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    My brain and I

    The Psychic Fight and Almost Lucidness...

    by , 01-13-2012 at 10:53 AM (465 Views)
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    6th of January, 2012

    I went back to school with Ben and had to buy a tie. After venturing around for a while, I saw this crazy fight between a psychic guy who had glowing eyes and this huge tank of a man. After a while they merged together to form one being and came after me. We were flying around the room fighting and shooting lightning at each other- it was really scary.


    At a theatre performance in this super ornace palace type place- all guilded walls and conices. I was watching the performance and then realised I wasn't wearing any clothes so I ran into the bathroom and hid. Eventually I realised I had to face my shame, so I snuck out but an Indian family wanted to thank me for helping them. They shook my hand and didn't really mention that I was butt naked at all.
    At some point during the proceedings I found myself looking at a spiky roof. I tried to do a dream check and my hands were invisible, even though I could feel myself moving them. I tried to increase lucidity and get up, but was paralyzed. I could feel my dream body moving, but my vision was staying the same.I slowly began to realise that I actually had my eyes open in real life and was looking at my roof but was moving my dream body.

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