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    Three dreams from last night!

    by , 03-28-2013 at 06:42 PM (395 Views)
    It's been a while since I've kept myself busy with lucid dreaming, I hope I can stick to it now. Got a lot of time on my hands now. So I bought a book lately to scribble some keywords in when I wake up from my dreams. I had 3 dreams last night which I can remember, and 2 of them are somehow connected.

    Dream 1

    Someone died, a relative of a guy I know from back when I was still in high school. So I'm at the funeral now. Shaking hands and saying condolences to people. I walk up to the coffin, and see him lying down on his belly.

    (So this is kinda weird, a dead person lying on his belly and not on his back? Lol, can't believe that didn't get me lucid.)

    I'm being told that he was bullied and comitted suicide.

    (At this point I'm not really sure wether this dream is being continued or wether it's another dream. But I get the feeling this happened later in another dream, like a sequel.)

    Dream 2: Continuation of dream 1

    I'm helping someone that's being bullied, I'm looking from this at a top view. I can see it as me helping someone, but it's depicted as league of legends characters. I'm Shaco, and on my team is Katarina. We're running away from Fizz because we just killed one of his teammates (the bully). Katarina and the rest of my 'team/friends' flee by taking the staircase down. Guess I'll stealth and walk off in a different direction to the B wing of my school.

    Someone's acting tough towards me and I get mad, I start kicking him while dodging his kicks or catching them (I've been kickboxing for nearly 2 years so I'm pretty good at this) and at one point we stop fighting and I see this black-drugsdealer-tattoo'd-guy in a white tank top staring at me. I look him sharp in the eyes and then proceed to fight, I give this guy a front kick now and he reacts to it by giving a roundhouse kick but I catch it! I'm about to sweep him down by shoving his leg away. However... Just when I'm about to do this the black guy puts a gun in my back. I've let my guard down, and it's over now...

    Or so I think. A friend of mine yells out to the black guy and it's my friend Jeffrey (this guy used to be totally crazy, using drugs and dealing in them so naturally he knows those people. Also I don't hang out with him anymore.), and he tells him we're friends so we're all cool now.

    Dream 3

    I'm walking in the neighboorhood where I live, well not really, but it resembles it. I think this setting is just bits and pieces from around my place sewn together if that makes sense. I see 3 guys on a bike but I ignore them and they cycle past. Suddenly my friend Jelle is with me and we're walking around, and he sees a house and tells me that it's the place where Kik lives. This 40 years old or so we know. So he knocks on the door and when the door is opened Jelle doesn't say anything anymore. He must be seeing something shocking, else he wouldn't react this way. I'm not in line of sight to see this, but I hear some familiar voices.

    I still don't know what was in there. Probaly something shocking like an orgy or whatever.

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