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    Counselling For Abuse ..

    by , 06-18-2021 at 02:37 PM (36 Views)
    Dream From Dec 17 '14:
    it is day.
    the location is Belmore Street, where the old Salvos premises are.
    what i know is that ive been in the main hall for counselling, which has finished for the day.
    and now im out the front.
    apparently ive had counselling because i have abused my wife, and now my 14 year old daughter.
    whether the counselling is because of bail conditions or whether my wife and i have chosen it ourselves as our own decision without external advise from anyone, i don't know.
    well, i seem to know that counselling is the thing to do.
    initially, while out the front of the Salvos, i think to myself that the counselling makes sense.
    then it dawns on me.
    er, i don't have an actual daughter.
    and slap my forehead.
    when was it, that i could have possibly "abused" my wife, and daughter?
    the particular abuse isn't known, so i don't know what the abuse could be and i have no recollection.
    so, i guess i haven't abused my wife, and daughter.
    and now i want to talk to my wife.
    there is a white 4wd ute out the front of Salvos, parked at 45 degree angle going left.
    there is a y pattern metal case in the back of it.
    the 4wd may belong to Christopher S.
    so, i cross the road and see another 4wd ute, similar to the first one.
    this one could belong to Rodney S.
    then i go back to the church.
    out the front of the accompanying house, to the left of that first ute, is a four door sedan.
    in the back seat, is my wife, who i can see through the rear window.
    i want to talk to her about the abuse.
    although i don't see her get out of the sedan, she does walk with me, along Belmore Street, going south to Gipps Street.
    i have convinced her that i have no recollection of any abuse towards her, and our daughter.
    so, i ask Amanda W, Amy S, or another Salvos woman who i know, to be a witness to the chat of my wife and i.
    the woman does join us, but is a few steps from us.
    my wife and i go left, into Gipps Street, to a few metres along Gipps Street, and then left again.
    we both, or i do, stop at a red lid wheelie bin.
    my wife, who is facially quite attractive, is wearing a pair of black trousers, and a black tank top.
    i see her side on, right side.
    as for who my wife is, i don't know her.
    is she from Coledale?
    having repeatedly told her that i have no recollection of any abuse and that hence, she has joined me for a chat, i ask her "what happened to our marriage/relationship?"
    she believes me or knows im right.
    her answer to me is "our marriage at the start, was great before our daughter arrived, and then our relationship changed slightly".
    well, the slight change is news to me.
    plus, the number of years we have been married isn't known to me.
    however, my wife and the witness, agree that i have been truthful.
    dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?
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