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    My brain and I

    The Netball Train Journey...

    by , 06-01-2012 at 02:37 AM (446 Views)
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    1st of June, 2012

    Nooks, Acka and myself were in a different city. Adelaide, I think. We went to the train station to get home and on the tracks a group of girls were practicing for a big cheerleading competition that night. We decided to go along and see what it was like, then
    I woke up.

    Drifted back to sleep about 30mins later and entered the same dream except this time it was a netball tournament instead of a cheerleading comp. In America.
    It was at this huge arena and I said I needed to find a parking spot (even though I was already out of the car) so I knew where to park. I walked down a hallway and past a shopfront with glass cabinets full of guns. I stopped and checked them out and noticed these ones that were painted anodized metal. Like those colourful iPods. (I'd been watching sciency videos about that just before bed, really should've picked up on it!)

    I ended up buying this mini BB gun from the guy who would NOT stop talking and went back and found Nooks who said that by that time the game had finished. We left via train and then I woke up.

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