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    Day lucid

    by , 03-04-2013 at 04:15 AM (333 Views)
    Transition was weird. Vision was jacked up. Like part of what I was my room and the other part was a dream. I started stabilizing by rubbing my hands. When things became normal, I headed outside. There was this party going on right out there and I had no idea who it was, but everyone was getting wasted. I headed over there and got a few brews and they said that the beer ran out I told them "don't worry a keg is on the way". Two people came up carrying it and obviously it was awesome. I downed an entire pitcher and actually got a little dream drunk. The scene was tilting back and forth, and then the DCs were like "we're gonna hit another spot". We left and like things got weird. It was like playing a JRPG. We got random encounters and everything. I told them that were not gonna make it, and said maybe we'll go next time because I feel myself waking up.
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    Tags: beer, wild


    1. gab's Avatar
      Lucky you. I had a non lucid about being in a beer pub. Came really close to having some lucid beer finally.

      Did you take a nap? I love naps for lucids.
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    2. AURON's Avatar
      Yeah....weekends I'm normally over my friends house, and I stay the night, so I don't get much sleep. Then I get home, and make up for it (with a nap), so huge REM rebound. I got lucky enough to WILD....I tried to hit a DEILD after that but it didn't happen.
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