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    1. First and second WILDs (in one night!)

      by , 12-12-2010 at 09:22 PM
      non-dream non-lucid lucid

      Last night I went to bed a little bit late, but I decided to try to WILD or DEILD, depending on whether I moved or not. I kept my alarm set to its normal time (6:00) in case I fell asleep and never got a chance to try WILDing. I woke up at some point and used pain (hand under body) as an anchor. I woke up in my room, knowing I was in a dream because of the way it felt. I tried to make the light turn on by telling myself that I had a motion sensitive light and then waving my arm around (I thought of this archetype last week) but it didn't work. I did a reality check to make sure I was dreaming. Palm check was normal, but nose pinch failed. I tried messing with my brother, but he didn't react at all whatsoever, he acted like he was dead.

      That's all I remember of this dream. I almost didn't remember it, but after I had woken up I decided to try WILDing again, and after I went to the bathroom I remembered it. I tried WILDing for a while, but I couldn't fall back asleep with the pain anchor. Eventually my alarm clock rang, but I was already awake when it rang. I figured the sun would come up soon, so I put on a cover for my eyes and used it as an anchor as well. I have a hard time remembering some of the next dream, but I do remember it to be fairly vivid. I woke up having a false awakening, though not in my room. I soon realized with a nose pinch RC that it was a dream. The palm check RC still worked, so apparently it isn't an accurate RC for me. I started looking around, without stabilizing unfortunately. I was in a colorful room without any doors. There was a slide hole though, and some other exit. I went into the slide thing and told it to go to a certain person's house. Two of my friends appeared on the slide with me. There were a lot of different pathways, though I seemed to have some control over them. I think I lost a lot of lucidity while going down this slide. I reached into my friend's shirt pocket to take something out of it, but I can't remember what. I turned my head up a little quickly and found myself in the same bed that I had woken up in in my dream, and "waking up" as if I had moved too quickly in my dream and woken up because of it (this has happened to me before).

      I was disappointed because of it, but I did a RC, and after a few seconds, realized that the nose pinch RC had failed. This made me happy. I looked and found the other passageway out of the room and went in it. (There may have been some dream here that I don't remember, but maybe not.) I appeared at a staircase. I went up, but these strange tiny colorful walking fairy-like women (I have no idea how else to describe them) shooed me off, and for some reason I went back down the stairs. I started thinking about fuzzy billiard balls, and like before, I turned my head too quickly, and it felt like I had woken up from a dream. I was standing up in a store-like place though, and I saw two or three of my friends from school. I was dissapointed that it ended again of course, but I quickly considered the possibility that I was dreaming. I palm RCed and nose pinch RCed. The palm RC still didn't fail despite the fact that I was in a dream. I though for a second, and tried pushing my finger through my cheek rather than my palm. This RC actually worked, and it felt rather odd too, with my finger through my cheek and then touching my thumb out my mouth.

      I woke up for real after this. I knew it was real because of the way it felt. However, know that dreams are sometimes as vivid as real life I RCed just in case.
      lucid , false awakening
    2. A dream fragment with CoD

      by , 12-05-2010 at 03:11 AM
      I was fighting like I would on Modern Warfare Reflex, only it was in my own yard, and the dream didn't have any actual fighting that I remember. I had direct control (as in not using a controller to control myself) and we had to dispose of the bodies once we were done. We have a big green Waste Management trashcan that I think we put the bodies in at first, but later in the dream it was replaced by four much taller trashcans. They were still green, but for some reason they were owned by Google, and Google would not allow us to dump the bodies there (not that they stopped me, I just knew that information for some reason so I didn't try) We had to put the bodies somewhere else, I don't remember where though. At the end of the dream, I started using the Wii remote again, but not to control myself. I resurrected a body as if a zombie to walk it somewhere to dispose of it, and I found out it was easier to piggyback on its shoulders so that I would go wherever I had it go (I controlled it with the remote), but then I woke up.
      Tags: body, cod, trash, wii
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Gem Retrieval

      by , 10-16-2010 at 10:55 PM
      I remember a lot of this dream. It was completely non-lucid, but it was pretty vivid especially in the part with the wooden horses and in the room at the end, which had a view of the island. This is the first dream I've remembered in such detail since my first lucid dream that I had two days ago

      My memory starts with me being some sort of pirate (or maybe a treasure hunter, but either way, what I was is insignificant). There may have been quite a bit of dream before this, but I don't remember any of it other than a vague image of me riding on a horse in third person. Anyways, heres where it starts. I had a ruby colored gem. It seemed to have value. There was a statue of some sort that seemed to be me, or to represent me, but it wasn't me. The statue was on a ship (A typical ship off of any PotC movie), and it was holding the gem. Somehow it was decided by someone other than myself that there would be a contest. The gem would be fired a distance away, and the one who retrieved it would get a prize of 1000 something, maybe dollars, but probably some other unit. There may have been no unit at all. Three people me and two others, all on horses were the ones to retrieve it. Something similar to a ballista shot was fired, with the gem on the end of it, from the statue onto land several miles away onto the island.

      We rode off towards the place that the arrow had landed, which was a fortress looking thing surrounded by a large number of trees. All of this dream was at night, yet it was well lit. The dream sort of skipped to were it landed (or maybe I forgot?). There was something like a storm drain on a flat section of inside the large fortress building. It wasn't a road or a sidewalk, but I know it wasn't a floor like inside a house. The large ballista shot had become about the size of an arrow, still with the hexagonal gem attached to the end of it. It fell into the the very large storm drain-like hole (which was big enough to get into). At first I thought that the gem was lost into a bottomless pit. I looked and it delicately rested on these strange wooden horses that were all in at rows (at least two rows, possibly more), which I could for the most part only see the faces of. I precariously lowered my legs down, not wanting to jump without carefully planning it (lest I fall and hit my nuts on the horses). I can't remember whether I caused it or whether it simply happened, but the horses shifted a bit and the arrow fell still deeper into the very dark hole. I was disappointed because I could not get the gem without jumping in, and I couldn't jump in. By this point I had forgotten about the other two riders, it had simply turned into a race to get the gem. Now my sister, maybe becoming one of the riders, but not riding a horse at all, had retrieved the gem using a string with a stick tied to the end of it (or vice versa, I can't remember), and gum on the end of that to get the gem to stick to the gum and then pull it out. I was annoyed by this even in the dream because it didn't seem possible; the gem, having about a rock's weight and being about 2x1x1 inches, would not have stuck to the gum without something to push the gum hard against it (which would not have been possible with the string), in which case it still probably would have fallen off (I guess I should have RC'ed here since it didn't make any sense). My sister (who was nothing like my sister but simply represented her) gave me and someone else, I'm guessing the other rider, some candy: very good tasting jellybeans and some other type of candy, possibly smarties. These seemed to give me something to be happy about even though I had lost the competition and the gem. I went to an upper room that looked similar to a room on a level on the game Star Wars Battlefront on the level Yavin 4 Arena, yet with stairs in the back of the room and no side pathway out. I wake up right after this if I remember correctly.
      Tags: arrow, gem, horse, rider, ruby