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    The Crazy Fragments, DreamViews Academy and Homer Simpson...

    by , 01-15-2012 at 11:55 PM (816 Views)
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    16th of January, 2012

    HORRIBLE night’s sleep. I was literally waking up every 45 minutes or so. I suppose it was an excellent opportunity for some WILDs but they didn’t happen. I know at one point I was kind of lucid and actually discussing dreams I’d had earlier in the night with someone but that doesn’t really count.

    So. A whole bunch of weird fragments, if you so please. The last one was pretty cool.

    I was with Nooks in a forest of some sort and was naked. Nooks wanted to get jiggy, but there were people everywhere. Eventually Emma came up and was crying because she’d rented some cars and couldn’t take them back in time because they had flat batteries. I was more worried about getting some pants on. We went back with Emma to a hotel and she wrote a story about this really nancy guy which at the time was amazing and I wish I could remember how it went. Wendy drew an awesome picture of the guy and set it as my desktop.


    DreamViews Academy was a real, yet intangible place. It was like a university campus that people visited but only in one plane or something. Like astral projection. I was there with a black guy and we were doing dream experiments (I can’t believe I didn’t do a RC at some point here!). It was 6:30AM wherever I was and simultaneously on some other plane of existence we were also talking on the phone and I was reading his profile which was all about aliens and creeped me out too much to sleep.


    At the shops, some junkies wanted us to buy them supplies or give them money. One of them had a really fancy, elegant plate of food.


    In a highrise construction zone watching holographic movie parodies that you looked at through glass. One was Kevin Costner saying the same line over and over again with different inflection each time.


    A guy jumped out of a helicopter and went snowboarding down a ridiculously crazy hill with basically no snow on it and just got all effed up.


    And finally, a proper one:

    I’m not sure where we were- maybe Canada or the US, Nooks was going to a speed-dating event (apparantly her 3rd one) and wanted me to entertain myself while she went but I got annoyed and upset with her.

    Before she left, we went to a toy store that had really elaborate Star Wars Lego. On the way out, I picked up an Etch-A-Sketch and wrote “Be Happy” on it which Nooks said was the greatest thing anyone had ever created on one. Then she decided not to go to her event.

    Later on we got free tickets to a play which we were really looking forward to but turned out to be a dodgy highschool production. I tried to take a burrito into the theatre but wasn’t allowed so I went outside to finish it. I got back in just as it started. There was a fat guy dressed as a woman singing a song which I can’t remember and the play was about… I have no idea actually. At some point I swapped seats with other people and during one scene I got on stage with the guy next to me and showed the actors where a spray bottle was amongst a shelf of office supplies.

    Somehow after leaving the play, the dream turned into a twisted version of the opening sequence of The Simpsons called “Homer plus family” and instead of showing them all running through Springfield it had some really screwed up stuff. One part that I remember was Homer killed a bear and was wearing its skin which started to rot and Marge turned into a bush then crashed a car into a crowd.

    At the end, Homer got out of the skin and was naked and started running home. At that point it turned into me and I was running naked through the streets at morning. It was actually pretty funny and lots of people were laughing and I got on the news.

    Two seperate naked dreams in one night? What's up with that?

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