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    007: Tuesday 11 5 2017

    by , 05-20-2018 at 02:40 AM (227 Views)
    I was in this 'segment' about different types of magic in various media. It went through the stereotypical stuff you would see in your
    common-or-garden Tolkienesque fantasy setting, to the sort of stuff you would see in a magical girl anime,
    with the specific brand of "crystal magic" providing as a powerup source.

    Later on, I discovered this online anime series, which I myself described as "My early childhood's Television program lineup as told by
    Hiroyuki Imaiishi" (He's a guy known for madcap animated productions). One of the clips involved one of the characters
    (who I think was named "K-OK") from the show trying to intercept a person on the "Black Market Rail", a railroad network dedicated to
    supplying the main villains of the show, the "Black Market".
    The only thing was, they all looked like trains from Thomas the Tank Engine for the duration of the segment. Even K-OK.

    After sparring a bit on the tracks, K-OK incapacitated one of the mooks, jumped up in to space, produced a sharp blade from his undercarriage,
    and dived back down to earth, killing the mook.

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