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    Classrooms, Sequels, and Disturbing Anime

    by , 05-08-2020 at 12:36 PM (191 Views)
    The dream started with this weird and slighty disgusting, almost Junji Ito-inspired anime about a failing relationship. The main protagonist, had a white shoebox that was linked to any toilet he used, and anything dropped into the toilet would appear, wrapped, in the shoebox. He kept looking back at old videos and pictures of his relationship, and most of the story was told in retrospect as the main protagonist kept dealing with his broken relationship and the shoebox, eventually his partner comes back, and she's inflicted with chronic vomiting, and is also linked to the shoebox.

    Some time later, I discovered a fair and food festival in my dad's old home town, an odd game of hook the ducks with some dutch guys was there, and dutch carnival music was sounding out throughout the tent, weirdly, a lot of the bodies of water they were using in the unusually sized tent were in the the shape of pool tables, and there was also a dedicated duck slide on one of them.

    After attempting to leave a classroom, I got lost and found my way into an auxiliary library.
    after exploring, and not really knowing where I was, I found that the library was being used as a classroom.

    The environment shifted around me when I was attempting to leave, and all of a sudden the class was for fictional heroes.
    One of them was what I thought I called a beast hero, he was like some kind of eevee-sandshrew hybid, his powers were basically the animal copy ability from Kirby: Squeak Squad. His personality was definitely the brooding edgy rival type, with a tendency to snap at people. I didn't remember his name, but after probing my subconcious, something like "Tekkan" came back. After a while, another hero got possessed or went rogue, and for some reason, the batter from OFF was there, and the entire scene eventually transitioned into what appeared to be a fan-made sequel to the game, imatating the original artstyle, but with seeming influences from cactus and andrew hussie.

    The possessed hero was basically the final boss of the game, and the game basiclly revolved around beating him by strengthening yourself, and weakening the opponent. Interestingly enough, when I was chasing a speedy enemy, the path eventually led back to my house, and then to my bedroom where I woke up, and the enemy progressively began to look more like me.

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