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    1. First lucid dream - walking around

      by , 05-02-2022 at 05:35 PM
      I was in my house, a weird mixture between my old house and my new house. If I remember correctly, I was observing a wooden crate, either that or making a sandwich. I make an offhanded comment about lucidity, so I decide to check. 6 fingers? I checked the other hand and it has 7, like it just kept having fingers when I thought I got to the end of it during my counting."I'm dreaming." I say to myself in shock and joy as finally I have a reality check that happened during a dream. But, I kept my cool the whole time, and never got openly excited which might end it early.
      I left whatever I was doing, and started walking around the house. I see a weird man in a black cloak appear from around a corner or something. I can really only see his beard. I pay no attention to him, but he seems friendly. I start to walk upstairs, towards my room, when he asks me a question. "Hey, is there anything in my beard?" (He said something very similar to this, but I don't remember exactly.)
      He's kinda far away, so I think of this as a good time to try a lucid ability. I reach into my pockets and pull out a magnifying glass from thin air, letting me see the guy's beard in more detail. I told him it was clean and got back to my business. I turned around and started walking to the outside of the house. "I'm gonna go out and bike," I say to him. "Hopefully I'll find fairies, or whatever other cool magic." (I'm not exactly sure why I said fairies specifically, but I really just wanted to go out biking and see what what's out there, stuff that couldn't exist in real life.)
      He chuckles a bit, and says okay, choosing to join me. I don't really care, so I let him follow me without saying anything. I walk outside using the front door, and come around to the garage. It was closed, so I flipped open the garage door keypad. This part worried me, because the keycode has always been the same in both houses, but I've heard light switches are weird, and reading doesn't work due to that part of your brain being off. I decided to look away and just try doing it from muscle memory. Surprisingly, the garage door opened. I looked at the keypad and the buttons from the lock pattern were lit up in green, obviously not what I pressed, nor the real code. I was just glad it worked. I came inside, along with the cloaked man. He gets a little excited seeing the few bikes around the otherwise completely empty garage. I, however, do not see my bike anywhere.
      I walk back inside, and grab my backpack which sat on the floor next to the large glass balcony door. I put it on the kitchen island, back-strap side down. I open it up and take the last few things from my already pretty empty backpack. A few pieces of junk or pencils or whatever, and also a small flatscreen TV which I leave face down on the island.

      The TV, which I put into this backpack in a past dream!! None of the cables nor the remote it originally came with. (In real life, the TV is being used in my sister's room, with cables.)
      (Maybe the garage door opened not because of the right pattern, but because I was hoping and confident that it would open? That is how dreams operate after all...)

      **In a later dream that night... (Not lucid)** I was exactly where I was where this lucid dream just ended. By the balcony door, looking at the dining room. This time however, the wooden crate from before (maybe) was on the table, and my sister was there, sitting down.
      "What do you think it is, <my name>?" She says to me. I guess that it's an animal, and she laughs.
      "We're saving it for when Dad comes home in a few days." She says.
      "Well, no animal can live in this tiny box without any food or water for 3 days. It has to be something dry." I respond.