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    My brain and I

    The Jurassic Park Induced Lucid...

    by , 02-07-2012 at 07:52 AM (1228 Views)
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    7th of February, 2012

    Another big one! Sorry they're so long- I just have to include everything for myself.

    I took a Galantamind pill at 8:30am and tried to get back to sleep but failed miserably.
    I went and lay on the couch and watched a bit of Jurassic Park and kept trying to doze off but the TV was keeping me awake and my brother kept disturbing me.

    Then I had a false awakening where I looked at a clock and it spontaneously occurred to me I was dreaming. I went into the hallway and heard noises from a nearby room. It was dark inside so I tried to turn a light on which obviously didn't work. "Duh!" I thought and casually left.

    At that point I found myself in a backyard and jumped onto the roof and was touching everything. The clothesline was higher than the roof which I thought was a pretty cool thing to randomly think up. I tried to fly a bit but couldn’t really control myself and landed in the back yard where I was rolling around with Nooks in clean clothes like a little kid.
    I could still hear the TV playing so I yelled to increase lucidity and Nooks said “okay! SHUT UP!” and woke me up.

    I attempted a DEILD while focussing on running and
    materialised outside a small block of apartment buildings surrounded by grass and trees. I was running still and realised that I needed to settle down and just sit and focus on relaxing for future endeavours, even if it did mean wasting this dream.

    I went looking for a nice place to sit but everywhere was a bit too... urban.

    I eventually settled on a little patch of grass near a tennis court. So I sat on down and just looked around at the sky and the dirt and my hands and the trees and the grass and the clouds and really focussed on my senses.
    Nooks, Courtney and Byron joined me and I began to feel myself swallowing in real life so I dove into the ground but rolled around in blackness and came back to the same spot. Didn’t wake up though, so I suppose it worked. I sat for a bit longer then dove again into the ground.

    SPLASH! I emerged from water in a bath with Nooks. Who had a Captain Planet mullet haircut. We had sexy bath times and then she started drowning and I was like “OH! I could have sex with her while she’s dead!” Then I realised that was really creepy and picked her up and took her into a bedroom instead. On our way, Jono came out with exactly the same haircut and I laughed.

    So I sat on the bed and thought I could still hear the TV invading my dreams and watched as the wall glowed in time with the sounds. I noticed that there were little green glowing arrows on the walls as well, but still got bored pretty quickly and went out a window onto a deck.
    It was night time and the decks were all interconnected. I had to ninja myself in and out of windows and over railings to get outside. While I was doing it, I was dictating out loud how I’d write it on DreamViews but I forgot on waking up.
    Outside, my vision was a bit blurry so I commanded lucidity and it helped. After some insignificant stuff it was day time and a bunch of cloaked people were around. We were standing on a huge raised platform made of dark redwood. There were benches and small doors around that I didn’t explore too fully. The people started getting restless so I thought I’d show them who’s boss and I Fus Ro Dah’d* a bunch of them.

    It was really funny and ineffective, like my brain couldn’t make it work so instead they just pretended it worked and jumped back making “ooh” noises. I got irked and made one guy fly up to the roof and attempted to make a fireball which sort of worked.
    After that, the Imperial March started playing and I felt tough so naturally they followed me.
    I went to a ledge and wanted adventure so I looked out over quite a serene bay. I saw an island and said “let’s go!” and flew to it.
    I landed at a little boat which quickly turned into a buoy which I sailed to the island.
    There, three identically dressed men were lying on top of each other in the sand. Wanting to just see what my dream could do, I pleasantly asked what they were up to. They replied they were trying to fix a telephone cable but had no mobile reception.

    “No worries!”
    I said I could help and lo and behold there was suddenly a giant pole on the island stretching upwards but all bendy. They began attaching bags to it for whatever reason and suddenly there was a highway over the island.
    Mitchell and Jono were now there smoking weed. He offered me and Nooks some and I said sure but it didn’t eventuate.

    “Wanna come over for breakfast?” Mitchell asked.

    “Nah thanks. I don’t need food here.”

    “Breakfast in bed then?” He continued.

    I smiled. “I am in bed!!”

    We walked about for a minute or two longer and then I moved my leg which
    woke me up in real life 15 seconds before my alarm went off.
    Which was weird, because in an earlier dream which I now forget I’d said “PHONE!” just before Nooks’ alarm went off as well.

    Oh. And by the way. I never went and watched Jurassic Park. That was all total false awakening.

    It’s a bit annoying in a way because due to that, the rest of the dreams seemed a bit light, like I was trying hard not to wake up. I realised later that if I’d just let myself wake, I would have in fact been in a far more stable dream instead.

    I do also hope I'm not becoming reliant on galantime to become lucid, though it does have a really good induction rate! I imagine if anything it's just helping me recognise signs... Hopefully.

    *one of my lucid goals. Skyrim is awesome.

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    1. DreamWest's Avatar
      Quite long but a very good read. I love initially how you thought you had failed but you actually made it in.
    2. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      “OH! I could have sex with her while she’s dead!” Then I realized that was really creepy and picked her up and took her into a bedroom instead.
      LOL! - Loose dream morality is pretty damn hilarious. On the other hand, strict dream morality is frustrating.
    3. Astrosomnia's Avatar
      Thanks for readin' guys!

      Yeah. That whole Jurassic Park thing was quite odd. It wasn't until quite a while after I woke up that I recalled that as having never really happened...

      MrDreamsX- When lucid, I tend to just try and go with the flow a lot of the time and just see where my dream takes me. The only moral issue I really have is with cheating and I feel bad about that when it happens. With everything else? As long as it makes for a cool dream, I'm there; dead sex is a-okay in my lucid book!