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    Dream Fragnents: Old Friend

    by , 02-23-2022 at 02:54 PM (356 Views)
    we visited an old friend's house who also runs a boarding kennels, and we saw the old friend, apparently it turned out they liked vinesauce (we also had a sleepover)

    their lands was significantly developed since we last saw them, there was arcade machines in a section dedicated to and a bagatelle-like one vaguely themed around football where the ball kept getting stuck and changing colour.

    I slept through the night and passed out, waking up on the floor

    I also saw one of the most complicated shower heads out there, it was as long as my forearm and had multiple stream types. I tried to use it to wash out a bathtub that had bathwater that smelled faintly of body odor.

    eventually we went to this fare where there was some flooded brown slides, didn't look that fun to go on.

    Overall, this dream didn't appear to be the most stable, maybe the dreammakers were fighting again.

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