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    AFL, Seagulls, And Wooden Spoon ..

    by , 06-21-2021 at 05:15 AM (32 Views)
    Dream From Dec 21 '14:
    it is daytime.
    it could be winter.
    im sitting in the grandstand in an AFL Stadium, for an AFL game.
    it could be winter, because on the ground, to my right, half of the stadium or half the ground is in shade.
    to my left, in front of me, is sunshine on the ground.
    there is a big crowd.
    am with dad, close to ground level.
    as for an AFL game being played, not sure of that.
    i can't or don't see any players.
    however, im guessing that the Hawthorn Hawks are playing.
    it could be like the 2014 AFL Grand Final, when they played the Swans.
    well, there may not be a game being played.
    anyway, i turn to my left, and look up the grandstand.
    flying above the ground, and some rows up, is a flock of seagulls.
    for whatever reason, the Pelicans NBA team comes to mind.
    the birds are definitely seagulls and not pelicans.
    they are flying, like that of being at an AFL game.
    not sure what they are after, because dad and i don't have chips.
    then, thinking out loudly i jokingly say that "they'll win the next thousand wooden spoons (in the AFL)".
    i know its the seagulls because of the Manly NRL team.
    then, i turn around to my right.
    a few rows behind me, i see a woman, and i think her folks.
    they are all a bit vague to see, especially her.
    she does look like the woman who sat next to NZ Warriors coach Daniel Anderson, in the 2002 NRL Grand Final.
    is this woman, my lady?
    dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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