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    A dream-themed ARG

    by , 10-17-2021 at 02:12 PM (342 Views)
    What started out as trying to find more about a VR Undertale/Deltarune plot eventually devolved into a meta-commentary about how my dreams tend to change a lot. Within the dream, there were a few figures that appeared to be changing the dream for their own benefit, and one of the figures .

    • Dr. Cor[..] appeared to want to kick off the events that lead to me discovering that they were making my dreams' environments unstable, I remember his name having 3 syllables to it in total
    • The Eggsmith A mysterious figure that was obsessed with luxurious bathroom equipment and bathing. He's probably why I tend to see extensive bathrooms and comfortable equipment in my dreams. interestingly, a miniature trans pride flag was dangling from the big sink he created. I vaguely remember seeing him in another dream, in which he was represented by chicken eggs on legs. He was also a capricious and whimsical figure.
    • Jim hall (approximate name) The creator of a lot of arcades and recreation in my dreams, as well as probably some cinemas, He warped the environment into his domain, a funhouse, and summoned me to come see him. Eventually another dreamwarper thought I knew too much and put me into a false awakening.
    • Chara (ya know, the kid from undertale) Disappeared and appeared randomly, was ambivalent to the politics of the dreamwarpers, and appeared in both male and female forms.

    Overall, I'm probably going to have the plot of this dream resolve in another night.

    Oh, I also remember this playing during some segments of the dream for some reason.

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