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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Space Room...

      by , 10-16-2012 at 11:21 AM (My brain and I)
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      Tuesday, 18th of October 2012

      Enooooooormous lot of dreams last night. There was one about being chased by a Terminator-like entity which was shooting at me with a minigun and I decided I needed to get out of town.

      The main one was me being in space. Except 'space' was a giant room that slowly gradient-ed into being darker and darker, until the walls and floor disappeared and turned into empty space.
      I walked out onto it (there was apparently an invisible floor) and was scared but excited, knowing that at any moment I could lose the ability to breathe and could freeze. I actually reckoned that the air and temperature from the rest of the room was probably seeping a little way out and making it possible to breathe a bit.

      While out in the space-ness, I came across a tiny (golf ball sized) version of Mars and its two moons floating around. I began playing with the little planet and pushing it around, changing its orbit, moving the moons, and sending it across the vastness.
      Eventually I looked up and saw that in front of me, the blackness had become a thin band and was being replaced by exactly what was behind me. I decided that it was space-time bending around itself and being all wormholeish.

      TLDR; I basically played God for a while and was surprisingly sensible about the whole thing. It was awesome.
    2. The Important Seeming One...

      by , 06-14-2012 at 03:22 AM (My brain and I)
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      I don't really remember anything from last night, so let's go back through the archives and post one of the most standout dreams I've ever had which was lost when that hacking incident occurred. This is a slightly smaller version of the original post due to me forgetting a lot of it during the interim.

      It has a really vivid series of characters, most of whom I know from real life but only in vague sort of ways.

      Shit gets a bit full-on at the end and I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts on it:

      10th of February, 2012

      It was mine and Nooks' wedding day but I'd forgotten to organise a suit or even groomsmen.

      Eventually that fact changed and the wedding was to be tomorrow instead, so it all worked out. To celebrate this new fact, I went to a casino-type place and ate oysters covered in absinthe and vodka (*shudders*)
      After a fair bit of rowdiness and haziness, I awoke in bed with Danni (a random girl who sold Nooks her car) but it was a purely platonic thing; I was just sleepin'.

      Danni told me that her wedding to Arin (her boyfriend at the time) had been particularly average at best, and that he'd most recently just gotten her porn for her birthday. She was pretty upset and we talked for a while with her warning me to do my best or some such thing.

      At one point I must've left because I next found myself coming home, where I discovered a bunch of people (Danni included) moving our bins out onto the kerb for collection. They were bringing them out of a strange little indoor glasshouse/bike shed so I went to help them and casually mentioned that today was my wedding day.
      To clear my head I went for a stroll/ride down the street where I bumped into Seon's dad, who was apparently a doctor. He looked at me then ran into the street and began yelling out this amazingly lovely speech about me- things like "His eyes are truly open!" and semi-profound dream statements like that.

      During his little moment, Arin came up and was talking to him and crying. We asked him what was up and he said that he and Danni had broken up but that it was okay because she was beautiful and wonderful, but not the girl he really loved.

      After that he went off and began working at a corner-store which I followed him to and ordered a spring roll. He got one from a bookshelf and gave it to me and I thought it was only half cooked coz it was all soggy on one side. Turns out it was actually half cheese, half spring roll. D'uh.

      I realised I'd left my phone and wallet on a table outside at that moment, so I went out to collect it and eat my gross lunch. From the doorway, I noticed Tabitha taking my money and gleefully counting it. I accused her of stealing but she refused to give it back so I started getting physically violent with her. I decided that the best course of action was to have a People's Court and asked those around what they'd seen. Somehow they sided with her so I grabbed her by the throat and threw her inside the store, warning her that "I reckon at least one prostitute is killed by a man every day... It's a bad day to be a prostitute." Then I laughed coz it was a bit of a stupid insult.

      Somehow she became a deputy of some kind that I reported to a Sheriff who was having a cup of coffee nearby. As I was doing that, I noticed a TV playing in the background which I entered the vision of:

      It was a woman sitting on a deck in a rocking chair, slowly cutting up a baby in this profoundly, excruciatingly, extremely graphic nature; just sort of peeling it and getting covered in blood. The baby was just sitting there staring straight at me and blinking every now and then. Not making a sound as she slowly cut off it's arms and feet. It was mortifying but I couldn't look away.
      After a while of watching this I began to vomit grey goo over the railing and then I woke up, disturbed yet intrigued by the contents of such a dream.
    3. The Experiments and TotM...

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:02 AM (My brain and I)
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      28th of May, 2012

      Took a Galantamind pill at 8:45am and was convinced that I was gonna fail coz I was awake for so long.

      There was basically no non-lucid portion here; for all intents and purposes it was a WILD without the WILD. I'm also starting to get better at controlling that 'ever forward' sensation of lucid's where you kind of have half control and the other half is just pulling you around. Or is that just me?


      I got out of bed in a house that was completely different to my own. "Aw yeah!"

      It was kind of unstable and I was really keen not to wake up so I was just strolling around and chilling. There were people sleeping in beds in all the rooms but I didn't explore too thoroughly.
      Mum came out but I basically ignored her and kept walking around. At some point in my exploration, a miniature gorilla thing came out of the doorway and I immediately thought "Hm, why not?" in reference to the basic TotM (better late than never!) so I just jumped at the little guy and appeared in his body. I looked at my arms and legs and it was instead like I was wearing a gorilla costume and still had my shoes on. I decided that wasn't good enough so I did a backflip out of his body and jumped out the window to start my journey. I was higher than I thought and a bit surprised, but I'm getting much better at flying so I kinda fell with speed into the ground across the road.


      I slammed down into a toy tricycle and then ate some grass. (Mzzck mentioned something about this stabilising technique once, and it's completely infested my dreams so I can't help but do it!)

      I looked around at my surroundings and was, as always, humbled by how amazing the dream world is. It was a beautiful day with birds singing and lovely warm sun. Where I was standing was out the front of a garden nursery and I walked in and looked at some flowers before mum came out of the house and said something to me. I took that as my leave and jumped into the sky.
      It was really 'pully' and I didn't have any physical control; kinda like I was on the end of a fishing line or something. But I just went with it and flew backwards and forwards before going extremely high. Probably around a kilometre.
      There was an ordinary town below me and I couldn't help but think that down there, a million DC's were just living out their odd little lives without me knowing.
      Anyway, I asked to be put down and began descending on the suburb. I landed in an ordinary back yard under someone's clothesline.

      A group of young people were playing with their dog and they didn't seem to notice me. After they went inside, I followed them in via their laundry door. It was really empowering to do this. Like breaking and entering without any consequences! I walked through their house following them but when I turned a corner into their living room, some dude came around at the same time and looked at me. I jumped straight into his body and this time felt it be more successful. It was like I was his shadow and slowly closed in on him.
      I walked after the other group and met them in the bathroom.
      It was two girls, who, on closer inspection, were two of the same guy in drag.

      I put my arm around them and looked in the mirror and saw that I was still the other dude. Success.

      At that point I felt myself breathing in real life and realised I was waking up. Lay still for a DEILD.

      I came to while washing my face in a basin. I looked in the mirror to my left and pulled a weird "yeah!" dream face then went out.
      I was in a courtyard out the front of a house. It was quite quaint, if not a little cluttered. They had a grape vine running along a trellis on the roof. I instantly began searching for a prism so I could do an experiment with the sun I'd seen earlier. I have no idea where this idea came from- guess I'm just a naturally experimentative kinda dude.

      I looked in a toolbox and found one but it was all scratched and curved instead of straight. That's never gonna work. I tried to reform it but it was unsuccessful so I went into another house and found a proper one in a kid's bedroom.

      Strolled back outside and sat on the road, appreciating the sun and it's warmth again. The sun was behind a tree which was moving to keep blocking it so I walked up the road a bit to get a clearer view. There were a group of thuggish looking guys ahead so I threw some sand at them for funsies and then commanded them to just watch what I was doing instead. I got the prism and positioned it so that it cast the spectrum onto the sidewalk. It was a pretty successful representation, but was obviously just my mind creating it; I don't think light actually exists in dreams to be altered. I played around with the prisms positioning and it went through a range of pretty incredible things. At one stage it was a glowing, ringed, rainbow planet among a multicolored nebula/aurora. Then it split back into the colours except each one had a different world on it.

      At that point I entered a dream within a dream, which told the backstory of these different planets. When I came back, I was in a slightly different position at a building site.

      I remembered that my brother had asked if you could do stuff like bending roads in dreams so I decided to give that a go. I was standing on a gravel pathway with wooden skirting boards and forced it to begin bending. Instead of being smooth, it was quite destructive and began cracking and breaking while changing direction. Like it would in real life, I suppose. I decided I wanted to try on a proper road so I went off to find a good curved street. Now that I'm writing this, I realise I could probably have just made a straight road bent instead. The things you think when you're actually awake, huh?

      I went back up to the road and was jumping around clapping my hands, which I take to be this dream's version of a hand-rub stabilisation. It actually worked really well because as well as the physical sensation, it also gave off sound which helped.

      As I walked down the road there were a bunch of trees that had been chopped down so I gracefully jumped from log to log just for the sake of it. As I was doing that, some girl in a crowd said "I want to be an actor".
      "Do it!" I replied, "you're beautiful!"

      Feeling cool about myself I kept going on my way.

      I couldn't for the life of me find a curved road. Every one that looked curved was straight when I got there (I suppose that means I was being successful in my attempts!)

      I went on quite a long journey down streets and came to an avenue with beautiful green and red trees arching the road, which I jumped up and grabbed the leaves of. The buildings here had really interesting architecture and shortly I came to a squat little building complex. There was a delivery guy at the back of his van getting boxes out so I happily walked past and pushed him into the back!

      I came to a sign that said something like:
      | <-- Office Journey --> |

      But it wasn't exactly that.
      To be honest I don't remember what it said. I just wanted to draw a sign.

      Anyway I went to the right and was at some kind of learning institute. I kept looking round and round for curved roads and ended up in a dodgy back-area with loading docks and stairs and underpasses which eventually turned into a very L.A looking crowded street.
      There was a girl standing near a billboard and I went up and said "Pretty smoggy, huh?"

      She said that it was actually the 'bloom' and when I looked closer the smog was millions of little glowing insects. At that point I decided I'd better wake up otherwise I'd forget all this stuff so I woke up watching a YouTube video. And then I actually woke.

      Whew! That's a long one.

      Looking back, I realise that most of the lucid dreams I've written have been due to Galantamind. That shit definitely works, but I do worry that I've become reliant on it!

      Better than heroin I guess!

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    4. The Jurassic Park Induced Lucid...

      by , 02-07-2012 at 07:52 AM (My brain and I)
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      7th of February, 2012

      Another big one! Sorry they're so long- I just have to include everything for myself.

      I took a Galantamind pill at 8:30am and tried to get back to sleep but failed miserably.
      I went and lay on the couch and watched a bit of Jurassic Park and kept trying to doze off but the TV was keeping me awake and my brother kept disturbing me.

      Then I had a false awakening where I looked at a clock and it spontaneously occurred to me I was dreaming. I went into the hallway and heard noises from a nearby room. It was dark inside so I tried to turn a light on which obviously didn't work. "Duh!" I thought and casually left.

      At that point I found myself in a backyard and jumped onto the roof and was touching everything. The clothesline was higher than the roof which I thought was a pretty cool thing to randomly think up. I tried to fly a bit but couldn’t really control myself and landed in the back yard where I was rolling around with Nooks in clean clothes like a little kid.
      I could still hear the TV playing so I yelled to increase lucidity and Nooks said “okay! SHUT UP!” and woke me up.

      I attempted a DEILD while focussing on running and
      materialised outside a small block of apartment buildings surrounded by grass and trees. I was running still and realised that I needed to settle down and just sit and focus on relaxing for future endeavours, even if it did mean wasting this dream.

      I went looking for a nice place to sit but everywhere was a bit too... urban.

      I eventually settled on a little patch of grass near a tennis court. So I sat on down and just looked around at the sky and the dirt and my hands and the trees and the grass and the clouds and really focussed on my senses.
      Nooks, Courtney and Byron joined me and I began to feel myself swallowing in real life so I dove into the ground but rolled around in blackness and came back to the same spot. Didn’t wake up though, so I suppose it worked. I sat for a bit longer then dove again into the ground.

      SPLASH! I emerged from water in a bath with Nooks. Who had a Captain Planet mullet haircut. We had sexy bath times and then she started drowning and I was like “OH! I could have sex with her while she’s dead!” Then I realised that was really creepy and picked her up and took her into a bedroom instead. On our way, Jono came out with exactly the same haircut and I laughed.

      So I sat on the bed and thought I could still hear the TV invading my dreams and watched as the wall glowed in time with the sounds. I noticed that there were little green glowing arrows on the walls as well, but still got bored pretty quickly and went out a window onto a deck.
      It was night time and the decks were all interconnected. I had to ninja myself in and out of windows and over railings to get outside. While I was doing it, I was dictating out loud how I’d write it on DreamViews but I forgot on waking up.
      Outside, my vision was a bit blurry so I commanded lucidity and it helped. After some insignificant stuff it was day time and a bunch of cloaked people were around. We were standing on a huge raised platform made of dark redwood. There were benches and small doors around that I didn’t explore too fully. The people started getting restless so I thought I’d show them who’s boss and I Fus Ro Dah’d* a bunch of them.

      It was really funny and ineffective, like my brain couldn’t make it work so instead they just pretended it worked and jumped back making “ooh” noises. I got irked and made one guy fly up to the roof and attempted to make a fireball which sort of worked.
      After that, the Imperial March started playing and I felt tough so naturally they followed me.
      I went to a ledge and wanted adventure so I looked out over quite a serene bay. I saw an island and said “let’s go!” and flew to it.
      I landed at a little boat which quickly turned into a buoy which I sailed to the island.
      There, three identically dressed men were lying on top of each other in the sand. Wanting to just see what my dream could do, I pleasantly asked what they were up to. They replied they were trying to fix a telephone cable but had no mobile reception.

      “No worries!”
      I said I could help and lo and behold there was suddenly a giant pole on the island stretching upwards but all bendy. They began attaching bags to it for whatever reason and suddenly there was a highway over the island.
      Mitchell and Jono were now there smoking weed. He offered me and Nooks some and I said sure but it didn’t eventuate.

      “Wanna come over for breakfast?” Mitchell asked.

      “Nah thanks. I don’t need food here.”

      “Breakfast in bed then?” He continued.

      I smiled. “I am in bed!!”

      We walked about for a minute or two longer and then I moved my leg which
      woke me up in real life 15 seconds before my alarm went off.
      Which was weird, because in an earlier dream which I now forget I’d said “PHONE!” just before Nooks’ alarm went off as well.

      Oh. And by the way. I never went and watched Jurassic Park. That was all total false awakening.

      It’s a bit annoying in a way because due to that, the rest of the dreams seemed a bit light, like I was trying hard not to wake up. I realised later that if I’d just let myself wake, I would have in fact been in a far more stable dream instead.

      I do also hope I'm not becoming reliant on galantime to become lucid, though it does have a really good induction rate! I imagine if anything it's just helping me recognise signs... Hopefully.

      *one of my lucid goals. Skyrim is awesome.

    5. The Secret Celebrity Liason...

      by , 02-07-2012 at 07:34 AM (My brain and I)
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      31st of January, 2012

      This was a big one. Lots of fun and really detailed. The plotline even managed to remain pretty consistent throughout.

      Something about Ghost Whisperer/Medium and being on big puffy cushions in a forest lead to...

      Dad going for a run with the dog. I watched him from the balcony and as he emerged from behind a bush, he was being chased by a cop who shot at him. I ran after him and somehow, doing that, found out that there was a series of raunchy photos leaked of a celebrity.

      Facebook was going wild over the news and they were being called the $5billion pictures.

      I said it was ridiculous that anyone would care that much about just some random’s celebrity sex photos.
      As it came to pass, I eventually saw said photos and in looking at them was magically transported to the event.

      It was at a party.
      The famous girl, who was now the chick from Secret Diary of a Call Girl (I’ve never watched any of these shows by the way, I don’t know why they’re in my dreams!) was about to go down on some guy. They were doing all the necessary prep things and then he abruptly fell asleep!
      I said I wasn’t sleepy but she didn’t seem interested in me. At that point, her friend came in and said “didn’t you say she was just another chick anyway?” to which I acted all shocked and began saying nice things such as “charming” and “enchanting to look at” etc.

      Eventually she seemed impressed with my lingo and we started to kiss but then the guy woke up and got all aggro.
      Somehow in the commotion the girl bumped her mouth and ran into the bathroom. The guy started getting rough and I bested him then pulled a rock-star pose.

      I went into the bathroom and saw that she was bleeding and I gathered up four teeth that she’d lost (dream sign much?)
      We went into the kitchen where I was looking for my phone but her friend had confiscated it. I imagine so that I didn’t tell my friends that I was hangin’ with celebs. Eventually she told me where it was hidden and I must’ve left.

      The next little while was me being generally cool and harbouring this cool secret, then there was a massive bus crash with a car involved and I went out to help.
      That part was really vivid and quite scary. All night time-y and explosionful.

      I realised none of my team were wearing our fire fighter clothes so we went to get changed.

      In the change room an odd thing happened where the dream to that point was recounted in cartoon form and ended in a ballroom where I now found myself surrounded by the sleep-guy and his friends.
      We got into a fight and I beat them then managed to talk to friends into calming down.
      Just as I did, one of them started peeing all over the place and aiming at me, but I grabbed his dong and made him whizz on himself and his friends instead and then I ran away.

      In the hall I bumped into the sleep-guy (who had transformed appearances several times by this stage) but quickly just picked him up and slammed him on his head.
      I left and got on a bus where he tried to follow me but was stopped.
      We went through a drive through bottle shop/car wash where a girl recognised me as Star coz of the pose I’d pulled, which actually had something to do with a rash the sleep-guy had that looked like a star. I talked to her briefly then we drove off.

      As we left, I got a message from the guy saying he wanted to meet up and sort it out but it was obviously a setup as he wanted my credit card details as well as telling me I could leave my car with his chauffeurs.

      At this little shop area there was a bunch of celebrity gossipers and a dating guide woman who started talking to me and asking how successful my week had been. I played it coy and said “...alright.”
      At that point the celebrity girl walked past with a male friend and the woman started taking photos. I pretended not to recognise them, then another celebrity walked past and the dating woman told me to leave by walking past him so she could get a photo.

      I obliged then rethought that I was way cooler than she knew, so I went back in where she was now talking to him and walked out the back door. Hanging out the door were a big group of people including Stew and Sean and they were all on acid. I spoke to them briefly and they were all being really weird then they became Colin, Jon Lee and Jono and I told them I had the best secret in the world but couldn’t tell them what it was.

      Nooks’ alarm went off as I was about to meet up with celeb girl again and was devising some kind of weird prank to play on her.

    6. The Galantamind Worked / My Most Vivid Lucid Ever...

      by , 01-29-2012 at 08:23 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      27th of January, 2012

      I stayed awake for a while as Nooks prepared to go to work then took a 4mg Galantamind cap and attempted to go back to sleep. I’ve taken Galantamind twice before and it just kept me awake. This time I took it later in the morning (8:30am). It was a struggle, and took me about 40 minutes to get to sleep and I kept having really vivid almost dreams, but once I did finally doze off... Boy.

      The dream began as I was driving Nooks’ car. He radio was playing and she had a DVD player on the dashboard that was showing footage taken from the front of the car.

      In real life, her radio is broken and I somehow really easily realised that fact and did a RC.

      I was in.

      I stayed calm and happily drove along for a bit but began to lose the dream so I relaxed and prepared to DEILD.
      Which was extremely successful and I found myself back in the car. This time, once I’d stabilised, I put my foot down on the throttle and smashed into a wall just for funsies. As I got out of the car, I noticed the DVD screen was now showing footage of my back. As if the camera was on the side of the seat.

      I wondered if my brain could possibly make a real remote-view camera and waved my arms around to see if it was legit, or just emulating what I did. It was actually really effective and I’m still not sure which was the case. More testing to be done next time!

      I got out of the car and was at a warehouse of sorts on an empty street. I rubbed my hands along the walls and commanded for increased lucidity, which, I don’t care what anyone says, works a treat.
      I looked around, admiring my comfortable lucidity and lay down on the asphalt to stretch my legs out because they felt a bit weird.

      For some reason doing that made me aware of my waking legs and I woke up again.

      Did another successful DEILD and
      found myself lying in the same spot later in the evening. (Inception style time-dilation anyone?)
      I got up and picked up a large tile to ground myself and was surprised at how real exerting my arm muscles felt. I threw the tile on the ground and eventually found a woman getting into a sports car and asked her where we were. She didn’t seem keen on talking and just got in her car. I wandered around a bit more, kind of bored with my surroundings and then lost the dream again.
      I woke up in bed but quickly realised that it was a False Awakening.

      As soon as I realised that I woke up for real anyway.

      Man, these dreams just aren’t stable at all!

      I did another DEILD, this time focussing on running as I went back to sleep. It was an extremely effective method and really helped to feel the dream again. It went rapidly from thinking about running, to sort of feeling running, to fully running in blackness and finally running in a fully formed dream world.

      When I stopped, I found myself in a bathroom.

      I did a slow little turn around and noticed that the toilet was against the wall facing the cabinet. Completely useless positioning. I laughed at myself and AGAIN started losing the dream so I dove into the ground (a technique I read on here somewhere...) and found myself rolling through blank space. I came to a stop in a ball all caught up in someone’s towel rack in another bathroom. I freed myself from the snare and walked out, ignoring the naked Asian man in the bath.

      I found myself in a home office area with warm light coming through the curtains. I briefly woke up again but DEILDed straight back into the same room. This time heavy bass music was playing from the computer and when I turned around there was a couple having sex in a bed.

      “Eff this.” I thought, feeling like I was wasting good lucid time, so I went straight to the window and jumped out.

      Evidently this house was actually an apartment because I was about 50 meters off the ground.

      I looked around and marvelled and the truly surreal but beautiful landscape. It was a suburb in the early evening. Each house was totally unique and some looked like mini-palaces, bulbous Arabian domes adorned the roofs of some. In the distance a giant, grey tornado was raging and I sat in the air and watched that, impressed with my subconscious and how enormous the draw distance was.
      Presently, I calmly flew about (unusually easily for me) and noticed a little house.

      “That’s the house with the tiny Christmas town.” I thought to myself* and aimed for it.

      As I got closer, I began getting too low and just managed to grab the gutter and pull myself up. The roof was quite soft and grass seeds must’ve been lodged in the gaps because the whole roof was covered with a sparse, fine, bright green grass. I jumped off the roof and into the back yard, again reinforcing that this was the Christmas house. I walked into the garage and looked around, only to find a whole buttload of tools and some cluttered workbenches. I started to get upset and closed my eyes, hoping that the town would be there when I opened them but instead an old couple came into the space. I asked them where the town was.

      “Here!” they said and pointed to one of the workbenches.

      “We’re still building it.” The old lady continued.

      I decided I’d gone back in time and arrived before they’d built it so I dejectedly walked out.

      “I’ll be back in the future.” I said as the dream began to fade again. I jumped once more through the floor.

      Tumbling once again through blackness, I came to a stop on a similar windowsill to the one I’d previously jumped from in the naked Asian's house. I flew back out and saw a very similar suburb. This time I flew over to a highrise building and looked in a window where I saw a bunch of East German looking thugs.

      I turned away and, looking down, saw I was at least 300 meters in the air.

      “Sweet!” I thought and screamed down to the ground at enormous speed. I landed in a field and felt a bit pissed off at my subconscious for not letting me go to the toy town so I threw my sunglasses (which apparently I’d been wearing) at a bunch of aloe vera like plants.

      I couldn’t help notice how warmly the sun bounced off the leaves and the gentle swaying of the green stems in the breeze. I walked past them and, in a huff, ripped one of the leaves off and chomped into it à la Mzzck’s stabilization suggestion.

      It was an unreal sensation. Heavily plant flavoured and really juicy and crunchy.
      The mass of different experiences thoroughly grounded me in the dream and I decided that if I couldn’t go to Toy Town, I’d sure as hell fuck shit up.

      I walked out onto the middle of the nearby road and jumped in front of the nearest car. The green hatchback slammed into my body, barely making me budge but crushing the metal into itself. I smirked and threw the car onto its roof. The woman driving began slowly pulling herself out of the smashed window saying “You can’t do this...” so I punched her in the face.

      As the next car approach I jumped to the side and pushed it into the green car sending both of them careening across the bitumen. Another car came, this time swerving around me. As it drove off I turned to it and raised my arms, forcing it telekinetically to flip over into a ditch.

      I think I may have been laughing this whole time, but that’s a bit weird so let’s pretend I wasn’t.

      A motorbike this time.
      The rider veered past me and tried to race off but I again turned and, with a small gesture, sent he and the bike flying into the air. I’ve never had such control over powers in dreams and, though I was having fun, I began to feel a little bad for my DC’s at that point and decided to stop.

      I turned back around and saw a woman riding a motorbike toward me. I stopped her and asked her name. She replied some strange sounding name (which I tried really hard to remember but can’t!) and took her helmet off. She was quite pretty and looked Scandinavian, without the mannishness.
      I asked her name again and she replied with a completely different one then giggled and tried to make it seem normal by saying “I have two names. They’re both my names.”

      I got unreasonably annoyed at this and told her that was stupid and that she couldn’t even make an effort to remember her first name.
      I picked her up and lead her to the side of the road and began making out with her.

      I noticed a strange juicy fungus growing on the ground and picked that up and took a bite.
      “Gross!” she said, but I explained my reasoning and she seemed okay with it.
      We kissed a bit more and then I realised that it should definitely have been Nooks, so I looked away and back to find her lying there instead. I lay down and found a little red heart-shaped bean on the ground and bit into it. It was really hard and crunchy.
      We kissed some more and then I ate some sand to see what that was like.

      It was pretty gross.

      Nooks and I got hot and heavy for a while and had some sweet lucid lovin’ before I decided
      that it had gone on long enough and if I didn’t wake up now I’d start forgetting everything.

      So with that, I woke up, wishing I’d completed at least one of my goals (I should’ve Fus Ro Dah’d some of those cars, man!) but overjoyed at how successful my lucid had been.

      *when we went looking at Christmas lights last year, a house we visited had an amazing town of miniatures set up. The buildings and characters and scenery was so awesome, it re-invigorated me to pursue lucid dreaming with all I had. It's what prompted me to join DreamViews and shrinking myself so as to visit and play around in it remains my driving goal.

    7. The Hotel, The Babies and The Public Execution...

      by , 01-24-2012 at 02:59 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      24th of January, 2012

      I've been on a trip the past couple of days and my dream recall was really bad during that time. Early this morning, back in my own bed, I had a huge dream.

      It went a little something like this:

      We were on a holiday in Sydney and staying at a super fancy hotel on the 7th floor.
      I went for a wander to see what the rest of the building was like and ended up gong to the toilets. I was surprised that they weren’t that nice. Somehow I spent like 45 minutes in there just talking to people and at one stage soap bubbles were everywhere and I sat in the urinal then freaked out.

      Coz I was sitting in a urinal.

      When I left and went back to the elevator, it stopped on the 5th floor and I noticed my family were in one of those rooms instead. Weird, but I kept going.
      I went up to the 9th floor- the top level of the building- which had a big spiral you had to walk up. At the very top there was an open area and it connected back to street level somehow.
      I continued on my little journey and went back downstairs and onto the street where I met up with Sean and Lina. At some point, perhaps before that, I noticed my friend Jon Lee owned a restaurant and I decided we should go there for dinner that night.

      Sean, Lina and I kept walking toward their hotel and then I realised I had no idea where I was.
      I said “You’ve lead me astray!” and we continued walking and found ourselves in an underground shopping area. There was a fruit market there, so we went into it.

      A woman was now with our group and she picked up fresh baked bread and bananas and I told her that it would be a delicious sandwich. While waiting in line, I jokingly tried to push in front of her by swimming (!) under her. She stopped me and was offended that I’d even try because she’d “already had 5 babies today!”

      “Quints?” I said. “Yo! Imagine having quints!”

      At that point the cashier girl suddenly had a huge cot full of babies that she was tending to so only one checkout lane was open. I went to buy two Cokes, but didn’t have any money so I left the line.

      On my way out, my grandfather was chilling on top of the greeting card display and said that it would be really nice if he and his friend (“the only one I have left!”) could pick us up from school and play with us and make us dinner. I said that we already had plans to dine out but he looked really sad so I agreed.
      I said “I guess it’s okay anyway, imagine if the restaurant had been attacked while we were there!”
      As I said it, I saw a scene of the restaurant being shot apart and everyone dying. I pretended to be dead and lay on the ground.

      So anyway, we went to this friend’s house of his which was on top of a giant hill and Acka introduced himself as me for some reason. I sat down and began reading the guy’s wine guide and said that Nooks would be really annoyed now because it means I’d take even longer to choose a good wine. Suddenly it turned out that two other people were going to join us for dinner and the friend didn’t have enough food as he’d only bought one giant fish.

      The dream changed around here- though I believe it was still connected- and I dreamt two dreams almost simultaneously.

      The first started out as if I was watching a movie. In segments, it told the story of a girl and a boy and how they’d always been together. It culminated in them sitting, in exactly the same position as an earlier segment, in suits in a limo.

      The other dream was that we were at a public scalping. Apparently the guy was Iranian, but he didn’t look it; he was just some fat, sort of sad looking guy.
      I’m not sure what he was in trouble for but he had to sit in this wooden structure a couple of levels tall with ropes attached to his head. The ropes went through this elaborate pulley system where the scalper held them at the other end and would pull them. As the (we’ll call him an executioner) executioner slowly started pulling the ropes I began to get emotional and started crying.

      I asked someone to ask the prisoner (coz he was Iranian and couldn’t understand me) if he was scared. He said he was terrified and somehow came down to ground level for his last request. His nose was bleeding from fear and I gave him a hug and told him to be brave. He said he wanted to hear his favourite song one more time and quite a nice song began playing. I think it spoke about second chances or something. The dream faded as the prisoner (now on a motorbike) rode back up to the top of the structure to be scalped. It was really intense at the time.

      At that point the earlier dream came back to the forefront and ended with a nice high angle shot of the guy getting out of the limo and walking into a crowd while "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins was playing.

      I woke up and wondered why the hell that song was in my head as I don’t think I’ve ever even heard the whole thing.
    8. The Ice Moon Cometh...

      by , 01-17-2012 at 02:19 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      17th of January, 2012

      Had some failed lucidness early in the night.
      I was sleeping and Nooks woke me up saying "it's 9pm, time to wake up!" I was all "Why the shit would you be waking me up at 9pm?" at which point she proceeded to start putting fish on my feet. By that stage I was all "nup, this is stupid, this is obviously a false awakening" and when I did my hand-check I mustn't have been deep enough into the dream and the movement actually woke me up for real. Almost immediately after that I went back to sleep and back into a dream. Not quite a WILD, but I was almost instantly aware. Quasi DEILD, perhaps. Again I was lying asleep except I was a bit deeper in and was this time at a beach. I was in the sand when I woke up again. Did a RC and wasn't dreaming. God damn it!
      Back asleep again and THIS time I was still at the beach but could really feel the sand and water. I focussed on sinking into the sand so as to stimulate my senses a bit and really tried focusing on Nooks' face to become hyper-aware. It all sort of worked but then the dream began to fade and I couldn't get it back.
      Ah well. Close.


      I was at some dodgy apartment block and was meeting all the neighbours.


      I was at a birthday party and drinking champagne. Some hippie type girls offered me LSD which I accepted. The acid was on these plastic strips that had different phrases printed on them. The one I took said “Spiders in your mouth”. I half dissolved the strip and suddenly realised I didn’t want to be tripping on acid and remember that it said anything about spiders being in my mouth so I spat it out and asked for another one, which they didn’t let me have. I wanted the one that said "Ice cream".

      We went outside where people were drinking and partying in the back yard and I hung around drinking my champagne and having a good time. Presently, I looked up into the sky and was struck with awe. The moon was enormous but different. It was covered in gigantic ice crystals- all perfectly formed like giant snowflakes. The arms of the crystals spread out far into the sky, about twice the diameter of the moon itself. I was totally blown away and ran screaming to the other people to come and have a look. When they came over the crystals had begun dropping off and falling through space towards us. While they fell, they broke into smaller pieces and snowed down on us as snowflakes the size of dinner plates. It was a beautiful experience and I remember turning to Nooks and asking if it was the acid or if it was really happening and she just smiled and nodded before catching one. It was nice.

      Later on there was something to do with hot air ballooning in a cave and finding magic mushrooms. That lead into my family having issues with a neighbour shooting arrows into our yard. The neighbour became one of my younger brothers who stabbed one of my other brothers with an arrow and when we told him we would call the police on him he suddenly became really cute and baby-faced. I asked him to apologise and when he did he became a manchild with a seedy ass beard and looked totally creeper. He started apologising in this weird rhyming slang and I decided I hated him.


      Aliens invaded in cool space/aquatic ships. They were all spiky and black. As they landed in the water, huge waves flooded large parts of the city and the street we were on was suddenly awash with buses coming towards us. We narrowly avoided being crushed by the sliding buses and ran up a hill into a park. There, some people offered me cheese and I said, in a very posh voice “no... quite alright thank you” which they scoffed at. I asked if they’d prefer a more bogan approach and said “aw, fuckin’ aliens and shit invading, hey!” then left. We went into a house that had a smaller house inside it and I climbed onto the smaller house’s roof. All of a sudden I realised my teeth were loose and they began to fall out and break apart.

      Didn’t do a dream check because apparently I’m an idiot and don’t recognise my own dream signs.

      Anyway, I woke up shortly afterwards.
    9. The Sneezy Kid and an Awesome Atlantis Portal...

      by , 01-14-2012 at 06:28 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      12th of January, 2012

      Two big, vivid dreams this night. The second one kicked ass, as well.

      I was waiting in a classroom of some sort. I knew Nooks had gone somewhere and I was alone for the week so I asked Mel if she knew anything fun to do around here...

      ...I was walking through the snow and we went into a shopping centre that had all these arcade machines and stores. To play the games, you had to swipe a card through a little slot, but ours didn't work (I think they were pirated cards or something) so the cashiers took our photos and we bailed. Out the front, some kid intentionally sneezed on my face so I beat him and his two friends up and threw him off the balcony and into a fountain below. I walked off feeling all badass.

      Suddenly I had a bike and was walking with Acka down a wide lane. Some German kids were doing graffiti and being menacing towards us. Acka got spooked and went home and I walked into a hostel at the end of the alley. Mel was there again and was really drunk. I wandered around and suddenly it was supposedly Naomi's house, so for some reason I took a whizz in her bin and then wanted to go home. I didn't have any car keys, so I asked Tim to take me. I went outside again and it was daytime. Opposite the laneway was an Aussie pub and I remembered that Jimmy Barnes wanted me to order some drinks, so I went in and bought three different types but didn't have enough money to pay. I hid two of the bottles amongst some lettuce.


      With Caz, Nooks and some other people playing a Pilot Wings type game.
      We went outside and found ourselves in Atlantis. It was pretty beautiful, I must say. I climbed up the lovely buildings and onto a mezzanine level where I found a drainpipe that was dispensing fresh water but Caz only wanted to brush her teeth with hot water.

      At that point, the city began to collapse and sink into the ocean so we ran to this giant stone circle that was broken in half and hanging above the city square. As it collapsed, we just managed to join the pieces back together and fell into the water while riding it. As it sank, the disc began to spin and the interior filled with a Stargate like material except it was divided into segments, each with a different image on it. Later we discovered that they were each a portal into a different era- specifically a bad day in the life of a person from one particular bloodline.
      We jumped into the first segment and found ourselves in an old galleon that was sinking. The captain was the person in the bloodline but was also Hugh Laurie and we decided that this was an excellent time to hang out in the on board hot tub, which we did. As the ship sank we jumped back into the disc and emerged in a WWII junkyard that was filled with derelict buses and plane carcasses. I drew a goatee on this fat, jovial soldier (I think it was meant to be a Hitler moustache, but they got the joke anyway) who was the person we were visiting this time.

      The dream began to slowly lose focus shortly after that. There were several other portals we didn’t go through; I remember one being a Roman farm/countryside and one was an expansive image of a beautiful purple spiral galaxy. I wish I’d gone to that one and seen who the relative was.

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    10. The Great Dream Pun...

      by , 01-13-2012 at 10:58 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      7th of January, 2012

      It was my birthday party. People were playing Mario Kart in a basement and generally fooling around. We went to Subway to get a giant sub/burger type thing that was all greasy and disgusting. Clinton said that he'd eaten one by himself before.
      When we got back, Sean had cornrows. I asked the other guys if they'd "rather have a lawn mower, or a cornrower?"
      I woke up and loled big time.

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    11. The Sad Proposal...

      by , 01-13-2012 at 10:44 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      31st of December, 2011

      Final dreams of the year, and they were doozies!
      Not quite nightmares, but pretty dodgy.

      I was at work trying to organise the best possible proposal for Nooks. I spent hours trying to organise a horse and carriage with a nice message printed on its numberplate. For some reason I chose to make a portion of the writing red which, when I finally got it all printed off looked crap. When I tried to change it, they told me they didn't have any spares and couldn't make any more. I wept my little heart out on the stairs for ages, screaming and hitting the pavement. Then I realised I hadn't even organised the carriage yet and decided to postpone the whole endeavour until tomorrow.

      Later on, I was at a party where a whole bunch of nerdy guys got into a hilarious, dweeby fight. At the party, this one guy had a "vomit maker" on, which was basically a bunch of leather straps tied around his body that looked like they'd been there for years. He said it was to help him be a better Satanist as it always kept him feeling sick and angry. Of course.

      I left the party and was approached by some guys who doused me in a flammable liquid and set me alight. I ran onto the grass but they had a whole field of sprinklers that kept shooting his stuff all over me and keeping me on fire. I dug down into the dirt to extinguish myself and eventually broke through into an awesome underground Minecraft area. It was huge and like a parallel world under the ground with blocky T-Rexes and stuff.
      I remember just looking around in awe before the dream faded.


      Walking near the road where some firemen were giving a hands on demonstration of their truck. When he was opening a valve, one really badly cut his hand open and put a wrench on it to pinch the skin back together. I walked across the road where this guy on a moped was driving madly in the wrong direction, he skidded in front of this guy driving his tractor down the road and then hit the kerb and bailed off. He stood up and stared and me with crazy-ass ice addict eyes then charged at me as fast as he could and stabbed me in the stomach.

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    12. The Big One...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 02:03 PM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid

      5th of May, 2011

      This is one of the more memorable dreams I've ever had, and is a pretty intimate one for me.

      I flew into New York with Jono, Colin and Nooks. We dropped from the sky into the ocean and swam ashore- it was raining and a guy in a car sped past us on the road as we emerged.

      Our hotel was a strange, small building across and in the water and you had to wade to it- the ocean was apparently only shin deep. When we arrived we walked up the stairs that lead out of the water and into our separate rooms. The guys wanted to do something but I took ages to get changed into board shorts.
      When I finally changed, I asked where Jono was and Colin said that he was at work as a DJ and had been living in New York for several months. Fair enough.
      We strolled into the city and came into a kind of piazza area surrounded by small stalls and bordered on all sides by large, red brick buildings. I set fire to some paper and blew up a stall. People thought it was awesome. I looked up the cobbled road where a bunch of 70’s styled women crashed their giant limo- front and back. I came across Jono and wanted him to come with us to party but he said he hadn’t been for a run yet. At that point I saw some shady looking characters lurking around and Jono put on a police hat and ran after them. I told Nooks and Colin and they freaked out. As we chased Jono more gangsters came so I ducked into a little trinket store but the gangsters followed me in and ordered everyone onto the ground.

      They shot me in the head as well as everyone else.
      I survived and pretended to be dead. They shot me several times more and then spoke about their plans while I was trying to be as still as possible and not breathe.
      After a while they left but I continued pretending.

      I kept that up for hours or days as people passed by. Even in my dream it felt like a really, really long time. Eventually some guys put me on a cart and took me into a house. Two of them went upstairs so I decided to scare the other guy by ‘coming back to life’. When the other two came down, I told them what had happened and concluded that I must be immortal.
      As we talked, the gangsters ran past and the guys shut the door as quickly as they could, but that drew the baddies’ attention. They stormed in and I pretended to be dead again.
      Head gangster Andy Garcia (what?) sat down and checked me. I tried and tried to hold my breath but eventually exhaled.
      As I did I woke up...

      ...in the same room?

      The guys, minus the gangsters were there and told me I was safer in this existence and “what’s awake really mean, anyway?” They said I should just make the most of my day, even if it was a dream. Okay!
      I went upstairs and was back in our hotel room from before.
      I remembered that I wanted to find out what music was like in dreams, so after checking myself out in the mirror, I found a toilet/glowing stereo thing. It was actually really awesome looking and totally feasible.
      The sound was dodgy when I tried to get it to work and wouldn’t play clearly. After fiddling with it for ages I finally got it to play:
      “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooooown...”


      Damn you subconscious! Rickrolled by my own mind.
      Touché sir.

      I went back to the mirror and decided to jump through it, which I did. I became the reflection. I jumped off the balcony and onto the back of one of those canvas covered trucks. It was a weird brick city and the brick road was watery and cracked. I checked my hands and everything was stable so I hopped off the truck, looked around, then did a flip and flew into the air. I wanted to fly to the planets, but it was like the never-ending staircase from Mario 64; every time I looked back, I hadn’t gone any higher.

      Eventually I gave up and dived headfirst like a bullet into the ground, crashing through into an underground chasm. It was really pretty and glowy- fluorescing rocks and water. I walked through the shaft and came across a face on a rock made of mossy orange fungus stuff.
      It spoke in a scary, profound tone.
      I took it to be my true subconscious and he asked me what kind of person avoids their dreams- that I should be doing what I’ve wanted to do since I was three and was mad for not doing more acting. It gave me some deep insights and words of wisdom before I lost lucidity and woke up.

      This dream was truly immense in both scale and content. It provided me with insight, joy, laughs and full-on action. It let me do some dream experiments and put me in touch with myself more than any other dream I can recall having. I woke up deeply moved and immediately wrote down as much as I could remember.

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    13. The Awesome Street...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 01:35 PM (My brain and I)
      29th of April, 2011

      On a road trip with Nooks somewhere in the US.
      Stopped and got out into a curious little plaza* adjacent to a road. It was a wonderful, sunny day.
      We went for a stroll around the neighbourhood and noticed that all the houses were really odd. All totally unique and situated among each other unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in the dream or waking life. Some had ramparts, others were really thin and windy, lots were colourful. It was kind of Suess-ish in a more ‘normal’ way. I mentioned that it would be a really awesome place to go trick-or-treating.
      Anyway, we found ourselves walking in a roughly hewn underground tunnel with dingy electric lights hanging from the roof. At some point during our walk I realised it was a dream and we exited the tunnel into a lovely green, bright forest. We went jumping around. Nooks was sitting in the grass playing an instrument– guitar or violin. I lay down in the grass and tried to shrink myself just for fun. It kind of worked but was a bit of a struggle so instead I climbed a tree to see the cool houses again but woke up.

      Lay still in bed trying to get back to sleep.

      Found myself climbing (literally, up the cabinets and stuff) in a kitchen and was still lucid. I ran down the hallway at speed and vaulted without a second thought over the balcony, falling at speed and crushing my car all awesome superhero style. I jogged down the street and decided to see my special door** again.
      As I approached it, I woke up.

      *Why am I always dreaming of plazas?

      **See the DJ Entry "The First Recorded Lucid"

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    14. The Breath Test...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 11:05 AM (My brain and I)
      21st of April, 2011

      Standing in a kitchen with Daniel. I began discussing with him about what we’d do if it was a dream. Eventually he just said “it is!”, so I did a hand check and even though they looked reasonably normal, concluded that
      it was a dream.
      Without really doing much else, I remembered I wanted to do the Breath test.*
      I took a big breath (slightly larger than usual) and began to realise I could feel my true self breathing.

      I woke up after feeling my hands in my bed.

      *This is an idea I had regarding whether or not your breathing correlates between the sleeping and waking self. After doing it I discovered it’s actually a pretty well known experiment, similar to how the eyes of a dreamer in the real world mimic the movements of the sleeping self.
      Even though I didn’t break any new ground, I’m pretty stoked I can be coming up with experiments that professionals think of!
    15. The Sci-Fi One...

      by , 01-12-2012 at 09:35 AM (My brain and I)

      30th of October, 2010

      Humans had settled on Titan and turned it into a holiday destination. I'm not sure it was actually Titan, but that's what we called it and it was some distant moon, so we'll pretend.
      We travelled there on this humungous mother ship and when we got off I just lay down and looked at the sky and yelled in utter joy.

      This place was spectacular. Amazing. Totally alien yet utterly beautiful.
      There were enormous super-highways high in the sky, which in itself was breathtaking; a hazy yellowish green with a constant red tinge. The selling point was the fact that this was a moon, and as such an enormous potion of the sky was filled with a planet that looked a lot like Earth.
      I played around on Titan for a while, running through the beautifully architectured streets and incorporated rivers of shimmering liquid. All around people were driving strange automobiles and most tourists were walking around in just as much awe as myself. I played hide and seek with some locals.


      I sold my car and while on a train saw a huge (I’m noticing while writing this that a lot of things in my dreams are described as “huge”- I need a new adjective) alien ship in the sky and started shouting about it in panic. We turned a corner and saw a while city was under attack. In the city, police were trying to keep order but people were mutating into these fierce alien monsters. I got chased by mutants who were tearing people apart left right and centre before running back to the place where I sold my car- a strange workshop with a big lift in the centre. I went down the lift into a bunker that was built into the side of a mountain, kind of like those pillboxes that machine gunners sat in during WWI, except several hundred meters off the ground. There I listened to the radio and heard about a resistance group.
      While keeping guard with a bunch of new additions to the group, a helicopter came. We weren’t sure what it was so we hid. My friend threw a grenade at them before we realised they were the good guys. I got in this giant plasma gun and started firing into the valley. The alien ships came and caused the cliff to collapse so we jumped into these mech things and strode around tearing shit up.

      It gets a bit hazy after that, except for the final revelation: The aliens turned out to be black people.

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