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    1. Giant, intergenerational disney crossover movie

      by , 08-10-2020 at 01:59 PM

      I tried to write this dream down in a false awakening, but suddenly my equipment turned into items to dispense and serve sweet cherry wine for the movie's premiere. As a result, I feel like a good chunk of the movie's plot was lost in me trying to record it.

      The film started with a live action component, that I vaguely recall starring Will Smih. I think he was trying to break into the disney vaults in the manner of a heist movie, but suddenly, he gets stopped my Deadpool (specifically the Ryan Reynolds one), and probably killed. Deadpool goes to talk to the audience, which ends up in a theatrical segment that took place in the movie theater, where a guy in a deadpool suit ran around the movie theater. He works the classic Marvel/DC rivalry by commenting on the flaws of the various DC Universe cast. Anothe theatrical segment, and the movie theater's side doors open up to reveal two podiums/pillars, one green, and one red. Deadpool then goes on to talk about "the greatest simp in animation history" and talks a little about who it might be. But he leaves the audience to guess, saying "I'll be making donuts in the car park, which kind? You'll never know. Hopefully it's gonna be christopher robin,"

      The movie then shows a title card of two ambiguous faces with, "The Simps" as the main title. We then transition to a reading of a Winnie the Pooh story book that appears to be a crossover with other Disney properties and the themes from them, occasionally one would get commentary from Deadpool regarding the characters, as well.
      The overall plot of the segment was that the disney Winnie the Pooh characters had crossed their paths with mickey mouse's friends, and they were traveling the continent, trying to keep people from obtaining this crystal. By this point, Christopher Robin had fully grown up,and was still reluctantly leading most of the stuffed animals in the quest. Occasionally, the story would transition verbatim to a narrated storybook format, and my general impression of the tone of the movie was that it was like a more adult version of an older disney film targeted at kids. The characters also seemed to know what was going to happen at certain points, as if this segment was a reanimated version of a pre-existing film that the characters somehow knew about. The steampunk-y aesthetic was similar to some of Disney's later attempts at animated movies. Unfortunately, a lot of the film's dialogue cannot be remembered upon waking up, so I guess it's an odd form of lost media.

      After a while, a subplot emerged about a rival to Christopher Robin who acted like a stereoptyical Disney villain I think he also wanted the item that the main team had, and had evil doppelgangers of the rest of the main Winnie the Pooh cast, one line of dialogue from rabbit I remember was, "Why, I can't tell us apart!". Also at one point in the narrative, Eeyore kinda just showed up and didn't say anything, which was probably meant to be comical within the context of the film.

      After the whole "Simp" segment, there was a dark-ride-style tour through the disney vaults, as different clips for the Disney animated films played out in 3D, as if they were being filmed.
    2. Classrooms, Sequels, and Disturbing Anime

      by , 05-08-2020 at 12:36 PM
      The dream started with this weird and slighty disgusting, almost Junji Ito-inspired anime about a failing relationship. The main protagonist, had a white shoebox that was linked to any toilet he used, and anything dropped into the toilet would appear, wrapped, in the shoebox. He kept looking back at old videos and pictures of his relationship, and most of the story was told in retrospect as the main protagonist kept dealing with his broken relationship and the shoebox, eventually his partner comes back, and she's inflicted with chronic vomiting, and is also linked to the shoebox.

      Some time later, I discovered a fair and food festival in my dad's old home town, an odd game of hook the ducks with some dutch guys was there, and dutch carnival music was sounding out throughout the tent, weirdly, a lot of the bodies of water they were using in the unusually sized tent were in the the shape of pool tables, and there was also a dedicated duck slide on one of them.

      After attempting to leave a classroom, I got lost and found my way into an auxiliary library.
      after exploring, and not really knowing where I was, I found that the library was being used as a classroom.

      The environment shifted around me when I was attempting to leave, and all of a sudden the class was for fictional heroes.
      One of them was what I thought I called a beast hero, he was like some kind of eevee-sandshrew hybid, his powers were basically the animal copy ability from Kirby: Squeak Squad. His personality was definitely the brooding edgy rival type, with a tendency to snap at people. I didn't remember his name, but after probing my subconcious, something like "Tekkan" came back. After a while, another hero got possessed or went rogue, and for some reason, the batter from OFF was there, and the entire scene eventually transitioned into what appeared to be a fan-made sequel to the game, imatating the original artstyle, but with seeming influences from cactus and andrew hussie.

      The possessed hero was basically the final boss of the game, and the game basiclly revolved around beating him by strengthening yourself, and weakening the opponent. Interestingly enough, when I was chasing a speedy enemy, the path eventually led back to my house, and then to my bedroom where I woke up, and the enemy progressively began to look more like me.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. "Super President" and a Special McDonalds Promotion

      by , 11-18-2019 at 12:49 PM
      The first thing I remember was being in a McDonald's restaurant, they had a promotion related to Pokémon Sword and Shield, each starter Pokémon had a limited edition menu item attached to it,

      Something along the lines of...

      • Scorbunny having like tomato-flavor fries
      • Grookey having some kind of "fruit" related item
      • Sobble having... some kind of... drink???
      • Also I think there was some some burger related to the legendaries.

      After some period of time, I got involved in some superhero plot, and after breaking a new speed record for flight, I discovered I was in some kind of CGI animated movie, along the lines of a more adult version of some of DreamWorks' properties (i.e. Megamind & Monsters vs. Aliens). The whole plot was that the current president in the film (not Donald Trump) was some kind of superhero with a 50s-style secret base with a hi-tech red plastic communal shower. The most amount of characterisation I remember out of him was the fact he was a socially out of touch party animal.

      Eventually he got elected out of office and replaced with George Bush (neither junior or senior, he looked like a weird amalgamation of the two), who was a stereotypical villain, dancing to the following song as he made his moves on the old president's love interest

      Also, I only called "super president" after I woke up.
      lucid , dream fragment
    4. Games Workshop has a new Warhammer Setting

      by , 08-28-2018 at 11:47 AM
      Had a dream where I went on a field trip to a Games Workshop, the store there was unusually big for other stores like it, and had multiple millitary uniforms scattered away in various cloakrooms, after getting lost and walking upstairs, I kept seeing promotional material for Warhammer: 1941, in which World War II was lengthened by around 211 years the invasion of an alien force, this gave rise to Power Armour, and the equivalent to Space Marines in the setting, their designs looked less futuristic and ornate in comparison to regular Space Marines. One Power Armor chapter, depicted by some of the employees of the shop, had bright pink armour, and an emblem of a smiling pig.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. "The War and the Witch"

      by , 06-30-2018 at 04:39 PM
      (man it's a long one)

      Part 1: Spider-man and Dream Control

      The first section involved me trying to help Spider-man escort some kids to a destination across the generic city that often features in my dreams. I started out using the dream control powers I'm most adept at, superhuman agility and size changing. after I was done escorting, Spider-man thanked me, and I decided to try and perform a longstanding dream goal, to see if I could switch genders.

      After unsuccessfully attempting to to conjure a potion to do so, some weird advert for a product for it just appeared in my field of vision, and for whatever reason, I found out it was in my uncle and aunt's room in the hotel they were staying at. I immediately tried and successfully gained access to their room by sneaking in. The serum was apparently a form of shampoo, and I decided to take a shower with the weirdly complicated showerhead apparatus there. The serum didn't really work, but slowly did it after I took the shower, In the process, I completely destabilised the dream, plummeting it into chaos, I false-awakened as a girl, in my regular room, wearing my ordinary PJs, after that, I decided I'd go back to sleep.

      Part 2: Shopping and Terrible Rollercoasters

      I found myself in a ]shopping centre, specifically, the model most closely tied to the "docks" area, I woke up with a few friends, one even had a simulation of a rollercoaster they built, it appeared to be a weird fusion between a industrial/futuristic-themed ghost train, and a steel sitdown coaster in the fashion of The Scorpion Express, the ride jerked you around like some amateur designed it, too many Gs with a lot of corners in the tracks. We browsed around, getting a REALLY cool Nerf gun that had burst fire and multiple secondary dart types you could shoot, it looked like a cross between a surgefire, a Spectre REV-5, and a Demolisher 2-In-1.

      The War and The Witch

      After walking home for a bit, we stumbled upon a funeral parade for victims of "the old war", a lot of things happened before the parade, I even saw Emperor Palpitine driving a flying Arriva bus with only half the wheels. I saw multiple of my dad's old milliary friends marching in the parade, hearses carrying the coffins of young children, people who had fought in the war, and multiple machines that fought in the war. I climbed into one, and was handed a section of poem to read out. I can't remember the exact text of the poem, other than at some point it was replaced by an entirely new Harry Potter book. after the vehicle got separated from the main parade, we came across a destroyed bridge that had seemingly collapsed from all the people that had crossed it. As we plummeted into the water, we found some wire that got caught on the supply vessel we were in, something shot us out of the water, and on to land. I got out and tried to walk. I walked a familiar route, past the RSCPA complex, through the industrial estate, and onto a field. The only difference now, is that I picked up someone trying to get to a section in my journey.

      I encountered a witch on the path back to the parade, who then turned into a south asian women in a hijab, I recognised her, we had a talk, and then it all just faded out from there.
    6. jVlog Guest Star

      by , 05-20-2018 at 09:00 AM
      Had a dream last night I went kit-kat shopping with Abroad In Japan, Dogen, & The Anime Man, I think I acted as some guest star in a collab vid or something, maybe a camera man.
    7. 008 [l]: Tuesday 5 7 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:42 AM
      (Man it's a long one)

      My dream started with me on holiday, in this large house. One day on the holiday, I fell out with my mother after arguing with her on how to drink coffee. After some unrememberable and unimportant details about the rest of the holiday; We had to leave, and I had to wind up the ginormous grandfather clock in the center of the house. The clock took up an entire segment of the house, it took up a good chunk of the foyer the pendulum's weight was about as big as me, and I could only barely reach the chain so I could wind it.

      On the way back from the holiday destination, for some reason, I found myself in a weird version of Seoul in South Korea, in some nondescript shopping mall, after messing around in the shops for a bit, I realised I was dreaming, and decided to become the superhero, "Slime Guy",
      based upon the various Dragon Quest memorabilia that was scattered around. After trying out a bit of dream control, I started exploring the place, only to realise that some bits of it were flooded. for some reason, and the dream characters were walking around in the water nonchalantly, like the water wasn't there. I caused a bit of chaos and stole a shopping trolley, quickly dashing into one of the lifts (which where like a miniature network of wonkavators mixed with trams). I picked one of the wrong destinations, and got separated from my group.

      I ended up at one of the lift stations, unable to get back on the lift. I managed to get another lift that was pretty crowded, the lift had a tourist group, as well as a few locals. After trying to find a seat in the lift, I accidentally got sat on by one of the local girls. For some strange reason, she kept doing it, I was incredibly uncomfortable with this happening, so I attempted to get a Korean phrasebook up on
      my phone, but like in real life, it just wouldn't connect. She was on my lap for the entire duration of the ride.

      We eventually got off the train, the girl and her friends spoke some Korean which I understood as meaning "What is your name?" (For some reason, it actually did sound like the proper Korean for that phrase), I decided to fool around with them, and replied to them, "AMERICAN GUY!" in a perfect General American accent, before running off. All of a sudden, the supervillain "Iron Spinner" showed up and started attacking the bus. His whole gimmick was legitimately him being based around the concept of fidget spinners (I kid you not).

      The girl then suited up in an iron man suit and started blasting Iron Spinner, after a bit of tussling and scrapping, I saw a whole load of RED stickybombs from the game Team Fortress 2, I decided to try luring Iron Spinner in to them, I succeded, and they exploded, I also saw who layed the stickybombs, Donkey from Shrek. At this point, the wierdness factor must have overloaded my brain, beacuse I can't remember any more of the dream.

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    8. 007: Tuesday 11 5 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:40 AM
      I was in this 'segment' about different types of magic in various media. It went through the stereotypical stuff you would see in your
      common-or-garden Tolkienesque fantasy setting, to the sort of stuff you would see in a magical girl anime,
      with the specific brand of "crystal magic" providing as a powerup source.

      Later on, I discovered this online anime series, which I myself described as "My early childhood's Television program lineup as told by
      Hiroyuki Imaiishi" (He's a guy known for madcap animated productions). One of the clips involved one of the characters
      (who I think was named "K-OK") from the show trying to intercept a person on the "Black Market Rail", a railroad network dedicated to
      supplying the main villains of the show, the "Black Market".
      The only thing was, they all looked like trains from Thomas the Tank Engine for the duration of the segment. Even K-OK.

      After sparring a bit on the tracks, K-OK incapacitated one of the mooks, jumped up in to space, produced a sharp blade from his undercarriage,
      and dived back down to earth, killing the mook.
    9. 006: Saturday 11 3 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:39 AM
      I dreamt I was in this large story, where I was called upon by a mole-person named "Unbo" who was a friend of the moon princess, Kaguya,
      (who had become a freedom-fighter against the tyrannical rule of the moon king) to find another old friend of hers
      (who I think was called "Tsukuji") who aided her in a great adventure previously.

      After wandering around for a bit in the previous section of my dream, I saw Unbo rooting around in a orange car, (which for some reason I know was Tsukuji's), fiddling with locks. He then told be that I was "Just in time" and explained the situation to me before giving me some "gold",
      (actually just some copper coins which looked like updated tomimotosen in different shapes & sizes) which appeared to be from the car.
      We then set off to find Tsukuji, which after a bit more telepathic exposition from Kaguya herself about how the moon-king is oppressing the people of the moon, we find him in a local hospital where he is bedridden and sick with some form of what I believe to
      be some form of septicemic stroke (he had an IV drip, along with
      an overly docile demean as well as memory issues). Kaguya teleported in and had a conversation with Tsukuji about how good their previous adventure was and how they bested the generals of the moon-king, and that they needed his help again to beat back the threat of the moon-king. I also gave him the 'gold' from earlier. I saw flashes of someone out of the window, then all of a sudden, Kaguya told us to "Get down!", a ginormous flash of fire came out from nowhere. After picking myself up, I saw the cause of the
      incendiary explosion. It was "Jirath", one of the moon-king's generals, who was now standing in the room with us. (Jirath's general appearance & demeanor could be best described as a cross between Akira Otoishi from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Part 4 &
      Groose from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword). After losing to him the first time, and restarting like a videogame, I eventually bested him
      with the power of my voice. After going outside with a miraculously healed Tsukuji, we encountered "Leann", the next general, who commanded a crab, and was generally water themed.

      Rather unfortunately the dream ended here, with me reading a wiki with all the cool powers I could have gotten, like the "Drastic Teleportation
      Arm" which looked like some lotus flower and the "Machine Arm", which was a Mega-man-like armcannon.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. 005: Thursday 2 2 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:34 AM
      After losing the rest of my family after attempting to check in to a hotel, I decided to get a blimp back home. The blimp appeared to be in a sponsorship deal with The Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company,
      as multiple of their products were plastered around the blimp's unusually large cabin. I missed my stop, so I decided to retreat to the arcade
      section of the cabin, where I discovered a
      small skittles alley themed on M&M's and multiple arcade games based around Wrigley products & brands.

      For some strange reason, the blimp was Japanese owned, and had a significant neo-Japanese aesthetic to it. It's logo & mascot bared a resemblance to Jenny from My Life As a Teenage Robot

      The blimp also a miniature rail system that allowed you to get to different sections, including the disabled toilets. The toilet system acted as the general-purpose waste disposal system also.
    11. 004 [s]:Friday 29 2 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:33 AM
      I travailed across the world, starting my journey in France. Despite it being France, no one spoke French. It was a long journey, stopping off at different locations (including a florists) until I eventually reached Japan, where we stayed for a bit. All of a sudden, a siren sounded and I could see
      what my subconscious called a 'tsunami', as it was only a knee-high wave. Another wave happened, which knocked me off of my feet and presumably killed me. I woke up in a bed.

      I explored for a bit before before finding some bits of a statue. It turned out that they were the pillar men from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I tried reassembling them, but I couldn't.

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    12. 003 [n]: Tuesday 23 2 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:31 AM
      I dreamt about the "nature reserve".
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. 002:Friday 22 1 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:29 AM
      I entered a shopping mall and found a game, it was a Call of Duty game, I played and went in to it. There was a mission where I had to kill people, a lot of them were innocent civilians, one was a child, a lot of them knew my name for some reason.
      I think I remember them being Filipino (or a least hearing that they were).
      There were multiple factions of people.

      I went in to a Jungle after, where I met up with my father, who played an instrument on a wheelie-bin (the instrument was two sticks, depending on where
      you struck them against something, they would produce different tones). I then found gigantic fossilised remains, which I explored.
      After finding some interesting mechanical parts to the fossil, I discovered that it was a giant robot, which promptly activated and healed.
      It was the "GIANT TOASTING ROBOT: RED STAR", as it could also function as a toaster (don't know why) it also had a human girlfriend.
    14. 001:Friday 15 1 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:23 AM
      Went to a house that friends had, there was a lot of people there (It was a sprawling complex with around six stories and hidden rooms, I like to call this section of my dreamscape, "the house", it usually stands in for any house-based location I visit in waking life).

      When I went to the attic, I got spooked and found the goddess of night (I forgot her name, but I think it was Nyx), she was black-haired and had the appearance of a person my age. She had black hair (and blue eyes, but I'm not sure about this detail) and a black dress she had the most deadpan manner I have seen of anyone, and she threatened to push me down the attic ladder multiple times if I did not answer her quiz

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    15. Note:

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:14 AM
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