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    1. My Ld count in years 2005-2008

      , 02-05-2015 at 12:14 PM

      In the old days when I used to train LD
      lucid , side notes
    2. FA - vibrations -vizualzation - vibrations - LD - vibrations - LD - awakening

      , 12-17-2014 at 11:03 AM
      time : 1:40-2:26 AM
      *probably be unreadable
      I woke up and felt a strong vibration, and try separate bodyes by movement but it not work well and cause a pain . I try to found frequecni of vibration its something about 3,5hz.
      In start of vibrations i hear some voices. Also try found if someone is connected to my /try to contact me --) noone. After i try some visualization but was not stable.Another vibration this time was better i try push left leg inside the bed it cause change of its position but still not get me form body ,add of hand visulization result in very strange "FA/dream" IM still on bed but in different position facing the wall and try to see my hand i get glimpse of hand but not stabilize appearence of wall change i see some strange texture on in . Shapes of texture change and create something like geometric patern my hand become mirrored few times and se 2 to 6 hand in diffrent angles .Try to stabilize the hand visulaly lead to another bizare mirror and geometric textures and hand angles i notice the texture look like portal/liquid and try to push hand to it by intention.This hlep and i get to new state i see a window of scene and try to influnce inside i get to this dream for some time but it was unstable .Wake up form his short LD and another vibrations.This time i try get back to previous LD by intention and try some movemnts of body.Movemnts not work but after a while i get to new dream it was similar like 1st LD but not the smae i was in my room and try like load dream scene /video on my PC littlerpoblem found right folder.I saw flat tV on other side of rooom with dream scene loaded on PC in try infulece it.I was able to influnce some things insice but image was small. I have idea to increase the size of TV , it was like use a mouse found border of TV in increase size of window by mouse movement. First try work and i try oher dimnesions but i have problem be precize and mouse cursor to the border of window/TV. Found better way found inco maximalize somewhere nad TV screen fill whole wall on other side of my room . Try to get in it work but i not hold a dream long .

      Awakening in start felt absolutly real is impossible to say be fealing it was real of false.

      Information from the subconscious .Some basic logging of info was turn ON so i get some usefull infomation.

      Dream tims and lenghts , LD chance

      B-wakefulness (is not mesurment of lucidity but better than nothing)

      Top picture -preception priority of senses
      FP physical proprioreception
      NP non-physical proprioreception 1
      NP non-physical proprioreception 2
      NV non-physical vision
      NA non-physical audio
      lower nuber higher priority

      When i wrote info about dream times i notice strange thing 2 dreams in same time .
      The awakening was false , FP not go to C-preception , but is was realively strong so some influnce to NP2 is possible.

      1min start of false awakening red line NP2 is fealing of non-physical body in dream senery of my bed
      NA some voices
      1min 15s creation of second source NP1 for unknown reason ,it cretae body in slightly diffrent position
      firts vibration and turn off of NA
      1min 45s start of visulization NV (black line) and lowering of priority od second dream body NP1
      2min 40s another vibration this time NP1 have some little advantage
      3min turn off of NP2 dream body created in false awakening ,and strong NV
      4min focus on NV in dream scene also increse of NA audio in scene
      4min another vibration
      5min 45s start of cecond LD string NV
      7min 45s normal awakening

      Picture nad bottom of page try to get better look to NP interaction vibration frequenci 1,8-3,7Hz its look like some Top-down modulated feedback in frequency of cognitive cycle.
      Tags: vibration
      lucid , false awakening , side notes
    3. DILD-Task of the Month and improvement of visual quality of dream

      , 12-03-2014 at 10:32 AM
      go to sleep 3 AM
      wake to WC 5 AM
      wake 9:40 AM
      Lucidity : good
      Acces to memory : good
      Control: little above avrege
      Logic of thought: good
      Data from the subconscious:
      Lenght of LD 7min 42s , LD part 4min 27s
      Time of LD around 8:20h
      Memory of the dream 6,7%
      Memory of the second dream 42% (4min before awake)
      Before sllep i work on disinhibition of LD by finaly complete some porgrams/proses in my subconscious it work only partily when i woke up in 5AM i foud lots of errors and other mesages about programs and give intention to slove them.

      chnance to LD : last 7 day

      (whole night average)
      27% (today)

      before sleep 79%
      first part 3-5AM 0,03% (errors)
      second part 47% (to solve : 27 Err ,342 notice, 1262info )


      Interesting parts :

      Try to imporve quality of dream scene by Saying intent or pure intent . I gain more visual detail and after i try change color contrast dream become more "live like" in one part a little overdid it and color and contrast were unnatural. I also try change size of my visual field it work but i dount remember details if field actualy become bigger or if i can only better previve by peripheral vision.

      I try some fireballs

      I try summon one beaing (didind work but i try only one time without too strong intention or special method)

      Go trought some old house from garden and try to get to some civilization.

      I went down the street to small square and in front of one store i saw some girl and i remember dream task i read before sleep here in forum "Basic Task i - Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)" I give it a try , no snow in dream scene so i materialize snow ball directly . Reaction of DC when i hit her with snowball was: What are you doing . From the next part of dream i remember only small pieces. I know that I have tried to materialize another snowballs and try them on other people, also something with telekinesis and teleportation of a snowballs.

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      Tags: vision
      lucid , dream fragment , task of the month