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    My brain and I

    The Truck Crush...

    by , 07-18-2012 at 12:41 PM (750 Views)
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    Wednesday 18th of July, 2012

    I was walking in a park kind of area but with several buildings in it. Kind of like Central Park in NY, I suppose. As I walked I came across a little girl rummaging through a bin. She must've been about 6 and she's just humming to herself and digging through garbage. Every now and then she put something she found into a paper bag.
    I watched her for a little bit, feeling sad for her, and then her mum came along. I began berating her asking how she could let her daughter do that, then I noticed she herself was really grimy and she explained that they were homeless.

    Somehow things evolved really quickly and I found myself crying and chasing the mum because of some kind of elaborate love story about how the young girl created some kind of bond. Except it wasn't to do with me. All I was thinking while it was happening was "Man! This would be a good movie"


    I was with a group of friends including my youngest brother and we were sitting in a cul-de-sac talking to the driver of a semi-trailer. Suddenly someone had a guitar and we were all singing Losing My Religion by REM, except everyone was struggling to keep time properly. I remarked that no one had ever realised that it was the hardest song to sing along to ever.
    When we finished the driver, who had been sitting in the cab and leaning out the window, was just like "Thanks!" and began to pull away. As he did the rear of the truck came really close to us and I looked down to notice that my brother was under the truck and about to be squashed by the wheels. I screamed out and raised my hand to reach out to him and as I did so, jolted awake in real life.

    Thinking back on it...was the choice of 'REM' a hint that I was dreaming?

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