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    My brain and I

    The Early Night Awesome Adventure...

    by , 06-04-2012 at 03:32 AM (532 Views)
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    4th of June, 2012

    I think it's worth noting that I woke up and recorded these at 1:30am on my phone, so this was all within the first hour and a half of being asleep.
    All the fragments, while changing with ADHD-like frequency, were part of some greater overarching storyline about some conspiracy, which I think was that I was actually asleep and some force was trying to keep me from realising it. This time, they won.

    I was in an office building of some kind doing research for the conspiracy. We joked about how the boss probably didn't even know we existed and wondered if he'd ever even been down to our floor. I quickly discovered that Justin Timberlake was the boss and was coming to visit that day. I selected all my Facebook friends to let them know then realised that was probably a bad idea. The dream jumped to him signing like 40million "religious slogans" coz he was obliged to as our boss.

    There was something in between but the next main part was that I was outside and this girl who I got the vibe had psychic powers was looking at the sky. I looked up and there were birds making a strange pattern so I climbed a ladder up a building to get a better look. At the top of the ladder it was really windy and I became trapped on the side of the building. It got a bit terrifying there and nightmare feelings began to creep in and I think it kind of looped for a while with me being stuck. I woke up a bit after that and while going back to sleep began to feel myself riding a motorbike. I knew I was about to enter a lucid and felt my dream body become more real than my physical body. Unfortunately I didn't get in and later found myself telling someone about my ladder nightmare back in the office at nighttime.

    For some reason we then needed to take one of our Chinese employees captive and hide from view beneath a large office window overlooking a river. I peeked out and could see this very postmodernist sort of imposing hotel across the water with an alarm going off. This all had to do with the conspiracy but didn't really have a cohesive plotline. When I looked closer the river was actually a swimming pool and this group of about 5 girls and a couple of guys started having a pool party. They asked me to join and I found myself outside with them but declined.

    We began talking about my engagement and I said that we were thinking of going to Greece or Thailand. One of the girls said that Greece was awesome for sea kayaking and all at once Nooks and I were in the middle of a Mediterranean-type sea on kayaks and surrounded by sharks. I was freaking out a bit because in order to paddle you had to use the oar as well as your feet and I was pretty certain my legs were going to get bitten off. The girl who told us to go there was guiding us and said that we should surf on the shark’s wake; which we did and ended up in a public bathroom. The stalls had little buttons that you pushed that made people decide go into them, so we used them as shark bait to escape.

    It all gets a bit hazy until I was at a futuristic jail that was being broken out of. The same alarm that was at the postmodern hotel was going off and there were orange flashing lights and sirens. I was on the side of the guards and jumped in a tank just as a small force of alien/enemy fighters were approaching. For some reason we decided not to attack them (maybe we were outnumbered) and the captain came up and told me some deep, important secret but I woke up at that moment and completely lost what it was.

    All up it was a pretty intense experience considering I’d been asleep maybe an hour or so and I missed about 6 dream clues!
    Aw well.

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