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    322 Bus, Mum And Woman Sitting On Bench Seat ..

    by , 07-14-2021 at 05:26 AM (110 Views)
    Dream From Jan 17 '14:
    it is day.
    the location is Dowe Street in Tamworth.
    am at a bus stop on the west side of the street.
    the bus shelter is behind me, about one metre away.
    the bus stop doesn't actually exist.
    the driveway of the bottle-o is on the east side.
    there is medical place on my side, or something like a medical practice, and its to my right.
    it may not actually exist as a medical practice.
    i step forward to the bus stop, from the shelter.
    the bus stop sign, is similar to the Newcastle bus ones.
    so, i wait for a Newcastle bus to arrive.
    the bus route number is 322.
    to my right, in the distance, is bridge street, and that new shopping complex.
    the bus should arrive any minute.
    bourke street is to my left, a few metres away.
    there could be another person at this bus stop with me.
    the person could be a woman, who is older.
    she is to my left and behind me.
    what i know is that something is amiss with this bus stop and bus.
    well, the bus won't be coming this way, and would have to fit in dowe street anyway.
    dowe street is enough for cars to park along it, on both sides of street, but not all the way along.
    plus, the bus may have to turn right from brisbane street, and go over the median strip.
    doing that would be illegal and would interrupt traffic flow.
    and, i look back at the shelter, to make sure i have all my personal belongings with me.
    the bench seat, is a wooden seat, or like a shelf from a wooden bookshelf.
    the three walls of the shelter, being the back of it, and the two ends, are made of corrugated iron, which are white.
    the bus stop certainly isn't fancy.
    so then, i walk away and still make sure i have everything of mine, which i do.
    so i go for a walk, to find mum, because she will know where the bus stop is.
    mum will be somewhere in peel street, so i walk there, via bourke street, which is to my left, from that bus stop in dowe street.
    then in peel street, on the east side, outside the coles complex, i walk away from coles, and see mum sitting on a wooden bench seat.
    the bench seat is set, so that mum is sitting, facing peel street.
    the seat isn't attached to, or part of a table, for people to sit at.
    to her left, being my right, is a young woman.
    so i step to my and approach mum.
    mum and the woman, are sitting on the bench seat, which is near the middle pedestrian crossing in this section of peel street, between bridge street and fitzroy street on the east side.
    they are on the north side of the pedestrian crossing, by one or two metres.
    i have walked to them and there is no traffic that i know of.
    as i approach mum and the woman, i look at the woman.
    the woman looks at me as well.
    she is wearing a full length red dress that has thin shoulder straps; its a bodycon dress.
    it may have a black flower pattern on it.
    her physique is probably similar to that of mel b from the spice girls.
    can see her face.
    her eyes are brown, as is her hair.
    her hair is about shoulder length.
    this woman isn't known to me, as in being familiar to me, and i haven't seen her before.
    she isn't smiling, which is fine.
    her head is almost oval shape, not quite rectangular.
    her skin colour isn't dark as such, but perhaps a dark shade of tan.
    and not that im going to, but i wont touch the woman, while mum is there.
    well i won't because i don't know the woman; i would have to know the woman fairly well, to know that she would want me to touch her.
    so i talk to mum, not that i hear what is said.
    whether mum has spoken to the woman, or not, i don't know.
    and then the dream ends.

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