and stuff. It got a bit hairy and thankfully I woke up, in an intense sweat.

    The dream was cool though, so I tried to re-enter it and shortly found myself back in R's car angrily driving to a beach to vent my frustration. When we got there, we started applying sunscreen and then I realised that the whole scene was a terrifying deep red colour and when I looked at myself I discovered I was getting really sunburnt. Someone said "The sun's broken; it's exploding soon" or something like that and I looked up to see an enormous red fireball in the sky. I looked around in panic and we were all starting to blister and peel and I think trees were starting to smoke.

    Suddenly I found myself in a large, scholarly hall of some description with Nooks and a couple of random DC's. A guy entered with some playing cards and seemed relieved to be holding the 4 of diamonds as opposed to another card, saying "Thank god, this is the good place. The others went to the bad one." which I took to mean we were in heaven.

    At some point during the proceedings I looked down to discover that I had this horrific, pus-filled, scabby horrendous shingles-like thing going down both my sides. Eugh. Just thinking about that makes me queasy. Heaven my balls.


    I was in an underground lair of some kind and fell down a large drain with Jono. We could hear an alarm going off and when we finally struggled back to the top I discovered I worked at a Nuclear Fusion lab and it was about to go into meltdown and explode. There were screams coming from outside the whole time as people began to find out what was happening. I managed to fix the problem by turning off the power-point and turning it back on then went outside and released some helium balloons as a victory sign.

    Pretty nightmarish kind of night, actually.

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