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    Asking About A Woman ..

    by , 06-07-2021 at 05:57 AM (70 Views)
    Dream From Aug 12 '19:
    the location is that of a pub-like place, like that of Crown and Anchor, or even the Sydney Junction Hotel.
    i'm already standing at the counter.
    i look to my left, at the woman who is at the counter.
    her arms are up, at the tap of one of the drinks, as she pours a drink.
    further to my left, is the kitchen.
    she is wearing, a shirt of some sort.
    anyway, i ask her, about one of the other young women who works there.
    i'm there to enquire about a woman who works there.
    i don't know her name but i have seen her there before.
    is she there today, does she work there at all?
    the woman at the counter seems a bit, disinterested in wanting to answer my questions.
    although i have a dry throat, its not because of her attitude or vibe towards me.
    i do need a drink regardless.
    i don't get a drink.
    the young woman doesn't answer my question.
    and the other women staff who are there, don't really seem interested either.
    as for who the woman is, whom i'm asking about, i don't know who she is.
    she could be like that Nisa woman i spoke to at 3 bears that time.
    well, i don't get anywhere with my enquiry.
    then the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?

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