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    Alma Road Traffic Lights ..

    by , 06-21-2021 at 04:50 AM (49 Views)
    Dream From June 28 '14:
    it is daytime.
    the location or setting is that of Alma Road in Lambton.
    the exact time isn't known.
    whether it is summer or winter i don't know.
    what i do know, is that im out the front of Leiluna or one of the shops on either side of it.
    the bus stop is to my right, be it a few steps from me.
    the school zone sign is to my left.
    i think the Westpac Bank or another bank is across the road from me.
    i know that the locale or that im looking diagonally up the road, and see the locale.
    its external wall is yellow that i know, even though the sun is shining rather brightly on that wall.
    the angle that i see the wall, is about 50 or 60 degrees, or whatever the angle is.
    there could be cars parked along alma, on both sides.
    where the double white line are, along the bitumen, to separate the east bound and west bound lanes, there is a rectangular section of green grass.
    it goes from the Regent Street pedestrian crossing, down to about or in line with the bus stop, or possibly as bit further.
    it doesn't go as far as the laneway.
    the patch of grass, is about the width of a cricket pitch.
    the grass is really green, good quality, and short.
    at the crossing end of it, is that of a grey brick wall, made of thin grey rectangular construction bricks.
    its a single thin wall, going across the width of the pitch.
    its like the wall of an overpass, which is supposed to link Alma to Rugby over the Regent Street intersection.
    the wall isn't tall, itd be about 1 - 1 and 1/2 metres tall.
    it seems to make a momentary appearance.
    it blocks my view of the primary school, but i can see up Rugby Road a little bit.
    what i do knows, is that i want to, need to, not so much have to, perhaps can, go swimming or learn to swim.
    to do that, it seems i can only turn right into Regent from Alma, going north.
    i do know the leagues club, is around the corner to my right.
    turning right isn't legalistic as such, but i think going up Rugby or even turning left into Regent, going south just wont work.
    i know that the Indian Restaurant, and Dowling R/E are in Regent street.
    what i do notice, is that the traffic lights for Alma, are different.
    they start on the locale side, and take a design detour, to my side of the road.
    then i see myself on the Rugby side, facing Alma.
    im at the lights and in a car.
    the grey wall isn't there.
    and i don't look to my right, to see the school.
    as with Alma though, not with swimming, i can only turn right, from Rugby into Regent, going south.
    i guess i need to "see" the right turn from both sides.

    any questions or comments ?




    blogs/aussiemusician/attachments/10525-alma-road-traffic-lights-traffic-lights-alma-rugby-road.jpg .. it is something like that.

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