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    Cupboard And Forms ..

    by , 06-18-2021 at 02:06 PM (51 Views)
    Dream From Nov 15 '14:
    am in a room at end of a rectangular table, with other people.
    that big bloke from Mayfield Eagle Boys gives us instructions about some forms to fill in for photo id tags.
    he is wearing a polo shirt.
    we have to get two forms from a cupboard (be it from on top) and one from the reception desk.
    with our id, we fill in the forms, and then give them to the woman or whoever at the reception desk to do the rest.
    one guy goes before me.
    the reception is a corner design.
    the cupboard is between reception and the table
    so, i go to the cupboard and get the first form.
    the cupboard has six small doors, and a gap in the middle **
    the cupboard is a made of wood, and looks like my wooden book shelf backing.
    i look in the gap for a second form, having gotten first one from on top.
    ok, where is the second form?
    is it on top and i missed it?
    then apparently i find the second form.
    then i go to the reception desk, which is to my left from cupboard.
    and then i grab a third form.
    reception desk has a raised section at front of it, for us to lean on.
    the desk itself is a bit lower.
    i see it side on with desk in front of me and front of desk to my left, goin away from me.
    i see the woman, her left side.
    i see the first guy ahead of me facing her with his form.
    he is dark skinned and i see the right side of him.
    i have all my forms and my licence.
    i have filled in my forms, or maybe i want her to check them.
    i don't staple the pages together.
    and, i don't get to her, before the dream ends.

    any comments or questions ?


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