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    My brain and I

    The Government Conspiracy...

    by , 02-07-2012 at 07:26 AM (537 Views)
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    29th of January, 2012

    This was a difficult one to comprehend. At the time it was really elaborate and at one point I said “Man, this should be a movie!” but in recounting it, it became a bit convoluted and the timeline seemed to rewind in on itself.


    I was at an old Hungry Jack’s (Burger King for Americans) and the woman took aaaaaaaaaaages to make my burger then ended up dropping it on the floor anyway.

    Shortly after that, it came to pass that I was to be killed.

    Nooks was having a baby that was going to forever change the course of history or something and the government were spying on us with satellites.
    I told her that this had happened before (weird dream spiral- sometimes I talk about dreams in dreams as if they’ve happened previously) and I hid in her garden to prove it. At that point, a black SUV drove past and I knew that shit was about to get real.

    An agent came up to us and showed us pictures of us taken from space and told me I could end all the suffering by just letting them kill me. He went to show another picture to some guy but I told the guy not to look at it because without seeing them he could at least believe it wasn’t true.
    A big fight broke out between me and the agent and I ended up pinning him against a wall with a table crushing his neck. I released him just as he was about to die and finally, defeated, agreed that they could kill me in my sleep as long as they did it quickly.

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