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    1. "The Themepark", and a study of reacurrring dream elements

      by , 04-04-2021 at 03:04 PM
      Today, I had a dream about visiting 'Legoland' (as well as some other places I recall less). Usually when I visit themeparks in my dreams, they're nothing like the places they are in the waking world. Like a lot of recurring public elements in ordinary dreams, (towns, cities, malls, parks, county shows), they are expansive, fluctuating, and labarynthine, being able to be openly drived through; in this case, as a life-scale model city of what appeared to me somewhere in denmark, possibly, as there was a lot of 'bauhaus'-style modernist architecture, which I think my brain associates with some form of danish city.
      There was also the "minecraft house", which was a scale minecraft location made out of giant, custom lego pieces. Eventually, after a misunderstanding with my mother accidentally picking me up (I realised it was a multi-day trip and asked to be put back).
      Eventually, there was a small market in a special event inside the themepark, and there was a reacurring DC in the form of the "Bodybuilder Baker", he was actually a strongman, and decided to go into backing polish/hungarian "Kolács" cakes, also known as "Kołak" cakes in Poland. These cakes were most similar to the Eccles Cake, with a fondant topping. The dream instantly ended when I tried to pass through a clone of me.

      Earlier in the dream, I remember being in some kind of future where magic is commonplace as a means to do things. I remember I had to find a specific grave in a cemetery, and there was a helper computer system that could be summoned at will. Eventually I found the grave, and released the world I was in was a Final Fantasy world, and this was a realm within it close to the afterlife, and I could contact different characters from all across that franchise that have been killed off.
    2. 007: Tuesday 11 5 2017

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:40 AM
      I was in this 'segment' about different types of magic in various media. It went through the stereotypical stuff you would see in your
      common-or-garden Tolkienesque fantasy setting, to the sort of stuff you would see in a magical girl anime,
      with the specific brand of "crystal magic" providing as a powerup source.

      Later on, I discovered this online anime series, which I myself described as "My early childhood's Television program lineup as told by
      Hiroyuki Imaiishi" (He's a guy known for madcap animated productions). One of the clips involved one of the characters
      (who I think was named "K-OK") from the show trying to intercept a person on the "Black Market Rail", a railroad network dedicated to
      supplying the main villains of the show, the "Black Market".
      The only thing was, they all looked like trains from Thomas the Tank Engine for the duration of the segment. Even K-OK.

      After sparring a bit on the tracks, K-OK incapacitated one of the mooks, jumped up in to space, produced a sharp blade from his undercarriage,
      and dived back down to earth, killing the mook.
    3. 004 [s]:Friday 29 2 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:33 AM
      I travailed across the world, starting my journey in France. Despite it being France, no one spoke French. It was a long journey, stopping off at different locations (including a florists) until I eventually reached Japan, where we stayed for a bit. All of a sudden, a siren sounded and I could see
      what my subconscious called a 'tsunami', as it was only a knee-high wave. Another wave happened, which knocked me off of my feet and presumably killed me. I woke up in a bed.

      I explored for a bit before before finding some bits of a statue. It turned out that they were the pillar men from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I tried reassembling them, but I couldn't.

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    4. 001:Friday 15 1 2016

      by , 05-20-2018 at 02:23 AM
      Went to a house that friends had, there was a lot of people there (It was a sprawling complex with around six stories and hidden rooms, I like to call this section of my dreamscape, "the house", it usually stands in for any house-based location I visit in waking life).

      When I went to the attic, I got spooked and found the goddess of night (I forgot her name, but I think it was Nyx), she was black-haired and had the appearance of a person my age. She had black hair (and blue eyes, but I'm not sure about this detail) and a black dress she had the most deadpan manner I have seen of anyone, and she threatened to push me down the attic ladder multiple times if I did not answer her quiz

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