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    1. The Surreal Game and the Race...

      by , 01-18-2012 at 01:11 AM (My brain and I)
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      18th of January, 2012

      Quite fragmentary last night. I attempted a couple of WILDs early in the morning and then later on just before I woke up but kept losing consciousness. Anywho...

      I was at a university where a whole bunch of interactive science experiments had been set up in a giant entry way. One of them that a guy had was three spinning tops connected to helium balloons (1, 2 and 3 balloons respectively). As long as the tops were spinning, the force kept them attached to the ground. I stopped the top with one balloon in an attempt to see how strongly the balloon pulled it upwards and it slowly started floating toward the roof. I grabbed it and restarted its spinning which made it stay on the bench it was on. Ooooh, dream physics!
      After that one, I stopped the top with three balloons and let it go briefly and it shot straight up into the air and onto the roof, which was about 30m high. Oops.

      Later on I was writing a thesis with Jono and Ben about how everything is related and made up of the same elements. Our inspiration came from a 2D game that we suddenly found ourselves in where we turned from blobs into fish into weird spiky things and kept changing, floating through blackness with no task. It was incredibly surreal.


      In an obstacle course/race of some description. We had to jump over water and crawl under low trees. I ended up winning even though I felt I shouldn’t have. Mr. Cruwys wrote me a letter of recommendation.


      Nooks and I moved house again* and I moved back in with Colin. It was dark and dank and horrible. Eventually the guys came home and started making a casserole that they’d had “before that race the other day.” I said that I “won that like a boss” in reference to the earlier dream.

      *possible dream sign here – have to keep an eye on that.

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    2. The Ice Moon Cometh...

      by , 01-17-2012 at 02:19 AM (My brain and I)
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      17th of January, 2012

      Had some failed lucidness early in the night.
      I was sleeping and Nooks woke me up saying "it's 9pm, time to wake up!" I was all "Why the shit would you be waking me up at 9pm?" at which point she proceeded to start putting fish on my feet. By that stage I was all "nup, this is stupid, this is obviously a false awakening" and when I did my hand-check I mustn't have been deep enough into the dream and the movement actually woke me up for real. Almost immediately after that I went back to sleep and back into a dream. Not quite a WILD, but I was almost instantly aware. Quasi DEILD, perhaps. Again I was lying asleep except I was a bit deeper in and was this time at a beach. I was in the sand when I woke up again. Did a RC and wasn't dreaming. God damn it!
      Back asleep again and THIS time I was still at the beach but could really feel the sand and water. I focussed on sinking into the sand so as to stimulate my senses a bit and really tried focusing on Nooks' face to become hyper-aware. It all sort of worked but then the dream began to fade and I couldn't get it back.
      Ah well. Close.


      I was at some dodgy apartment block and was meeting all the neighbours.


      I was at a birthday party and drinking champagne. Some hippie type girls offered me LSD which I accepted. The acid was on these plastic strips that had different phrases printed on them. The one I took said “Spiders in your mouth”. I half dissolved the strip and suddenly realised I didn’t want to be tripping on acid and remember that it said anything about spiders being in my mouth so I spat it out and asked for another one, which they didn’t let me have. I wanted the one that said "Ice cream".

      We went outside where people were drinking and partying in the back yard and I hung around drinking my champagne and having a good time. Presently, I looked up into the sky and was struck with awe. The moon was enormous but different. It was covered in gigantic ice crystals- all perfectly formed like giant snowflakes. The arms of the crystals spread out far into the sky, about twice the diameter of the moon itself. I was totally blown away and ran screaming to the other people to come and have a look. When they came over the crystals had begun dropping off and falling through space towards us. While they fell, they broke into smaller pieces and snowed down on us as snowflakes the size of dinner plates. It was a beautiful experience and I remember turning to Nooks and asking if it was the acid or if it was really happening and she just smiled and nodded before catching one. It was nice.

      Later on there was something to do with hot air ballooning in a cave and finding magic mushrooms. That lead into my family having issues with a neighbour shooting arrows into our yard. The neighbour became one of my younger brothers who stabbed one of my other brothers with an arrow and when we told him we would call the police on him he suddenly became really cute and baby-faced. I asked him to apologise and when he did he became a manchild with a seedy ass beard and looked totally creeper. He started apologising in this weird rhyming slang and I decided I hated him.


      Aliens invaded in cool space/aquatic ships. They were all spiky and black. As they landed in the water, huge waves flooded large parts of the city and the street we were on was suddenly awash with buses coming towards us. We narrowly avoided being crushed by the sliding buses and ran up a hill into a park. There, some people offered me cheese and I said, in a very posh voice “no... quite alright thank you” which they scoffed at. I asked if they’d prefer a more bogan approach and said “aw, fuckin’ aliens and shit invading, hey!” then left. We went into a house that had a smaller house inside it and I climbed onto the smaller house’s roof. All of a sudden I realised my teeth were loose and they began to fall out and break apart.

      Didn’t do a dream check because apparently I’m an idiot and don’t recognise my own dream signs.

      Anyway, I woke up shortly afterwards.
    3. The Crazy Fragments, DreamViews Academy and Homer Simpson...

      by , 01-15-2012 at 11:55 PM (My brain and I)
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      16th of January, 2012

      HORRIBLE night’s sleep. I was literally waking up every 45 minutes or so. I suppose it was an excellent opportunity for some WILDs but they didn’t happen. I know at one point I was kind of lucid and actually discussing dreams I’d had earlier in the night with someone but that doesn’t really count.

      So. A whole bunch of weird fragments, if you so please. The last one was pretty cool.

      I was with Nooks in a forest of some sort and was naked. Nooks wanted to get jiggy, but there were people everywhere. Eventually Emma came up and was crying because she’d rented some cars and couldn’t take them back in time because they had flat batteries. I was more worried about getting some pants on. We went back with Emma to a hotel and she wrote a story about this really nancy guy which at the time was amazing and I wish I could remember how it went. Wendy drew an awesome picture of the guy and set it as my desktop.


      DreamViews Academy was a real, yet intangible place. It was like a university campus that people visited but only in one plane or something. Like astral projection. I was there with a black guy and we were doing dream experiments (I can’t believe I didn’t do a RC at some point here!). It was 6:30AM wherever I was and simultaneously on some other plane of existence we were also talking on the phone and I was reading his profile which was all about aliens and creeped me out too much to sleep.


      At the shops, some junkies wanted us to buy them supplies or give them money. One of them had a really fancy, elegant plate of food.


      In a highrise construction zone watching holographic movie parodies that you looked at through glass. One was Kevin Costner saying the same line over and over again with different inflection each time.


      A guy jumped out of a helicopter and went snowboarding down a ridiculously crazy hill with basically no snow on it and just got all effed up.


      And finally, a proper one:

      I’m not sure where we were- maybe Canada or the US, Nooks was going to a speed-dating event (apparantly her 3rd one) and wanted me to entertain myself while she went but I got annoyed and upset with her.

      Before she left, we went to a toy store that had really elaborate Star Wars Lego. On the way out, I picked up an Etch-A-Sketch and wrote “Be Happy” on it which Nooks said was the greatest thing anyone had ever created on one. Then she decided not to go to her event.

      Later on we got free tickets to a play which we were really looking forward to but turned out to be a dodgy highschool production. I tried to take a burrito into the theatre but wasn’t allowed so I went outside to finish it. I got back in just as it started. There was a fat guy dressed as a woman singing a song which I can’t remember and the play was about… I have no idea actually. At some point I swapped seats with other people and during one scene I got on stage with the guy next to me and showed the actors where a spray bottle was amongst a shelf of office supplies.

      Somehow after leaving the play, the dream turned into a twisted version of the opening sequence of The Simpsons called “Homer plus family” and instead of showing them all running through Springfield it had some really screwed up stuff. One part that I remember was Homer killed a bear and was wearing its skin which started to rot and Marge turned into a bush then crashed a car into a crowd.

      At the end, Homer got out of the skin and was naked and started running home. At that point it turned into me and I was running naked through the streets at morning. It was actually pretty funny and lots of people were laughing and I got on the news.

      Two seperate naked dreams in one night? What's up with that?

    4. The Potter Pals...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 07:23 AM (My brain and I)
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      13th of January, 2012

      I was walking around Hong Kong with Nooks and Acka. It was really mountainous and old-style. Like I was in the 15th century or something.
      Anyway, it quickly became modern and I went down into Discovery Bay (a place where lots of ex-pats live on one of the islands). As we were approaching, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint ran past. There was a mini-Rupert as well who was crying, so I gave him a big plastic gold coin which didn't help the situation at all.
      We started hanging out with them (Daniel Radcliffe joined us at some point in time) and we were just all lazing around. Later we were preparing to go out partying and Emma had this spray stuff that made your collar more shiny. She also sprayed it all over my shirt and it turned into a waterproof trench coat. I decided I looked stupid and got annoyed.

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    5. The New Years Fragments...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 05:48 AM (My brain and I)
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      11th of January, 2012

      Just some fragments of this one, but still, better than nothing!

      We were celebrating New Years at a lovely hotel. It was like an old arcade/mall- like something you'd find in Melbourne or London. For some reason the celebrations started at 2am instead of midnight. I remember thinking at the time that was really odd. Probably should have done a RC. During the celebrations (or was it before? I think this was one of those timeshifting dreams where you forsee the coming events) aliens/transdimensional beings invaded the hotel and caused these giant security doors to lock down into seperate compartments. I tried to convince people that transdimensional beings were behind it all, but no one believed me. We went outside and saw the hotel was built into the side of a hill and started mixing cocktails for everyone.


      We were driving around and Acka had a bomb that he wanted to plant in someone's house.


      I was playing a Batman video game that I'm pretty sure was my take on Arkham City. I was walking him around a new development in a city but he moved infuriatingly slowly.

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    6. The Tiny Cruise Ship and Douchebag Cowboys...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 05:40 AM (My brain and I)
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      10th of January, 2012

      I kept dropping in and out of lucidity throughout the whole night.

      The dream, as far as I can recall, started off with us at some kind of western style ranch. We were having a campfire and drinking ol' style Whisky and such. I noticed a homestead a little bit away and we went up to it to check it out. I walked around a bit, admiring how interesting everything looked in my half-lucid state. After a little scrounging, I found this outdoor patio type area that had heaps (like HEAPS) of guns mounted all over the walls. Eventually things got a bit heated and some guys who I think owned the place approached me, at which point I picked two revolvers off the wall and started examining them. Evidently that was just the incentive one of the guys neded and he proceeded to shoot me in the neck. I lay dying for a bit and then things start to get hazy...


      On a cruise ship doing some fencing (the sword type, not the wooden type). I was wearing the usual mask and remember some guy being really weird to me about it- I'm not exactly sure why, but I recall thinking he was a total dick at the time. Suddenly I found myself on land and walked around a bit admiring the sights; it was a small village with water through it, similar to Venice or something like that. Again, I was partially lucid at this point but not really in control per se. I turned around and noticed the cruise ship was really small, more a yacht in the canal. I gained a bit more lucidity and attempted to make it big again but ended up making myself huge as well. I climbed onto the side of the ship and peeped onto the deck, attempting to see the tiny people aboard, but couldn't make anything out. While I was there, some narration started about dinner or something and I started having these overlaid image flashes of the most delicious looking food ever!


      The last one is really fragmentory. I know at the time it was a cohesive dream, but I forgot a lot of the content on waking.
      Nooks and I moved house into a less impressive apartment. The courtyard had an awesome harbour view that was for some reason obstructed by tall walls on all sides. Lots of time spent in the carpark fixing lights and flying around and stuff. There were HEAPS of cars- thousands of them. Something to do with fixing a graphics card by plugging in these bio-wires on the wall of one of the parking spaces.

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    7. The Psychic Fight and Almost Lucidness...

      by , 01-13-2012 at 10:53 AM (My brain and I)
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      6th of January, 2012

      I went back to school with Ben and had to buy a tie. After venturing around for a while, I saw this crazy fight between a psychic guy who had glowing eyes and this huge tank of a man. After a while they merged together to form one being and came after me. We were flying around the room fighting and shooting lightning at each other- it was really scary.


      At a theatre performance in this super ornace palace type place- all guilded walls and conices. I was watching the performance and then realised I wasn't wearing any clothes so I ran into the bathroom and hid. Eventually I realised I had to face my shame, so I snuck out but an Indian family wanted to thank me for helping them. They shook my hand and didn't really mention that I was butt naked at all.
      At some point during the proceedings I found myself looking at a spiky roof. I tried to do a dream check and my hands were invisible, even though I could feel myself moving them. I tried to increase lucidity and get up, but was paralyzed. I could feel my dream body moving, but my vision was staying the same.I slowly began to realise that I actually had my eyes open in real life and was looking at my roof but was moving my dream body.

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    8. The Potential Movie...

      by , 01-13-2012 at 10:26 AM (My brain and I)
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      23rd of November, 2011

      I was watching/starring in some TV show called Melrose's Place. It was this really 90's sitcom about this monster chick named Melrose who had dreadlocks and wore cargo pants and was generally pretty awesome. She was like a person in a costume, or a muppet or something. But cooler looking.


      Tom Hanks and Rachel Weisz were sitting on an elephant. A narrator said "There was their world, and then three more..."

      It was like a poster or a trailer for a cool sci-fi, drama, fantasy type movie, and when I woke up I thought it sounded pretty deep. Like a translation from old Indian scripture or something.

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    9. The Future of Houses...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:04 AM (My brain and I)
      1st of June, 2010

      I was in the living room with my family at night time. Cups that were lying around started standing themselves up and flicking up into the air. Started getting a really strange vibe and eventually discovered it was a ghost from 100AD trying to communicate with us.


      Went flying in a helicopter over a sparsely treed mountain but one of the landing struts hit a tree and ripped a giant hole in the bottom. We rolled out and down the hill.


      On a drive with Nooks. We went through this strange suburb and I authoritatively turned to her and declared that "I've just seen the future of houses."
      In hindsight they were pretty ordinary.

      We stopped the car and walked into one of the houses and into the bathroom where we fooled around for a bit. Nooks noticed some guys through the window loitering outside and said that they were wrapping our car in barbed wire. I ran outside and started yelling at them then got a pitchfork (!) from the boot of the car.
      A massive fight broke out.
      Eventually one of the guys ran to some house to get backup so I took off.
      Sprinted through gardens and over fences and up hills for what seemed like an eternity and ended up near a backyard pool. This Maori guy came up with a giant dog but we talked it out and everything was okay.
      He said he dealt MDMA and the dream ended with an awkward "oh... ...can I have some?"

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