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    1. Not Wanting The Covid Jab ..

      by , 09-27-2021 at 02:41 AM
      Dream From Sept 4 '21:
      Have entered a room, of what appears to be inside a doctor's place.
      The room is large, could be rectangular or oblong.
      It's about the square footage measurement, of a standard ground floor house.
      I'm there for an apparent appointment.
      Also maybe a fit drowsy or a bit fatigued from walking to this place.
      I don't see myself arrive, only enter it, from right of screen.
      The floor is white carpet.
      So, I sit on a set of white tiles, which are in the middle of the floor.
      The tiles are set, as a rectangular grid, of about 3 x 3, (large rectangular tiles going away from screen), or a bigger grid, perhaps 4 x 5.
      I face a wall, which is in front of me, and parallel to screen.
      My knees are raised.
      Not sure what i am there for, but for something, something medical.
      To my right, in front of the wall, a few steps from me, is a reception desk, and a woman standing behind it.
      She is looking at me, and smiling.
      Her face is a blur.
      She could be smiling, to be friendly, or she could be smiling, because she knows what is happening.
      To my left, is a male doctor, who is standing at a desk or something, which is a few steps from me.
      It's parallel to the long side of the grid.
      He is wearing a white doctor's uniform.
      I am wearing a short sleeved tee.
      Without asking me, he injects a syringe into my left arm, with what is probably a Covid jab.
      That's not what I am there for.
      so I stand up, rather frustrated by what has happened.
      With my hands clasped, I gently hit my forehead with my two thumb knuckles.
      In between my hands is a black tv remote.
      Oh, why did the doctor inject me?
      I didn't ask for it, nor did I want it.
      And than, what seems to be a bit later, because of that Covid jab, I can socialise with other people.
      Yeah, great, not!
      one person could be John W, and inside what could be a bar or club (a bit like the Kent in Hamilton, with a wooden counter area).

      Any questions or comments?