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    May 30: lots of FA

    by , 05-30-2013 at 10:26 AM (409 Views)
    Been a long time since I wrote here... typing is so much easier than writing it all down in detail with pencil.

    I was lying down on my bed in my room and got up and walked to my TV to take a good look at it and I noticed that things started appearing and disappearing on my screen (even though it was turned off). This was very weird, but I just brushed it off.

    Back in bed, I try to get up but can't. Once again I'm paralyzed and can't move. So I try to get up with my eyes closed, and this actually works. I try to estimate where my desk and door handle are, and funny enough I touch my desk with my hand and then without fail I open my door. I get teleported to a supermarket now where I see a girl I used to hang out with, she was probaly there because I have something in mind I want to ask her. We talk for a bit and just as she disappears I remember what I have to ask her. I shout out to her but she's gone. I wake up again, or so I thought.

    Once again I'm back in bed now, still paralyzed. It's incredibly hard to move, I try to gather enough willpower but it just isn't working. I manage to roll out of bed and start crawling to my window, eventually I manage to open it. Now this is a window that's slanted on the wall, which is actually the roof of my house. I open it and try to get out, but it's too narrow. In real life I sometimes go through this window to sit on my roof and smoke a cigarette, this time not. I fall out and wake up again.

    Not. For the last time I wake up paralyzed in bed. Something appears to be happening at my door, at first I thought it was my father but suddenly my door opens and some sort of shadow entity is standing there. Being paralyzed and seeing this creature I get freaked out and make a 'meep' sound, but suddenly I go crazy and just start laughing at him in the face like a maniac. He disappears and the dream is over for good now.

    A weird experience, even though it has happened numerous times before and it's actually just really frustrating afterwards. I was semi-lucid throughout this entire dream, I knew something wasn't right since I saw shit happening on the TV. I do remember rubbing my hands like crazy at some point, it helped a bit... but not nearly enough to get me out of my paralyzation. It's not really paralyzation either... it's like the gravity is tenfold of that on earth. I can feel I'm making progress though, and I've learned some tricks from this dream. That expectation matters a lot. I expected I would find my desk and door handle with my hands even though my eyes were closed, and I did.

    I also remember a very small fragment of having sex with someone, I woke up with morning wood which was terrible since I'm on the no-fap challenge. And it's after that, that this dream occured. I overcame the need by falling asleep.

    Now I'm gonna grab a bite and smoke a cig. Peace out.

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