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    My brain and I

    The Semi-Lucid Chili Journey...

    by , 06-13-2012 at 12:22 AM (544 Views)
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    13th of June, 2012

    There were several smaller dreams last night but I'll just stick with the main one:

    Nooks, Acka, my parents and I were visiting the US. The dream became really clear when I was standing out the front of this house looking over the city at sunset. It looked kind of like San Francisco but more... European. It was really pretty with lots of ornate houses huddled together on hils. I tried to take a picture of the scene on my phone coz it was such a nice view but it wouldn't change from the reverse camera so all I could see was my stupid-ass dream face doing that goofy smile it always does.
    Anyway. The sun set really quickly after that and then I went back inside and realised after seeing a sign that we were in fact in Ohio and I should go get some Skyline Chili (which is this franchise that only exists in Ohio and I didn't really care for that much when I had it last time I was in the States anyway...)

    But find it we must! So Acka and I went on an adventure to find a store which involved walking through schoolyards and this zanily large shopping centre. After being lost in there for what seemed like an eternity, we took an escalator up to a movie theatre lobby. Walking through there my legs suddenly stopped working properly and I told Acka not to worry coz "This happens pretty regularly, but only in dreams..."

    I almost missed what I'd just said, but something stirred inside me and it suddenly hit me;
    I was dreaming!
    I played it cool as a cucumber and told Acka to hang on while I did this Reflex Dream Stabilisation I read about yesterday that involved clenching certain muscles to ground you. It definitely worked as the dream became way clearer and more stable but with two drawbacks:
    1. It made my legs work even less well somehow;
    2. It put me too deeply in the dream and I kinda lost my consciousness a bit

    So I did a little Lieutenant Dan style stupid-walk over to an escalator and basically fell down it.
    That crap continued for a while until I think I woke up. BUT! It's a DILD, so that's what's important.

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