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    My brain and I

    The Obvious False Awakening...

    by , 01-19-2012 at 01:45 AM (541 Views)
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    19th of January, 2012

    I can only remember one dream from last night. Tried some WILDs throughout the night without any great success but mainly focussed on doing a mixture of MILD and COBRA method (which I'd read about earlier that day and thought sounded interesting). I could definitely feel my brain being targeted and am going to keep trying that to see what happens.

    I was in a room that looked like something from Aliens but less bleak and more colouful. Sort of 80's futuristic. As it turns out, there were aliens except they looked like normal people. I had a Nerf battle with one and shot her straight in the eye, where it stuck to her eyeball. We all had a laugh about it and seemed to forget that they were aliens then went outside.

    Outside was a busy street and I was doing these high, slow jumps and bouncing off walls and people. I did some graceful backflips then jumped up really high and slammed down into the ground and wanted to turn into a puddle like the T-1000. Or Alex Mack.

    At that point I
    realised I was dreaming and did everything in my power to remain calm so as not to wake myself up like I have the past couple of times. I looked at Nooks who was now next to me and tried to really focus my attention on her and all the details. I rubbed her jumper to feel the texture and then rubbed my hands together but the dream was fading quickly. As a last resort I shouted “increase lucidity” which worked a little bit so I sat up and began to do it again but realised I was awake. Nooks asked me what I was doing and told me I wasn't asleep anymore and I felt a bit silly.

    I look around then stood up and went into the house.

    Because I’d been in the back yard.

    Because it was a ridiculously obvious False Awakening which I didn’t RC!

    Inside the house my uncle was making pancakes with an iron.

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