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    001:Friday 15 1 2016

    by , 05-20-2018 at 02:23 AM (212 Views)
    Went to a house that friends had, there was a lot of people there (It was a sprawling complex with around six stories and hidden rooms, I like to call this section of my dreamscape, "the house", it usually stands in for any house-based location I visit in waking life).

    When I went to the attic, I got spooked and found the goddess of night (I forgot her name, but I think it was Nyx), she was black-haired and had the appearance of a person my age. She had black hair (and blue eyes, but I'm not sure about this detail) and a black dress she had the most deadpan manner I have seen of anyone, and she threatened to push me down the attic ladder multiple times if I did not answer her quiz

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